Why Arjuna blames only women, not men in Bhagavad Gita 1.40?

Why Arjuna blames only women, not men in Bhagavad Gita 1.40?

A girl devotee asked like this:

“Hare Krishna prabhu. Prabhu why in this verse (B.G-1-40), Arjuna is blaming only women and not men? Please help Prabhu.”


Bhagavad gita 1.40 gives the query of Arjuna to Krishna like this:

“When irreligion is prominent in the family, O Krishna, the women of the family become polluted, and from the degradation of womanhood, O descendant of Vrushni, comes unwanted progeny.”

Actually, the women are more vulnerable in this society.

Why the women and men are given different approach by scriptures?

Take this creation.

Krishna is considered as the only Purusha.  All his material creations are considered as womenhood.

So, it is clear, that Purusha is the creator; Women are the creations.

Krishna is protecting the creations in the form of Vishnu. Right?

Similarly, even in His creations, the women, who are the form of creations, should be protected by Purusha (husband). If unmarried, by father, brother, etc. In her old age, b y her son/ daughter.

This is the reason why women are expected to be protected.  Even the creation is based on that concept.  Krishna has taken the form of Vishnu to protect His creations.

However, with the advent of kaliyuga, if we talk about protecting women, they will cry in a loud voice:

“We know how to protect ourselves! Why should we be protected by others?”

Some personalities like Manu, Chanakya, etc., have written reiterating this fact.

You might have got furious after reading the quote of Srila Prabhupada from Sri Chanakya Panditha who says that women are not intelligent.

Taking everything wrongly is the business in kaliyuga. The actual meaning of that quote is this:

(1) Women are given more emotional quotient. If they have no emotional nature, they will not be ready to bear the child for 9+ months and feed the child with breast milk daily. To give them interest in these essential activities of this human society, the women have been given some extra emotions.  A father may be casual and shut at mother when the child cries, but the mother will never bear it. She will immediately rush to the child and take it to her breast to feed milk.

(2) In some matters like investments, planning, etc, this emotional nature of women may force them to take wrong decisions. If anyone assures excessive profits, because of this emotional nature, the women easily decides to invest in it.

(3) Even in the case of devotion, only the women take part about 200% more than the men.  This can be observed if you watch the crowd in any temple or sathsangha. Only the women assembly will be more. Because of the emotional nature of women, they easily accept God.  Men will be asking more and more questions.  The women would have already accepted that god.

(4) Even when someone dies in a family, only the women cries loudly.  Usually the men remain calm with some tears in his eyes.  Because the E.Q of men is less than women.

(5) Even in the case of sexual crimes, you can read in the news papers that the women believed the colourful false assurances of men and gave themselves trusting him to be genuine.  Why Because they apply more emotions.  Though they have intelligence, it goes to dormant stage when the emotions dominate.

(6) The men do not have more emotional quotient (EQ). So, they can apply their analytical ability more without breaking down or getting disturbed by emotions.

So, the scriptures said something about women that are disputed in kaliyuga.

This does not mean women are inferior. They are now expected to go to job even during the painful monthly periods.  They are not allowed even rest during those periods. They are expected to go back to job even 1 or 2 months after the child delivery.

Thus, in the name of women freedom, the women themselves invite more physical and mental pains.

To avoid these things, considering the women’s physical and mental needs, the scriptures recommended certain works for them and to be indoor and protect themselves

Now a days, anyone loves anyone;  There are more and more violations everywhere. This trend is because both men and women are now able to mingle easily in schools, colleges, work spots, etc.  So, they can discuss anything they want according to sense disturbances.  There are many communication platforms also now like Pocket phones,  apps, etc.  There are many internet sites in the name of friendship clubs that exploit the people telling that they help to find all kinds of friendships – men and men, men and women, etc.

We can’t expect that all the men and women will be intelligent to filter bad from the mix of good and bad. So, many boys and girls fall prey to the tricks of maya in this cruel kaliyuga.

To prevent all these things, certain regulations are required. Since the women are at more risk, they are given more restrictions.

Here Arjuna worries that the women community will be severely affected when such kula dharma or restrictions are violated. This should be taken as the genuine worry of a responsible person like Arjuna.

Even in a family, if the mother happens to be very dedicated, the entire family grows safely, healthily, with good character. If the mother happens to be of ill nature, entire family goes to the destructive path.

So, the family health depends on the loyalty and dedication of women for that family. A society should protect this culture at any cost.

If there are no families, just imagine how this world will be?

So, understand the views of scriptures on women in right perspective.

Hope you are clear now.

Author: RAJAN

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