Though they have advanced knowledge of God, why many Indians violate the disciplinary rules in public places?

Though they have advanced knowledge of God, why many Indians violate the disciplinary rules in public places?

A girl devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Hare Krishna Prabhuji. I got this doubt, “If god has created the whole universe why other countries people don’t know about God like as we Indians know.”

Another problem, In many famous temple there is always huge crowd and the all people are devotees only, who went there, my worry is when there is huge rush, why some people don’t care of others and they go like hitting others causing trouble to others without maintaining queue, the persons who are maintaining queue may obviously get angry. Is that right thing to get angry on other devotees who do like this? And hitting others and troubling others during huge rush, does it shows devotion towards god? Does god will accept this when troubling other devotees? And sometimes bcoz of this trouble created by other devotees sometimes we don’t get interest to visit the place again.”


I too have exactly the same opinion like you about the discipline among the people.

This is happening even after 70 years  of Indian Independence and it was happening even before Independence.

Wherever you go, there is indiscipline.

Go to a Railway station or Bus stand.  When the train or bus comes, no one boards in queue, but, rush to board the bus making the elder people unable to get the seat.  There are even the incidents of mass deaths in the rush in the railway stations or bus stands. Even the well educated people behave like that.

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If you go to the public toilets, you have to return with many diseases.  Everyone goes and uses the toilet but none cleans it with water.  Everyone thinks that the next person will clean it.  Thus, the toilets always remain unclean and dirty with the bad odour.

I have seen the ball pen or charcoal drawings of naked men or women and the phone numbers of call girls on the walls of public toilets.

A painful thing is, last month, I went to the most popular Divya desh Temple.  I wanted to use the urinal there.  When I went into the temple managed toilet, I lost my total hope about our people.  Even on the walls of that great temple’s toilet, some men had drawn the naked pictures of men and women doing nasty things and also the phone numbers of call girls.   How can a person dare to draw such pictures on the walls of the most popular Vishnu temple to which the great saints like Alwars including Ramanujacharya have visited hundreds of years ago?

One of my brother’s daughter who is working in the USA says that she does not like to come to India because most of the people are irresponsible and they do not care to keep the toilets in the airports clean though the airports are the gateways of India for the foreigners.

Not just that.  The people pass urine even on the road side pedestrian platforms.  Hundreds of people will be passing by, but this person will be passing urine on the pedestrian path.

Every Indian would have experienced the sprayed saliva on their head when they are walking on the bus route spit by some irresponsible persons from the running bus or train.

I have heard that one of my educated neighbour whose 12 years old age attended girl child and some times even grown up ladies use the drainage line or bathing room to pass the urine though there is a separate toilet in their home.  This causes bad odour in the surroundings to the other families.

In India, more than 90% of the people are mobile phone subscribers, but, more than 50% of the homes do not have the toilet. What a development this is!

Many people love to dump the waste clothes, waste materials in their home encouraging mosquitoes to grow.

At present, I am living in the ground floor house.  One of my neighbour cleans her home every day and throws the collected wastes and dusts outside my home.

One day, I was traveling by bus.  I was keeping my hands on the window.  When I lifted my hand, I found a chewed gum was sticking on my hand.  A passenger had chewed a gum and pasted it on the window bottom.  For me, it was very difficult to remove that gum from my hands.  I used a knife to remove it and had to take bath.

They are such irresponsible that they throw polythene bags used to pack the eatables or other materials in the public places.  They do not even care to dispose them properly.

What kind of mentality this is?

Thus, a major portion of Indian people are still weak in cleanliness.


The same mentality is shown in the temples also.  Actually, a devotee should allow others also to worship the deities.  But, every devotee likes to worship the deities as much as possible without thinking that other devotees should also worship.

The Indians have learnt how to live in this atmosphere.  The elections come and go.  The rulers come and go.  But,  India is very slowly changing.

Even inside the temples, they follow the same indiscipline.

Every day, hundreds of girls are cheated or raped, children exploited, parents are abandoned, and many things are happening.

The divorce rate is increasing.  The compound families are disappearing and nuclear families are increasing.

Overall, the percentage of irresponsible people is very high in India.

I do not say all the people are like this.  But, the indiscipline is more than the bearable limits.

What are the reasons for such indiscipline in our country that is the birth place of  the topmost scriptures, acharyas, avatars, etc?

(1) If the people have the fear on the rulers and government authorities, they will obey the orders of the government.  Since the corruption is increasing everywhere, the people are losing their faith on the politicians, police department, etc. Since they believe that they can violate the rules and then escape from the punishments by giving bribe to the police or authorities if caught.

The laws and rules must be enforced seriously and the people should have a fear on the laws.  To achieve this, all the rulers and the authorities should also be straightforward.  Only then, the people  will respect their laws.  This is lacking in India.  Though there are some good politicians, the corruption is beyond the bearable limits in India. Hence the people have no fear and there is a way for them to escape from the violations.

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That is why, the same people follow cleanliness and discipline when they go to the countries like Singapore, USA, Arab countries, etc where the laws are strictly enforced. When they come back to India they again follow Indian style of uncleanliness.

(2) The government does not properly understand the real needs of the people.  The government does not properly develop and widens the roads, but gives license for manufacturing and selling more and more cars and bikes affecting the environment.  Without making the people educated in using the electronic modes of payments, the government is discouraging using the cash.  How can a layman in a small village use the wallets and credit/ debit cards? They are living by doing agriculture or small petty business.

Thus, the government’s priorities should change.  It should first improve the life style of the people by giving good education and clean environment to live.  First, all the people should get a decent living with the basic needs like food, dress, shelter, good roads, good drainage and cleanliness.  The people should be made to follow the rules.  The promotion of cars, mobile phones and air conditioners can be done later.

Only in India, we can see this peculiarity:  A call over phone costs just 30 paise, whereas the cost of using the toilet in a public place is Rs.5.

(3) Instead of sending the satellites to the sky, the government should correct the ground situation with all the basic requirements and ensure that every offender is caught and punished by the law.

(4) The people are following the religion blindly and they do it just as rituals.  If they truly respect the God, they should keep their country clean because India is the god’s own country.  If every Indian thinks like this, the country will become clean and the environment will become less polluted.

Therefore, the followers of religion and god should believe that God does not support irresponsible people and will allow them to suffer as per their karma.

Unless a devotee is a responsible citizen following inner and outer cleanliness thereby keeping his country clean, there will be no use in their devotional practices.

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First, concentrate in shaping your character.  Then, follow devotion.  This will be good for you and the country.

If a country has advanced scriptures, saintly persons, thousands of temples, etc, but, it is maintained without cleanliness, then, what is the use of such scriptures, temples, saints, etc?

If one calls himself as a devotee, he should follow all the disciplinary rules. Otherwise, he will just be a pretender.

I hope that I am correct in my view.  I have written this with the right that I too am following what I advised above.  I have never thrown the  wastes outside and I have never urinated in the public place,  and I have never come back without watering the public toilet.  I also do not pollute the environment by using refrigerator, air conditioners, smoke producing vehicles, etc.

A country is judged by its cleanliness and discipline.  Not by the foreign exchange reserves. Every person should be responsible for the cleanliness of the country.

I have written this in a hope that atleast one person will reform himself after reading this reply.

About your first question of Why the people of other countries do not know much about God like India:

Krishna takes avatars or sends empowered devotees to many parts of this world.  However, the level upto which they have to preach in a part of the world depends on the life style of that zone.  That is why, some messengers do not go deep in the concepts.  If a preacher speaks about stopping non veg in a country where the people will get angry if they are asked to quit non veg, the preacher speaks about other concepts except non veg.

In India, the people were already very brilliant to accept new concepts.  That is why, Krishna came here directly and preached advanced concepts.

No other reasons.  He can not preach the same thing in a country where the people were struggling even for one time food.

Hope you have understood.


Author: RAJAN

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