How to escape from Karma and Get Krishna’s Love through Prayers?

How to escape from Karma and Get Krishna’s Love through Prayers?

(With my experiment with the death)

“Radha Krishna” asked like this:

Hk prabhu,can u advice what one should pray, our old age people tells,we should keep praying by asking forgiveness to lord n thank u for all the blessings n should also recite mantras also…can I advice what all to be done to please Lord.


Krishna is within our heart.

He is hearing whatever we think, speak and hear.

He even knows what we will pray in future because we think or ask anything as already decided by our karma network.

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For example, if one has the destiny of death while driving his own vehicle, the karma network will force him to develop the desire of buying a vehicle.

Therefore, he will be praying to God to bless him to buy a vehicle.

That is why, I said that Krishna knows even what we are going to pray to Him.

However, since Krishna is very merciful to His devotees, he will postpone giving you the vehicle since he happen to be His devotee but with some desires.

Krishna will try to make that devotee become detached from the desires and live a peaceful life, by giving him some experiences that make him detached from material desires.

But, if that devotee does not desert his material attachments even after those experiences (lessons) arranged by Krishna, then, Krishna allows him to buy the vehicle as he desired.

But, He allows him to face the consequences as per his karma of facing an accident and die.

If that devotee has been a very sincere devotee having only one weakness of desire to buy a  vehicle, Krishna shows some extra mercy and prevent him from dieing in the accident and escaping with some injuries and pains.

This is how Krishna deals with our desires.

That is why, one should understand that Krishna does not like us to get something if he continuously fails in getting that thing.

For example, if a devotee boy is trying to love and marry a girl seeing her outlook, but Krishna knows that the girl is very torturous, then, He makes that boy fail in many of his attempts to make her to love him.

If that boy adamantly trying again and again, then Krishna has no other way.  He allows him to marry that girl and face the tortures from her throughout his life.

To make you understand this better, let me give my own experience with the karma of death:

In my late twenties, as I have said in some other posts, I had many material attachments like many others boys and hence I was suffering from severe loans.

One day, a dedicated girl executive in my office who knows my sincerity and pains very well, told me that I must do one thing for her.

I asked “What is it? I will try my best”

She said:  “I know a good astrologer.  He can tell why you are suffering in life.  You should come with me”.

I too had an idea to know whether astrology is authentic or not.  So, I agreed.

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She took me to a nearby town to a house where more than 50 persons were waiting to see horoscopes.

We too were waiting.  We were called at 2 pm.  The astrologer was hungry.

However, he analysed my horoscope within 2 minutes and told thus:

“Please don’t show your horoscope to anyone for two years.  They will make you afraid.  If you are fortunate to live after 2 years, then, come to me in November that is 26th month from now.  I will tell you my predictions”

I asked:  “Am I having the karma of death within two years?”

He said:  “I can’t tell that from my mouth.  Please come after two years”.

We returned.  I was confused.  Will I die within two years?  Then what will happen to my company? What will happen to my mother?

Within a few days, two devotees from ISKCON came to my office with Bhagavad Gita to me.

They spoke about Krishna and ISKCON and gave me a copy of Bhagavad Gita.  I bought it by paying money and also subscribed for monthly contribution to the temple.

However, I have the nature of doing anything only after verifying that it is fool-proof.

Therefore, though I was worshiping Krishna with material attachments also, I wanted to use this opportunity to confirm whether Krishna is true or not.

Krishna had said in Gita that He is the source of vedas.  Therefore, if I get confirmed that vedas are true, then, Krishna should also be true.

Since Horoscope astrology is a part of vedas, I learnt it by joining a course.  I also wanted to confirm whether the prediction said by that astrologer was true or not.

When I checked my horoscope after learning, I wondered to see that I have a possibility of a serious karma of unnatural death or accident within two years.

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And, the vedic astrology was found by me as true and authentic.  Therefore, I got convinced that its source Krishna too should be true.

Then, my faith in Krishna became absolute and I started to reform myself to be more sincere to Krishna.  Then, my attachment with the devotees increased.

As a first thing, I took steps to desert my material attachments.  I stopped expecting anything for me.  I decided to dedicate my life to serve Krishna in my own way following the foot steps of previous acharyas, but customizing for the present electronic generation living under severe pressure of living.

I started to live like a sanyasi within mind. However, I decided to run my business till Krishna allows it since He has advised to perform assigned duties, but, just with a dutiful mind without attachments.

I deserted my attachment on the people particularly the opposite sex, money, fame, etc.  Believe me.  I did it atleast to much extent.  I have loveful affection on girls/ women like a brother.  But, I never allowed the desire on them in a wrong manner.

Because, I wanted to become a dead person within this body, with the death of ego and pride.

I was just doing my duties patiently.  But, without expecting the results.

Somehow, my life is running.

Thus, I satisfied my karma of death.  I died within this body with the death of ego, attachments and pride.

Do you know, if we desert our ego and attachments, that is called a death within this body.

Since I died within this body by deserting attachments and ego, I did not die actually.

Krishna gave me the rebirth within this body.

Therefore, this is the rebirth for me within this body as said by the same astrologer later when I met him two years after.

Since this is the rebirth after deserting attachments and ego, I was relieved from my loans and mental agony within a few months and I became a free man.  If I keep this present birth without problems, it will be good for me.  This is what Krishna expects from us.  A sinless life without purposeful sins.


This is the secret of escaping from the karma.

I have taught this to you today.

I promise you keeping Krishna in my mind:

If you have problems in life, do just three things.

All your problems will go within days or months.

What are they?

(1) Give up your attachments and expectations.  You need not show yourself as a big devotee through the external symbols and live with many attachments.  They are all practices to develop in devotion.  But, primarily, you need to have inner development.  Desert the material attachments and expectations and lead a simplest possible life. This is called REAL SANYASA.

(2) Develop a total faith with Krishna.  Satisfy Him by doing atleast some simple practices like chanting, offering food, offering worship, Ekadasi fasting, etc, FROM HEART to keep the devotion active. Have a total surrender to Krishna and depend on His mercy for everything.  See Krishna in everything and everyone.  To learn and practice this surrender, a guru can help you.

(3) Do not give up your assigned duties.  Marriage is your choice.  If you don’t marry, be disciplined and as an example for discipline in thoughts and actions.  If you marry, let her be a devotee and train her like you gradually and both of you follow a dutiful and devotional way of life without expectations.

If you follow the above three points in letter and spirit, you can escape from karma.  No need for any external formalities.

Now, I am living.  I escaped from my death in twenties.  Krishna has given a second chance in a faith that I will serve Him well in my second chance.  I have to honour His expectations.  Of course, I may die at any time in future.  But, Krishna escaped me from the karma of my death in my young age AND HAS GIVEN A FEW MORE DECADES OF LIFE.

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In the same manner, you can escape from your problems also, by following the above three points.

Now, tell me, why should you pray to Krishna for anything?

Just do the above three points.  You will escape from all your problems.





“Krishna, please be with me all the time and do not make me to forget you.  I will accept however you handle me.  You do whichever is good for me in your accesssment. I have entrusted myself to you. Thanks for all your causeless mercy shown on me.”

This is what I pray to Krishna every day.  It is upto you whether to believe me or not.  I have just typed from my heart.

I do not look like a big devotee but look simple.  But, I feel Krishna within my heart and my attachments and desires  are coming down fast.  This is the REAL SYMPTOM of a reforming devotee. I feel that I am getting taught by Krishna the meaning of life stage by stage.

When I feel so much of love to Krishna on any day, I pray to Him additionally like this:

“Hey Krishna, I don’t know what you will do, but I should not waste this life.  I must succeed in becoming your blessed devotee and make atleast a few people as your sincere devotees.  Please be with me in my efforts”

That is why, my media presence and service to all of you.

Hope you have learnt a great lesson on how to approach Krishna with love without any formal prayers.

All the best.

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  1. I just appreciate this statement of yours: “Give up your attachments and expectations. You need not show yourself as a big devotee through the external symbols and live with many attachments. You need to have inner development. But, desert attachments and expectations and lead a simplest possible life. This is called REAL SANYASA.” This statement is so true and inspiring. Thank you Prabhuji for sharing your experience.

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