Can our chanting give good status for deceased persons in our family?

Can our chanting give good status for deceased persons in our family?

A devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Jai shri krishna prabhu ji…    As i told earlier i am a devotee of krishna.. last october i lost my younger brother . He was 19 yr old only.. my only brother. After this my bhaav has got doubts for my krishna.. He was also deekshit n a devotee of hanuman ji. We had some property issues with my uncle and he tried to scare my brother that he will go to any extent for the property. He was drowned in water though he knew swimming and we got some kind of supersticious yantra also frm my brother’s last bag that he carried along with him. I was doing my MBA at den and had to leave early to sit for my exams. We dont have any relation wth my paternals any more now.

My question is how to handle dis situation. Convince my parents… and is it true dat if i chant for my brother den he ll hav some benefits f my chanting?    Regards……………..”


Yes, our chanting give good status for deceased persons in our family.

You have doubts that your brother has been drowned into the water.    If you have evidences, you can file a case against your uncle.  But, as it was about  8 months since the death of your brother, there may be no evidences now and the case may be weak in your side.  However, the police is capable of bringing he truth from the mouth of the offenders by following some techniques.  So, if you file a case and deal with that legally, there are chances for the outcome of truth.

However,  just because he is punished,  your brother is not going to come again.  Your uncle will be treated by karma, though he escapes from punishments now, if he had offended.


And, your father has no need to doubt Krishna for having lost his son.  We are all bound by our karma.  So, we have to be prepared to face any events  and separations in this material world.   So, your father should go still closer to Krishna by following sadhanas seriously.

Your brother came for  clearing his karma, cleared and left .  So, you and your father has nothing to do with it.

As far as property issues are concerned, when we have properties, we have to be ready for conflicts.  This is the nature of material  belongings.  If anyone has more properties, others will develop envy.

Only the “Detachment” is the real happiness and a “problem-free state”.

Finally, you have asked whether your brother will get benefited if you chant.

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Yes, it is right.

Not just chanting, if you become a dedicated devotee of Lord by following all Krishna Conscious rules including chanting, YOU GET KRISHNA AND ALL THE PREVIOUS SEVEN AND NEXT SEVEN GENERATIONS WILL GET LIBERATED FROM MATERIAL BONDING.

So, if you CHANT and follow Krishna Consciousness sincerely, you can liberate your brother also and all the 7 generations before and after you.

This is the unique aspect only in K.C.

So, Perform your saadhanas sincerely from today that will be the real help to your brother and all the ancestors.

Because, he will be liberated from births and deaths because of your success in devotional practices.

What else can a person do for his brother?

Chanting can do wonders and it gives Krishna himself to us and liberation to seven generations.

Therefore, start chanting, develop detachment from materials and develop attachment with Krishna.

It will do wonders.

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Author: RAJAN

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