Why Rama killed Bali (Vali) from behind a tree against dharma?

Why Rama killed Bali (Vali) from behind a tree against dharma?

“A male devotee (Name hidden)” asked like this:

“Hare krishna, prabhuji pls accept my pranam and be mercyful to me, as without the mercy of a pure devotee of lord or of a vaisnava like u,  i will not be eligible for Radha  n krishna’s mercy.  So pls take me under your feet.

why lord Rama killed Bali (Vali) from behind a tree. He could have killed him face to face like a brave. Prabhuji this someone asked me, but i could fully clearify his doubts.  Prabhuji, in what perspective we should see these types of lilas of krishna and what learning we can get from these lilas.

Prabhuji i know krishna’s this type of intimiate lilas are for intimate devotees only because only they can understand krishna fully in love, that’s why i asked u to have mercy on me as i m the most fallen soul in this world.

Please forgive me i hv asked any silly question and taken ur most valuable time. Pranam.   JAI SHREE RADHE KRISHNA.      JAI SHREE KRISHNA CHAITANYA PRABHU NITYANANDA”


The following are the reasons for Rama to kill Bali out of the way:

(1) KASHATRIYA DHARMA is different from the dharma recommended for the ordinary people. Kshatriyas are allowed to kill immediately if any enemy has just started to grow.   And, again, a Kshatriya is expected to follow war rules ONLY UNTIL THE OPPONENT FOLLOWS THEM.  

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What happened in the case of Bali?  All  his activities are immoral as given below. So, Rama had to follow unusual way.

(2) Bali was very powerful and cruel king of Kishkindha. He had once defeated the mighty Ravana also. He had received the boon that he will get the half of the strength if anyone fights against him directly.

(3) Bali had also forcefully taken Sugreeva’s wife as the new queen.

(4) Sugriva and Hanuman pleaded to Rama that Bali was unjust and cruel king and his rule was causing immense hardship and suffering to the people of Kishkindha. Rama came to know about Bali’s wrongdoings

(5) Bali took possession of the wife of his younger brother Sugriva because he was stronger of the two and because Sugriva could not protect her.  Hence, Rama had to  put an end to his life and make Sugriva the king again.

(6) During a battle between Sugriva and Bali, Rama shoots Bali with a bow that pierces seven trees and went through his chest.

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(7) Bali asked what was his crime and why did Rama killed him from behind the trees and not in a straight fight? Rama answered that his first crime was he tried to continually kill his younger brother at every chance and did not take any mercy on him. Sugriva had surrendered to Bali and pleaded forgiveness for any inadvertent wrongs. But Bali did not listen to him. The most important crime was that Bali unjustly took possession of his younger brothers wife when it was his duty to protect them. Elder brother is like father in Indian tradition.  A younger brother is regarded as a son, and his wife as a  daughter-in-law.

(8) Rama said that Bali was a very cruel and pitiless ruler who did not stand for dharma.

(9) Bali said that he is just a animal and human laws don’t apply, Rama replied that animals were exempted from human laws because they are those who cannot see the difference between what is right and what is not. But Bali did not fall under that category. He was the son of Indra. He studied all the sacred scriptures. So,  there was no excuse for not standing up to righteousness.

(10) After learning all the scriptures and values, how can Bali claim exemption under a law that did not take animals into account, just because they do not have the opportunity to undergo a study under an able teacher and understand righteousness?

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(11) Lakshmana said that Had Rama and Bali fought a straight fight, Bali would inevitably be pushed towards defeat and would fall at Rama’s feet and ask for refuge which would put Rama in a moral dilemma and He will forgive Bali as Rama forgives surrendered souls instantly . Then, Bali will start his attrocities again as he failed in his words given to Sugriva already. That is why, Sugriva had sought Rama’s protection against Bali.

(12) Bali was then satisfied with the answers and apologized for raising the questions. He was happy that all his past misdeeds were wiped off by the punishment of Rama and the doors of moksha were now open for him as he was liberated by the Lord Himself. He looked upon Sugriva as one who helped him attain moksha.

Hope you are clear with these  descriptions for why Rama killed Bali (Vali) from behind a tree.

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