KARMA & SUICIDE: If karma decides suicide, why the person is punished with a ghost body?

KARMA & SUICIDE: If karma decides suicide, why the person is punished with a ghost body?

A male devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“When krisna fixes our ages, does he only consider death by natural reasons,  PRE-DESTINATION, can’t he predict who’ll commit suicide n at what age?  Let’s assume that suicide is a decision of d ‘devil in u’, hence UNPREDICTABLE by god. But killing some1 is also a devil’s play, what if some 1 gets killed before living his full period? Will he become a ghost?”


This exactly happened in my life also.

You are asking that even suicide must be pre-determined.   Yes…You are right.  Everything is predetermined.  If a person has the karma of committing suicide,  he will have to commit suicide.  But, Lord has given birth as a human along with a capacity to alter his karma.  He also introduces Good souls (devotees) to him to get that knowledge about advancing in Krishna Consciousness and thereby how to get relief from karma.  This is a freedom ONLY for humans.  So, Lord expects the humans to use this freedom and opportunity and to clear the karma with that birth and come back to Him.

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If you seriously follow Krishna Consciousness, He stops your committing suicide and makes you detached in this birth itself and allows you to continue your next birth in this birth itself.

Please forgive me to explain my horoscope in this matter and if you are ready to believe this, read further. I checked my horoscope in my age of 32 and was stunned to know that my life will end in my age 36 and I will die even in young age.  I calculated again and again, but got the same result.  So, I took my horoscope to a scholar in astrology.  He also said that anything can be said about me only after 4 years if I will be alive then.

How painful the life will be if I know that my life will end in about 4 years!  So, I stopped all my plans and started to work like a machine.  I increased my chanting.  I started to read the books of Srila Prabhupada again and again.  I got a confidence that I can get relief in an unique way as decided by Lord if I surrender to Lord wholeheartedly giving up all our material attachments.

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So, I one day resolved in front of the deities of Krishna that I will give up all my attachments from this material world.  From that day, till date, I am not attached with anyone and anything in this world including all my family members and friends.  Though I too look like living like others, only my friends and relatives know that I am just living like a machine serving the Lord and in exploring the creations of Lord.

There is a rule in vedic texts. A person can die and take rebirth keeping the same body. How? If he becomes mentally like a sanyasi, and resolve to detach from materials and material relations, he is actually dead and he is a new born person in the same body.

I had known this well with the mercy of Krishna who gave this knowledge in right time. When I resolved in front of the Lord to detach from this material world, I internally felt that I am a new born. My character totally changed. I started to lead a life like a machine/ tool in the hands of the Lord.

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The age 36, ie, my death period came.  I did not die.  But, all my extraordinary problems including heavy loans came to an end and the Lord freed me from the major problems that I was facing.  The period of my death passed and I am still living even after 14 years of that period.

Thrilling. Isn’t it?  There is a process in karma system as per vedic texts.  If a person gives up all his material attachments, that means, he has died and he takes new birth in this body itself.

That is why, even accepting a diksha guru is also considered as next birth. The Guru accepts your karma and gives next birth in this body itself with a new name.  This guru need not be a diksha guru alone.  He may even be a siksha guru. Even a siksha guru accepts your karma because he helps you to change or escape from your karma by teaching you with the required knowledge.  He can clear the ignorance from you and make you detached. So, he has to accept your karma.  But, Krishna empowers that siksha guru and diksha guru to bear the karma of others.

Enlightening others gives karma for the person who enlightened. The person who got enlightened gets relieved from karma. This is the equation.

Lord ended my previous life and started my next birth in this body itself as I resolved to give up my desires in this birth itself.  In case, I become materialistic again, the immunity given by Lord will be withdrawn.  That is why, I am very careful in my activities.  If you had noticed my activity in this service,  I have been very kind and patients with the fans and I treat them as if they were arranged by Krishna.  That is, behaving without attachment, but, with kindness.

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So, I humbly feel that I am also one of the example of continuing my next birth in the present body itself.

So, I escaped from death in my age 36 as I used the option given by Lord to alter my karma by detaching from this material world and surrender myself to Lord.

So, though death or suicide or getting killed is your karma in this birth, this fate will work ONLY UNTIL you are attached with this material world.  If you renounce this material world MENTALLY, this itself is a next birth for you and hence you need not commit suicide.  Even without suicide, you take next birth in this body itself.

So, there is fate.  But, there is freedom for us to alter that fate also to some extent.  So, though karma and suicide are connected, the punishment of ghost body for suicide is given because of not applying the freedom to detach from material life and escaping from suicide.  So, apply this freedom, surrender to lord and avoid murders and suicides for this body and have a natural death in the old age.

My humble request is that instead of ending life, detach from the life and live for Krishna. How wonderful it will be?

I have revealed a major secret for all of you about how to alter our karma for some more years.




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