Why the scriptures give more restrictions to women than men?

Why the scriptures restrict women than men?

 Two Questions on this matter:

(1) A woman devotee (name hidden):

Hare Krishna Prabhuji I have a few questions. Many are feminists who continuously criticize the Shastra specially Manusmriti and even Srila prabhupada for making some derogatory comments against women like women should be under men’s protection, women should stay at home and look after the family, they are not very intelligent etc.. they even say that why should women leave their home after marriage why are women given as ‘daan’ in marriage. They even criticize me that being a woman I follow the teachings of Shastra when male chauvinism is there.. many use such verses from Shastra to discriminate against women. How to answer such questions? Are they right somehow regarding discrimation against women? Please hide my name

(2) Another woman devotee:

“jsk sir, actually i ve a query which is troubling my mind since childhood….. i wanna knw why gals are to suffer at every stage of lyf frm their birth ….teenage prblms…. during marriage gals ve to depart frm deir family and not boys…. den d pain of bearing a child…… etc…… gals cnt do dis..dat….. no ritual cn b performd by her…….. in all why gals r considered inferior?   why god made gals????     i shall b vry vry grateful to u if u cn clarify my query……!!!!”


Actually, it is the mistake of this society only. Girls / women enjoyed all the honours during the vedic period.   The girls / women also behaved like that during that period.

But, now, all these problems for girls are due to the fact that they too wanted to become like boys.

Let me explain with example:

In vedic periods, women were assigned the duties of maintaining their home perfectly. And, men were expected to earn and maintain the family financially. In brief, the husband support financially and wife support husband and children morally. Both of them had realized their responsibilities and acted accordingly.

As the women have delicate body and inconveniences like menstruation, child birth, etc, they were assigned household duties only.

As the men had a body with less inconveniences like women,  they were expected to go out and earn and support the family financially.

But, when some women felt that they too need freedom to go out and earn and they too need all the rights of men, they are facing all the mental agonies now.

When they go to office, some of them are targeted by many on the way and even in the work spot.  So, they lose their peace of mind.

Teen age problems. It is common for both the boys and girls.  Both of them face the disturbances of hormones.  But, the girls have an extra disturbance of menstruation. That’s all. That is why, the society protected them within house and did not engage them in heavy duties.  As the girls have come out of homes, they feel these problems.

Next, you have written that the girls go to husband houses. In fact, they are not just going to their husband’s houses. They are going to make a family. Only because girls have patience and mental strength, she goes to the husband’s house and make a good family. In earlier days, the girls were given in marriage to their uncles and close relatives and hence they did not feel separation from the parents.  They know well about their future husband as he is their relative only.  So, They remained within the family even after marriage. But, now, we only have spoiled that system, not the Indian scriptures. Now a days, they live in India and marry some unknown person in Europe or U.S.A by selecting the groom through websites or brokers. So, they feel separation from parents.  They take risk also.

And, as far as child birth is concerned, I think, many women consider bearing a child as a blessing since that feeling is very beautiful. A baby within the body. Kicking on the inner walls of body of mother.  Giving life to a new person.  And, finally, seeing the child that came from her from within her body.  Actually, Lord gives them sufficient strength to the women to bear the child and give them birth.  So, giving birth to a child is a wonderful feeling that only women who successfully gave birth to a child know that.   Others may consider it as a burden.

And, about women not allowed to do the rituals.  Feel happy about it.  Scriptures have said that the women do not need to do any rituals separately. If they help for the rituals of their husbands, they will get the same benefits that their husbands get.

Scriptures have given this concession only for women.  Not for men.  Because, the men have to perform difficult rituals and follow tough principles to get the mercy of Lord. And, according to vedic scriptures, a man has no power to perform vedic rituals for deceased ancestors if he has no wife. He must do the rituals along with his wife.

And, the men also have many problems when they go out to earn. They have more pressures for them and they also have a responsibility of taking care of their wives and children very well by earning for the maintenance of life.

All the problems for women now a days, are because, they too have started to go out to earn and hence, they become tired both physically and mentally. If you ask any house wife how her life is, they will praise their husbands and they are very comfortable in taking care of their husbands and children who are returning from their duty and school college. They perform their household duties throughout the day in a relaxed manner and take care of children also. So, their children do not get wrong exposures as mother is always available at home to watch them.

So, In most of the cases, the problems for the women are because of their living like men.  Only in a small portion of cases, men are the problem for women with tortures, abuses, etc. 

Of course, some women face problems because of some ignorant men who suppress their wives.  And, the scriptures have given some restrictions for women because, they are usually beautiful and hence they are targeted by some sexual psychos. So, they should take those restrictions in a right perspective.  In some other cases, the women invite problems for them without knowing how to behave with men.  Thus, there are many cases.

So, reconsider your view about the vedic culture.  Be happy to be a woman.  Problems are created by ourselves, and they do not come on their own through scriptures.

As far as the intelligence of women is concerned, they have the same intelligence like men. No doubt. However, the emotional part of women are also more active. Therefore, they some times take decisions based on their emotions and hence invite problems. That is the truth.

Of course, some acharyas would have used strong words to explain the above facts because the approach of every acharya will be different.  Kanchi Kamakodi Sri Chandrasekrendra Swami Sankaracharya, a revered acharya has said all the same messages on society and culture that were said by Srila Prabhupada, but, in very soft words. Srila Prabhupada has been an open and strong talker (because of the second house of his horoscope) and hence he has used some strong words while explaining the men-women role in the home and society. Just take the matter alone positively, not offensively.

Hope you are convinced now.

Author: RAJAN

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