If I chant 16 rounds daily, can I succeed the Laws of this material world?

If I chant 16 rounds daily, can I succeed the Laws of this material world?

A male devotee asked like this:

hare krishna Anna. is it true that if I chant 16 rounds daily then no power in the universe will be able to pull me down?


Not Possible in this planet, but, possible in another way.  The demons demand a boon of not getting killed by anyone under the sun. No demigods give such boons of ‘Total Immunity from Death’ and they are not allowed to give such a boon. They always give such boons with a small loophole through which the demon can be killed. All of are under the powers of this universe.

Until we remain here, we have to be subjected to the laws of material universes.

Even Lord Rama, who is the avatar of creator of all the creations, followed the rules of this planet when He came to this world as an avatar. He did not achieve success using miracles.

He could have killed Ravana just by thinking that Ravana can be finished.  He did not do miracles. He fought the war and won.

Take Krishna. He too could have finished Duryodhana within seconds.  However, He was with Arjuna, mediated for peaceful solution with Duryodhana, and then motivated Arjuna to fight the war.

Thus, even the creator subject themselves to the rules of the planet whenever they take avatars to different planets, though they need not follow them.

Then, how do you expect that you should not be subjected to the laws of material nature (universes/ planets) because of chanting Lord’s Names.

In one angle, you can achieve that. Not being in this planet. But, by going out of material creations and going back to our original destination Godhead Krishna’s Kingdom.

If you go there, you are absolutely free and you will not be under the rules and regulations. You can have a free will even in the kingdom of Krishna, but, that free will will not have contamination and you will have only one will of serving the Lord. Nothing else.

There, ie, in the life in Goloka or Vaikunta Planets, no one will kill you, betray you, cheat you, upset you, etc. You will be an eternal servant of Lord there.

Since Vaikunta Planets are not under the influence of time, no forces will be there to overpower you.

Thus, chanting 16 rounds with utmost concentration on Krishna and detaching from material desires and attaching with Krishna will give you you immunity from the powers of universe by taking you out of this universe and to the kingdom of Krishna.

Until you remain in this planet, you are subject to the material powers. That is why, every person in the material planets, including Brahma Deva, dies one day.

Even Brahma Deva who is the topmost material authority is not exempted from the powers of the material creations. He Himself has to chant Lord’s Names to escape from material clutches by going back to Krishna’s kingdom.

Hope you are clear now.

Author: RAJAN

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