Why Krishna allows Murders Accidents, etc to happen?

Why Krishna allows Murders Accidents, etc to happen?

Actual Question from a male devotee:

“hi sir, i have a question for which i cannot get the answer. i am so confused so please answer me.

question: many people asking to me that if god (krishna) is there then why he is not stopping the bad things which is happening to others like getting (murdered, accident , etc..)

sir please answer my question..”


Thinking that Krishna allows Murders Accidents, etc to happen is wrong. Only our karma does everything.

Consider that there is a thief.  He is caught repeatedly by the police because he involves in stealing every time after getting released from jail.

So, the policemen arrest him under the clauses (Like Gundas act) that have no bail and long years of imprisonment.


Because, if he is not punished, the common people can not live safely.

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Similarly, there are so many sinners as well as good people in this world.  But, they could not have remained with the same nature in their previous birth.

A person might have killed many innocent people in his previous birth.  During the last periods of his life, he might have realized his sinful acts.  So, he must be killed by some one in his present birth.

However, as he had realized his sins during the last days, he is given the next birth with good, calm character.  But, his past karma of killing innocent people remains.

So, after some years, when he is living happily, some one makes a quarrel with him and kill him  (or) he dies of accident. That means, he faces akaal death.

So, he dies in his young age itself because he killed many young people in his past birth.

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So, to implement the karma (to be killed) of that person (A), the Karma network brings another person (B) to him.  This another person (B) is very weak in sense control and hence will be ready to kill any person if a chance comes.

So, this another person (B) kills this person (A) who has the karma to be killed.

Now, karma network has done its punishment process. If he is not punished, he can not be purified.  So, punishments are also necessary to be given to offenders.

That is why Krishna allows Murders Accidents, etc to happen.

If Krishna does not allow the karma network to punish an offender, then, how can He punish the present sinners? Only if such violators are there, Karma network can punish those who cheated others in their past birth.

Similarly, Krishna has allowed good people also. If you had helped many people in your past birth, Lord will send many good people to you in this birth and you will receive help and support through them.

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There are 100 oranges in a basket to be taken for selling in a market.

A monkey comes and steals 10 oranges from these 100.  We have to supply 100.  What will we do?

We will fill that basket with 10 more oranges to compensate the account.

Similarly, you have done 10 good karma and 10 bad karma in your karma basket.  You do more sins.  So, your bad karma becomes 15.  So, you will have to suffer too much in your next birth.  However, you are also helping five innocent people.  So, your good karma also becomes 15.  Both are equal.

So, in the next birth, though you will have punishments for 15 bad karma, you will also have very good resources to bear those effects of bad karma, because you had also done 15 good karma.

A good karma can not reduce the effects of bad karma.  But, it can give a Bearability to face the bad karma.  That’s all.

So, both the rewards and punishments must be there in this world.

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Imagine. If there are no police stations, military people and courts in a country, how the life of the people of that country will be?

Only chaos. Everyone will kill others as happened in Dvaraka. Then, the whole  race will be wiped off.

That is why Krishna allows Murders Accidents, etc to happen through His karma network.

So, Let the punishments be there.  Let the rewards also be there.

Only if all the people stops killing others, the killings can stop.  Until atleast one person kills another, the karma network has to kill him back through some other person. So, killings will continue.

Since this earth is a karma bhoomi, these negatives and positives will always be there.

Only we have to skip the negatives and take only the positives. By making use of these positives, we should come up in our devotional way of life.

Hope you are clear about Why Krishna allows Murders Accidents, etc to happen.

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