If someone commits suicide, What will happen after that?

If someone commits suicide, What will happen after that?

Actual Question from a girl devotee:

“Now a days i feel like i m deviated from lord Krishna’s way. i m not chanting Hare Krishna as before.   I m feeling now a days very lonely very bad frustrated vexed anger ……for the past month, life is going very very empty.  I m really hopeless ..can you please give me suggestion how to overcome this…more over, if people commit suicide, what l happen after death?”


All your words show that you had so much of expectations in life and many of them did not materialize.  Where there are expectations, there will be disappointments. Because, the probability of success is just around 50% out of the number of expectations you have.

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So, stop expecting from this world and people.  Once you decide so, your peaceful life starts.

The whole life is full of probabilities.  “Either – or”.  May happen  Or may not happen. This is life.

If anyone says that all his wishes in his life have so far been successfully achieved, he is a liar.  Don’t believe him.

Everyone of us has both happiness and sorrows in life.  No one is immune to problems.

Krishna has said in Bhagavad Gita that attachments lead later to anger.  That is what you are feeling now.  More material attachments, more disappointments!

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If you develop love for Krishna and trust Him fully, you will not get frustrated like this.  Instead, you will enjoy serving Him in any state.

Krishna is mercifully clearing your karma after you started chanting.  Therefore, till this cleaning process is over, you should be patiently waiting.

When we clean our house, more dusts are coming out than normal time.  Because, our house is getting cleaned.

Similarly, when  you start to chant, all your dirty anarthas go out one by one. So, you may feel disappointed.

Once all these anarthas (unwanted things) are sent out of you, you will come back to the original blissful state.  Instead of loading anarthas in mind, keeping it filled with the thoughts of Krishna.

Just because of disappointments, do not stop chanting.  Continue chanting with the faith.

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You have also asked what will happen if someone commits suicide.

Committing suicide is not an escape from the pains of our human life. It is the start of the most serious pains as a ghost.

When Krishna has fixed his life time as 90, but if someone commits suicide in the age of 20, we violate the karma rules of Krishna. So, we have to face the punishments for that.   We will have to wander as a ghost for the remaining 70 years and also some extra punishment period by going to some hells for that violation and finally we will take birth again.

Do you think being a ghost is easy?

No.  It is the most difficult life.  Ghosts will have all the feelings like hunger, sex, etc as they have sukshma body (Subtle body made up of mind, intelligence and ego).  But, they can’t eat or have sex because they do not have gross body.

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How hellish this is!  We can not remain without eating even for two days.  But, as a ghost, he has to live for 60-70 years without food, water, sex, etc.

Instead of this, he can live with some pains, failures, etc, without committing suicide.

Being a ghost is the greatest punishment.  They have to wander all over for 100+ years with hunger for food and sex.

So, my request for all the youth is that NEVER THINK OF SUICIDE.

If you do not like to live, instead of suicide, go and start devotional life associating with the devotees.  This will make your life really meaningful.

Instead of dying, live for serving Krishna.


If you face failure in living FOR YOU, do not die;  Start to live FOR KRISHNA.

enjoy the bliss and get relieved permanently from the pains of failures and sorrows.

Then leave this body naturally thinking of Krishna.

This will protect you from taking further births and will take you to the Lord for an eternal and blissful service.

Hope you are clear now about what will happen if someone commits suicide.

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Author: RAJAN

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