Why there is inequality among men and women in scriptures?

Why there is inequality among men and women in scriptures?

A female devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Hare Krishna, prabhu….dandabat pranam….having 1 ques…women is neglected everywhere in the world always even in treta or dapor yuga.  My question is why this type of inequality between men and women though both r created by same Krishna? Is this previous sinful karma reaction to birth as woman. Pls prabhu clear about it


If you watch the activities of people, they never consider all the living beings as the creations of Krishna.

Do they respect dogs?

Do they respect beggars?

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Do they respect poor?

Do they respect a person using low cost products?

Do they respect those who purposefully lead a simple life?

Whom he respects?

There are many foolish people who consider even the devotees as less intelligent people!  They do not know the greatness of being the devotees.

Every person gets a kind of happiness within his mind when he exposes himself as greater than others.  Their ego gets a boost when they insult those who are in lower status than him.

Same ego prevents a man from respecting women.

In the vedic period, both men and women enjoyed equal respects and they had been allotted duties to be done for family and society.  This is in Satya yuga.

When Treta yuga started, deterioration started growing.  The people started to quarrel among themselves.  The men started to dominate women.


In Dvapar yugas and Kaliyuga, the situation further deteriorated.

Not just women suppression.  There were inequality in general.

When the men domination existed, they felt that they should always keep the women under their control.  This gave a boost for their ego.

Ok, if the women get full freedom of equality, what will happen?

If the women gets a chance, they too will start to dominate men.  This is what happening now a days.  Now a days, since both men and women go to the jobs, there are many reports in which wives ill treated husbands.  I have read a news in which a husband committed suicide since his wife tortured him beyond limits.

Therefore, both men and women will behave in the same way when they get a strong status socially and financially.

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When the men were earning, they dominated women.

Now, when both men and women are earning, both of them dominate each other because their ego is in its peak that is itching them to get a boost.

Therefore, do not speak like men, women, etc.  When a person enjoy comforts, they will start to dominate others.  This applies for both men and women.

There are male reformers as well as female reformers.

There are male devotees as well as female devotees.

There are male sweethearts as well as female sweethearts.

Similarly, there are criminals among both males and females.

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Those who get opportunity, suppress others.  Not just males.  Females also.

Now female criminals are less and male criminals are more.

When kaliyuga advances further, both male and female criminals will exist in equal numbers.

As said by the scriptures, every human will commit offences and cheating.  The scriptures did not say male or females.

Every human will commit offences if he / she gets a chance!

Remember that.

Now, let us see why inequality is required.

Firstly, two dominant persons can not exist peacefully within a family.


Only when one gives up his/ her dominance and allow the other person to show his/ her dominance, the family will be peaceful.

If the husband seems to have more ego and dominance, the wife should control her emotions and priorities.

Similarly, if the wife seems to have more ego and dominance, the husband should control his emotions and priorities.

If both of them start to show their dominance, the family will be like a war field.

This is the reason for the increasing number of divorces now a days.

Both the husband or wife are not ready to give up for the peace of the family.

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Till many decades back, only the husbands dominated the wives.

Now, the wives too have started the same mistake of dominating the husbands in many families.

That is why, I said that both the males and females are READY TO COMMIT MISTAKES if they get a chance.

Females too act like males when they too get a chance to dominate the men.

So, until the women accepted and enjoyed the dominance of husbands, the families were peaceful.

Now, since the females are not ready to be controlled, many issues in many families.

I do not support dominating the wives.  But, either the wife or husband should remain silent when one of them show their dominance or anger.

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It is not possible now a days as both of them are earning, self standing and not ready to give up their ego.

So, though there is inequality between men and women in scriptures, do not think that the scriptures are wrong.  They have never preached that the women should be suppressed.  The have given some guidelines to keep the families intact.

They could have given some regulations for men.  But, they gave regulations for women because they have some responsible inner duties like bearing and delivering children, feeding them, etc.  Otherwise, there are no bad motives in giving regulations for women.

Atleast one should give up their ego in life.  This is the basis of the peaceful life.

Hope you are now clear why there is inequality between men and women in scriptures.

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Author: RAJAN

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