If Krishna forgives sinners, what is the justice to the affected persons?

If Krishna forgives sinners, what is the justice to the affected persons?

Uma Sridhar asked like this:

A devotee harmed animal or person in previous births like demon he lived like a demon…but this birth he is devotee practice kc seriously..And Lord get happy and parden his sins …
Then how persons/ animals harmed by this devotee get justice??


This is like the world’s judiciary system in democratic countries.

In democratic countries, there are different levels of courts such as the District courts, State High courts and the final Supreme Court.

For example, take a killer who killed many people. The district and state courts declare him as offender and gives him death sentence.

If the Supreme court gives a verdict, it is final. Unchangeable.

However, he can send a Mercy Petition to the President.

In some cases, the president will cancel the death sentence and allow him to face life sentence.

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This does not mean, he is not an offender. The offender status is not cancelled, but, only the death sentence is cancelled and changed as life sentence.

This may seem injustice to the persons who were killed by him.

But, the agony faced by the offender for so many years after getting caught and the pains he is going to face in jails will be the real punishment for him.

Death happens within seconds, but the pains in jails continues throughout the life.

Krishna is very very selective in forgiving serious offences. Just because there is a concept that one can get pardon from the reactions of karma from Krishna, you should not think that it is achievable by all.

Only in rare cases, Krishna forgives the karma.

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To get that pardon, that person has to take the pains of service to krishna sacrificing his won welfare. The pains of that devotee will be more than the pains faced by the people because of him in his previous birth.

He might have tortured his wife severely in his previous birth. The wife would have faced severe pains because of him.

Now, in this birth, he takes birth as a girl and face the tortures from the husband.

But, the wife at a point gets reformed and follows devotional service seriously taking pains to spread the names and glories of Krishna.

The pains taken by her should be more severe than the pains faced by the wife in previous birth.

Only then, he can get pardon.

If she does not take serious pains of devotional service, but follows devotional practies to some extent, Krishna makes her pains less severe. That’s all.


Krishna reduces the pains of 10 years as two or three years and relieve her from pains by giving reformation for her husband now.

This is like in country’s jails, the jail term is reduced for the jailed offenders if they behave in very good and satisfactory manner in their jail term.

This is a reward for his good behaviour.

Similarly, for small devotional services, the pains are reduced to some extent or made less severe.

In serious devotional practices, more relaxations can be expected.

In case that devotee takes serious pains to spread the glories and names of Krishna, then, Krishna forgives sinners in his past and cancels his punishments from karma.

For example, the devotees even faced jail term in Russia to establish the centers for Krishna Consciousness. Srila Prabhupada stayed with drinkers, was singing Hare Krishna in the public park alone and took severe pains to establish Krishna in USA.

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Such serious pains to serve the Lord are rewarded with cancellation of karma. So, Krishna forgives sinners turned serious devotees who takes pains for Krishna.

I very humbly say that in February – 2019, Krishna even escaped me from death when the doctors did not give hope. Because, He must have been happy that I lost even my business and struggled for money for serving Krishna and the devotees/ people through online media and seeing my service every day even from the ICU using the laptop getting the special/ rare permission from the doctors and serving all of you even when my mother’s dead body was near me. Such severe pains taken by the devotees to serve the Lord is rewarded with mercy cancellation or postponement of karma. For your information, even today, on New Year, when many people are watching new movies in Television, I am typing this post and following our devotees. SImilarly, thousands of devotees are doing service to the Lord in temples and outside. Such sacrifices and pains will be taken into account by Krishna and He will take care of the karma of devotees who take pains for Him. These pains are the pains for serving Krishna. How can you compare these spiritual pains with the material pains received by someone because of us in previous births? So, Krishna’s system of regarding is perfect and flawless.

I might have been a cause for the heart pains of someone in the past life. So, I was given a temporary issue in the heart. But, as a reward for my sincere and painful service, I was given another chance to serve for some more period. This is simple. This is applicable to all such devotees worldwide who take pains and sacrifice his material pleasures for Krishna.

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So, Krishna forgives sinners, but, getting pardon from karma is very selective and not for just going to the temple and praying. We should take more severe pains than the pains faced by others from us.

These views in this matter are final and I do not like to entertain any more concepts that may exist all over, into this mechanism and system followed by Krishna. So, accept what I said above as it is, and praise Krishna for His causeless mercy and selective intervention into the karma network.

Author: RAJAN

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