Though I am a devotee of Krishna, I fail in the bank exams repeatedly. What to do?

Though I am a devotee of Krishna, I fail in the bank exams repeatedly. What to do?

Actual Question from a girl devotee:

I hope you are doing well. I am writing from Bangladesh. it it is long time iam messaging you. I want to get advice from you which is very much inspirational. You have told to keep faith in Krishna. I donot want to lose trust and also have full trust on him. But I cant make any success in anywhere. I am a failure girl. I am doing my post graduation and doing time job. I want to be banker and that’s why I have to go through alots of xam. Iam also studying also. but I not getting success. I don’t have brother. so I want to show that I can do. my parents are too much supportiive but now they are lossing trust on me. it is very difficult to struggle for a unmarried girl in our society. sometimes with broken heart I think that what had I done wrong for that My Krishna is giving me pain? Yes I know that Krishna has kept something best for me. but how long I can get success. Trust me provuji, I am only working hard to support my family. otherwise I don’t have any lust. even i have made my mind if I could get good job I will do social work according to my ability. In Bangladesh, banking job is safe job for a girl and it is my wish to do. but I don’t know how can I be successful. Should I go to any astrologer? my family does not believe this but I do. I cant see any path and hopeless. plz suggest me. Give me some ray of hope… Thank you pravuji.


Actually, every person has some unique characteristics.

The mind wil be either sharp or weak depending on the nature of moon in the horoscope.  If moon is weak, the memory power will be less.

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Mercury also decides one’s knowledge level and education. However, mercury is very much related to mathematics though it controls other fields to some extent.

There are some students who prepare for the exams day and night, but, score less.  They may have weak moon as well as Mercury.

There are some other students who prepare just once or twice, but score high in the exams. They may have strong moon as well as Mercury.

Thus, you too may have weak moon and/ or mercury. That is why, you are not getting selected in the Bank exams.

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To succeed in any of our goal related to education, there are two requirements:  The position of Moon and Mercury should be in a position to support our goal of succeeding in the exams.

In case the moon and mercury are weak, we can’t succeed in the tough competitive exams.

What to do in such cases?

Simple.  We should change our goal.

To be an artist, moon and mercury may not be important.  If youu have Venus in good condition, you can shine in arts, media, journalism, et.

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That is why, I always advise to the younger generation, to have atleast two goals in the life – One main goal and the other alternative goal.

This is necessary because when we have just one goal, we will be disappointed if we are unable to reach that goal because of related planet condition.

Therefore, we should have another choice also.

This is applicable in all the matters of life.

If one loves a girl/ boy, he/ she thinks that he/ she is the only person in this world to marry and hence cry when their love fails.

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But, they should have the maturity to think that there are many choices in this world to marry and this world does not end with that particular boy or girl.

In your case, you are thinking that only the bank jobs are safe in your country.  If you think in terms of permanency, nothing in this world is permanent. And, all the lakhs of aspirants can’t be given all the few hundreds of seats.

Therefore, always have two or three goals in your life.  Atleast one will match your planetary positions in your horoscope. Therefore, you can get a job from any one of the three chosen fields.

I always advise the youth to first join in a private company and also try for government jobs.  If your getting the government job is delayed, you wil be still earning through the private company job.  If you spend years in trying only for the govt jobs, you will be wasting the age and skills.

Therefore, first join in a private job and work sincerely and simultaneously try for Bank jobs.  If you get the bank job, happy.  If not, you already have a private job to survive.

You can get another job in another company in case you lose the existing job.

Hope this has helped you.  All the best.

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