Are Massive deaths in Calamities & Pandemics due to karma of everyone?

Are Massive deaths in Calamities & Pandemics due to karma of everyone?

A girl devotee asked like this:

Hare krishna prabhu ji…. Many people asked me this question, so I thought to get it’s clarification from u….Question is: Why these natural calamities like storm, flood, heavy rainfall are happening at holy places like kumbh (Ujjain), earlier in badrinath etc. why many people are killed at these places during such activities. People started challenging our faith that if God is present, all auspiciousness is present at these places then, why such things are happening now a days at almost all spiritual occasions???


Yes, Massive deaths in Calamities & Pandemics due to karma.

But, not individual karma.  Read further.

This birth is a conditional birth. The condition is that everyone has to die one day.

That day is secret. If it is made known, no one can be peaceful.

Death is applicable for devotees also.

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The difference is that the devotees have the safe and eternal destination to go after death.

Whereas, the non devotees have to come back to this material world and again die.

When Covid (Coronavirus) pandemic came in the year 2019, crores of people died.

During cyclones, hurricanes and tsunamis, thousands of people die.

The devotees of Krishna also die in Massive deaths in Calamities & Pandemics.

This whole world is that of Krishna.  Not just a particular place in this earth.  Every creation has come from Krishna only.

We and all living beings came from Krishna only. Still, we die.

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Because these material creations  are always subject to destruction and death. The life is not permanent in material planets and all are subject to death.

Hence, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, torrential rains, Pandemics like Covid-19, etc.

No place in this planet is exempted from destruction.  When this earth is destructed during a Pralaya,  all places including Vrindavana are destructed.

Even Dwaraka, ruled by Krishna was inundated in tsunami waves and disappeared.

These holy places such as Vrindavana are just the replica of the Vrindavana existing in Goloka.  However, since it is existing on earth, it is also subjected to the rules of earth.

Not just Vrindavana, Madura, etc., even Krishna honours the systems of earth though He Himself is the creator of earth. That is why, He came through the womb though He can descend directly.  He followed the systems of earth and then left the planet being arrowed by a hunter.

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If Krishna Himself honours the systems of earth, we have to understand that Krishna allows even Vrindavana to subject to the rules of the earth.

That is why, He does not exempt even spiritually important places from destruction.

Eventhough it is a temple, every temple is also subject to destruction after a few decades or centuries.  No structure can exist for ever.

Birth – Death,  Existence – Destruction, etc – all are the characters of the material planets.

If the spiritually important planets are exempted from natural calamities and death, almost all the 800 crores of people will go and settle in those places and hence acomodating all will become impossible.

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Are Massive deaths in Calamities & Pandemics due to karma of everyone?

Many people ask whether Massive deaths in Calamities & Pandemics are due to karma of everyone.

This may be a genuine question.

Two reasons can be given for such Massive deaths in Calamities & Pandemics:

(1) CONCEPT-1:  

Those people who have the karma of death in fire or flood or earthquake or Pandemics are made to visit to those places OR TAKE BIRTH IN THOSE PLACES where such calamities are going to happen in future that is known to the karma network. This is the natural arrangement and such people die in those incidents. Those whose horoscopes are strong escape from such calamities.  This is reflected in the eighth house of their horoscopes. This is one aspect based on karma concept.

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Calamities or Pandemics are due to the collective karma for the earth. The karma of all people work together forming the karma of earth planet that is called Collective karma of earth.

This collective karma of earth is extremely powerful than the individual’s karma.  Most importantly, when this collective karma starts to work, the karma of the individuals will come under suspension.

Natural calamities have been classified under EXEMPTIONAL INCIDENTS BECAUSE OF THE COLLECTIVE KARMA OF EARTH PLANET during which Karma, ie, Horoscope of an individual WILL BECOME INACTIVE.

That again means, if there is a natural calamity OR a Pandemic, all the persons of all types of horoscopes will die.  The dying persons are given new birth again in which they enjoy all the missed fortunes.

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This world is an opportunity for us to follow devotion for a few decades and get Krishna within our life time.  So, wherever you are, you may die one day or face natural calamity or Pandemic.  So, utilize every day to go closer to the Lord.

All the places are subject to nature’s laws. However,  they have the powerful spiritual vibrations and the special effects of purifying the devotees who  visit those places.  So, we can visit those places to intensify our devotion to Lord.  If the time comes for any Calamity or Pandemic, those places will also be affected.

When that calamity happens, people, including the devotees are massively wiped out and are given the best next birth. Advanced devotees who had developed material detachment and attachment to Krishna are elevated to Krishna’s kingdom even if they die during the Massive deaths in Calamities & Pandemics.

Hope you are clear about whether Massive deaths in Calamities & Pandemics are due to karma of everyone.

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