How Chanting protects us from material problems?

How Chanting protects us from material problems?

A male devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Hare Krishna.  Greetings Prabhuji,  Please Hide my name.  I had a Doubt regarding usage of electronic device from many years. The question is we use various electronic devices everyday , we talk in cell phone everyday . When We talk electronic radiation affects us , and when we use devices like cell phone , laptop , these Devices omit some kind of radiation which is not good for our health . Will chanting the Hare Krishna Mahamantra act as protective shield for it ? Or is there any other solution for it ?  Thanks in advance “


This is like asking whether chanting relieves us from our head aches.

See, Chanting Hare Krishna is the spiritual vibration.

Radiations from the devices are material radiations.

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Spiritual vibrations of Hare Krishna Maha Manthra will reduce the radiations by reducing our desires to use more and more electronic devices.

This is the process.

The purpose of chanting the Lord’s Names is to get rid of the attachments with the material belongings and getting more and more attached to Krishna.

Thus, the spiritual vibrations of chanting Hare Krishna will relieve us from so many unwanted things by reducing our attachments with them.

Let us see some examples:

(1) Others may marry to get more and more attached with the material world by increasing the unwanted population. Whereas, the devotees get married to try together to get relieved from the material bondage and get attached to Krishna.

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(2) Others get children to prove their manliness and to protect the wealth from generation to generation. Whereas, the devotees get children to give a new servant to Krishna.

(3) Others may work and earn to show themselves as rich to others.  Whereas, the devotees work for Krishna and use the earnings for Krishna.

(3) Others use the electronic devices to make mundane contacts with the useless people. Whereas, the devotees use the same devices to communicate with the devotees about Krishna and to preach about Krishna.

This is the difference.

So, chanting will not check the radiations materially.

It is not the purpose of chanting.

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But, when you chant more and more, you become more attached to Krishna.

When you become more attached to Krishna, you become less attached to the materials.

Thus, you will not prefer to use the materials for less important purposes.

You will use the materials only for the activities related to Krishna.

Therefore, your usage will become less.

So, naturally, the effect of radiations will also be less for you.

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Thus, chanting Hare Krishna will make you use the devices only for the activities favourable to Krishna’s service.

Thus, you will be free from excessive radiation hazards.

So, the conclusion is that Chanting Protects us from the material problems by reducing your attachemnts with them.

Hope you are clear about how Chanting protects us from material problems including the radiations.

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Author: RAJAN

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