The men remain cool all the 30 days of a month. But women suffer with inconvenience of menstruation for 3-4 days every month.

Why women alone should suffer like this?

They did not commit any sins.  They themselves accepted that pain and inconvenience for four days a month for the welfare of the creations.

In what situation, they accepted it?

There is a STORY BEHIND WOMEN’S SUFFERING!  Krishna (Narayana) Himself said that story in Garuda Purana.

Bhagawan told Garuda:

The women who are afflicted with menstruation should stay out of the living quarters for four days. I will tell you how this four day menses course started for women.

Once long time before, Lord Indra was in his palace and enjoying in his royal chamber the dance of beautiful deva kanyas, who were dancing to the melodious music played by gandarvas. He was completely immersed in the dance and music. That time the Deva guru Brahaspathi (Lord Jupiter) came there. Lord Indra failed to notice the arrival of his guru and thus failed to do the welcoming respects due to him. He was completely enticed by the charms of the dancing girls.

His guru felt very belittled by the lack of welcome and his student ignoring him under the attraction of the dancing girls. He in anguish left the place after a while.

As Lord Indra failed to respect his very honorable guru, gradually he started sliding to bad times. His wealth started decreasing. Seeing such dismal happening around him, soon Lord Indra by enquiry and investigation realized he is going through such misfortune due to the disrespect he showed to his guru.

Repenting on his acts of omission Lord Indra went in search of his guru Brahaspathi. He could not find him in his place or anywhere else. He returned with a confused and disturbed state of mind to the four-faced Lord Brahma and reported him what ever happened.

Lord Brahma thought about it and contemplated and told Indra: “Indra! The mistake you did is indeed is a fault done by you. The punishment meted out to you for that by your teacher is a correct one. Hence your teacher has left you and gone. Till your guru comes back you require a teacher isn’t it? There is a elderly respectable person called Duveshta. His son is one called Vichuva varavan. He is a leader and a good disciplined person. He is a vidvan and highly knowledgeable person. You can make him your guru,’

Thus, he blessed him.

Indra accepted the advise given by Lord Brahma and decided to make Vichvavaravan his teacher and invited him to Indra lok as his teacher.

Vichvavaravan also accepted the invitation and took the place of Lord Brahaspati.

After a while Lord Indra wanted to do a yagna. He expressed his wish to his new guru. The yagna started. However the guru did not have a pure mind and intention. In the course of the yagna the guru told avaha mantra to his ancestors belonging to rakshsa kula.

Lord Indra soon came to know the betrayal act of his new guru. He rose in anger wielded his powerful weapon vajraaytha, cut and rolled down the 3 heads of his new guru. Though the guru died immediately as he possessed powers due to his austere penances his three heads, the one used for drinking soma rasa became a buffalo, the one used for drinking sura rasa became house sparrow, the one used for taking anna (rice) became kicahli bird.

Though Vichva varavan was a rakshasa since he was a guru and killing a guru is a very heinous act. Lord Indra came under the spell of Brahmahathi dosha. The devas, the subjects of deva loka seeing their leader caught by this dosha tried various methods of parihara (repentance) to get him out of this dosha.

They requested the earth, water and women to take some of the dosha on them and relieve their leader out from that. The compassionate mother earth, cool waters and motherly women agreed to accept the dosha and suffer so that Lord Indra can come out of it and conduct his duties. However they asked the devas how they should come out of this dosha after a time.

For that the devas said: “In water the dosha will come out as foam or lather. In earth it will come out as salt. In women it will come out as monthly menses.”

Then they asked: “we who take and suffer the dosha, will we obtain any thing good from it? For that the devas told: “Any thing which undergoes pain will definitely yield sweet fruits! The earth which gets dug alone get filled with water. Water, which is drained alone, gets again filled with water. Wood which is cut alone will again give out more shoots, same way a women who goes through the menses will later have pleasures with her husband and conceive to get children.”


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