How our curse affects others? How to protect us from the curses of others?

How our curse affects others? How to protect us from the curses of others?

Two Questions by two devotees:

(1) A girl devotee (Name hidden):

Prabhu if a person curses another person, then does the curse become true in future?

(2) A male devotee (Name hidden):

“Hare krishna prabhu ji, I am not able to forgive my manager and DM of the company which i was working in. He tourtured me mentally so much and compelled me to resigned and just because he is the DM HR was also supporting him… i am not able to forgive him (DM) only curse is coming out from me… kindly advise…. i had become a part of deir dirty politics… kindly advise…. i never mind anything…. people says anyting thing to me i dont mind at all.. i just take it as a joke…but dis is the fist time such haterd and curse coming out from me for this DM…. what should i do i am not able to forget those moments… Hare Krishna”


Don’t think that you are just passing some words while cursing.

It is not so.  Actually, cursing others is a wrong practice.

Everyone of us have been packed with some stock of the blessings received from the God for our devotional practices so far (spiritual strength).  This would have strengthened the athma (Athma bala). In addition to this, we will also have a good stock of good karma added because of our good deeds.

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When we curse others, PART OF our blessings received by us because of our devotional practices and our good karma is WASTED and it goes out of us.

Because of this, our strength (of athma) and also our part of good karma are reduced.

That is why, even many great rishis have lost their spiritual strength by cursing others.

Though they lose some part of their spiritual strength, because of their cursed words, some negative vibrations are passed out towards the person getting cursed.

Because of these bad vibrations, the targeted person is affected and hence what was cursed becomes true.  These vibrations affect the target person.  He starts suffering.

Since we make others to suffer, we also lose a part of our good karma and add some bad karma.

That is why, we are advised not to curse others.

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As said above, when others curse us, the negative vibrations and waves affect us. To prevent these material vibrations/ waves from affecting us, we should protect ourselves with the most powerful spiritual vibrations.

If the person who was cursed is spiritually stronger than the person who cursed him, that curse will not affect him.

Therefore, one should increase his spiritual power.  He should build a spiritual layer around himself. If he does so, the curses of others will not affect him.


By following the yuga dharma and devotional practices.

For kaliyuga, the recommended yuga dharma is chanting the Holy Names of Krishna. We should chant as much as possible with sincerity and love on Krishna.


And, we should also follow complete discipline without meat eating, gambling, intoxication and illicit sex.

When we chant with love and dedication every day, in due course of time, we will develop a powerful shield of Krishna. This shield will not allow the curse of others to affect us, IF WE ARE CURSED WHEN WE HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING WRONG.

In case we had committed any offence against anyone, Krishna will not stop that curse from affecting us.  Because, Krishna does not prefer to support our mistakes.

Therefore, in such a situation, we should accept the curse of that person and seek his pardon by begging to himself.

The protection of Krishna is applicable only for our innocent mistakes. Planned mistakes and sins will have to be faced through the reactions by karma network. Because, we have committed serious mistakes with the strength of being a devotee.

However, if we had committed any offence before we became a devotee and feels now after becoming a devotee, such past offences can be forgiven even by sincere chanting.


A devotee should avoid sins.  If a devotee commits sins, the punishment will be more than the punishment given for ordinary people.

Therefore, a devotee should forgive others instead of cursing them.
If they forgive, Krishna’s karma network will take care of that person.

In case, you had accidentally cursed anyone because of getting affected by him, pray to Krishna for forgiving him and make your curses ineffective. If you yourself pray to Krishna, He will help you.

No other way.  Hope this helps.

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Author: RAJAN

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