Devotees too suffer in Pandemic & Disasters. Why Krishna allows this?

Devotees too suffer in Pandemic & Disasters. Why Krishna allows this?

Qn. In Detail from two devotees

(i) A girl devotee:

“Hare Krishna Anna…In Bangladesh ISKCON and Mumbai ISKCON, many devotees were affected by Covid-19 (Corona) recently. How did Krishna allow his servants to suffer like others? please clarify.”

(ii) A male devotee:

Namaste prabhuji I have some doubts.  Recently after reading two incidents in news papers I am writing this message.Prabhuji in Bangladesh one of initiated young ISKCON archaga swami was severely attacked by some terrorists forced and was admitted in hospital.Another incident near Salem Tamil Nadu a young devotee was on the way to pilgrimage to Famous Tirumala Tirupati his wife who was alone was killed during rape attempt . everybody life is based on Karma while why even devotee who is initiated is attacked severely. Only by this type of bad incidents some loose hope of God and become atheist and some converted to another religion. Many say Tirumala is very holy place next to Srirangam according to Sri Vaishnava, then even after moving towards Lord Balaji a person’s wife was killed at young age and initiated devotee was brutally attacked and admitted in fatal stage. In puranas,  Lord saved Maharaja Prahalad and saved Draupati during her very bad times, but in this Kaliyuga why this type bad things happen even after worshipping lord severely.  Only because of very sad events like wife or son or parents dieing in accident or murder who are devotees many people loss faith on god and some even change to other religion. What is the way to save all devotees family from murderers and womenizers and untimely accidents. Our god is named as Dheena Dhayala and Saving God even after worshipping some face problems which cannot be over comed thats why i said this and ask you reason behind this??


First, show me atleast one person who is immune from death.

There is a story:

A man performed penance for many years and asked the God:  “I want a life without death”

The god smiled and said:  “Ok,  Given”

The man grew.  Become old.  Could not walk, eat, drink, etc.  Bed ridden.

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As said by God, he will never die, but, he is unable to move.  He forgot to pray for youthful life.

He again prayed God:  “Oh God, please give me death. I am unable to live”

The merciful Lord okayed it and allowed him to die.

Thus, we can not live for ever.  At a stage of life, we ourselves will like to die.

Therefore, death is inevitable.

It comes even inside the womb for some.

It comes as Balarishta even at the age of 2-3 .  Some die in 20.  Some die in 40-50s.  Some live for 100 years. 

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The maximum human life is 120 years.  Sri Ramanuja, the most pious soul lived for full 120 years serving the Lord and went back to the Lord from Srirangam, Tamilnadu.  Sri Chandrasekarendra Swami Sankaracharya of Kanchi kamokodi Mutt, near Chennai, lived for 100 years.

Why don’t you take these extraordinary lives of devotees as examples?

I have already written in a counselling that the Lord usually do not interfere in the karma related to death even in the case of initiated devotees unless He finds it as absolutely necessary and it is the rare case.

For example, if a person faces heart attack three times, he dies in most of the cases.  Srila Prabhupada, the founder of ISKCON, faced three heart attacks while travelling to America and after.  He did not even perform a bypass surgery to safeguard the heart muscles.  However, since his aim is to establish the Krishna Consciousness all over the world,  and he was very much capable of doing it, the Lord extended his life for more than a decade and allowed him to do wonders in these short period.

(Krishna allowed me too to serve him for more period when the doctors gave up the hope about my survival in the year 2019. That true story has been given HERE.)

Thus,  Krishna will interfere in the death period and type of death, ONLY IF IT IS SERIOUSLY REQUIRED, BUT RARELY.

In most cases, He allows that devotee to die as per karma and continue his services more vibrantly in his next birth. Birth after birth, he will come up in the service of Krishna.

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The cases you have mentioned can be understood like this:

Coronavirus (Covid-19) affecting the devotees. Definitely the devotees are vulnerable to all diseases. This body is a machine working non stop 24x7x365. So, it has an expiry date as well as faults and defects. When a devotee is careless or taking risk to serve the Lord, he will be affected by the microorganisms like bacteria, virus, etc.

During the major disastors and Pandemic, Karma network will suspend the horoscopes of individuals that makes the horoscopes not working temporarily and everyone will be affected in case of pandemic and disaster. Because it is the testing time for the planet itself. So, the individual horoscopes are suspended. Those who escape from the disasters and pandemic will form the future world. Simple. So, Krishna allows His devotees to suffer in Pandemic & Disasters.

The Tirumala case.  The Lord allowed the devotee to face his karma very fast and start a new life without any problems to perform devotion.  That devotee and his wife will get a nice next birth with all the facilities to undergo devotional practices.  It is, in fact, a boon for them.  Not to be viewed negatively.

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As far as Bangladesh devotee is concerned, he has taken that much pains to preach Krishna Consciousness.  Krishna gives problems to the devotees also, to fasten their karma and make them pure.  That Bangladesh devotee is so fortunate for having faced these sufferings for the Lord.  He will clear his karma in this birth itself or within a birth and go back to Krishna.   Because, if a person is facing more problems, that means, Krishna has chosen him to take him back to His kingdom after purifying him fast. That is why many devotees face so may problems in life while serving the Lord. 

If you take Kurukshetra war, almost all the devotees of Krishna like Bhishma, died in war.  Even Pandavas ended their life at a point of time and left this earth.  All the devotees of Krishna in Mahabharatha left this earth one day in different ways.  It is inevitable.

In your consideration, death is a negative and end of life.  But, a person never dies and he will eternally live in many bodies. 


Every death for the bodies taken by a soul  is the PURIFICATION OF THE SOUL.  During every death and new birth, the soul gets purified.  This is the secret.

Therefore, if any devotee is suffering, see that as the stage of purification from his karma. So, Krishna allows His devotees to suffer in Pandemic & Disasters.  Earlier death is not the earlier end.  It is the early start of a still purer next life.

The fortunate people who follow Sanathana dharma know this secret.  The other people may not be aware of this secret.

This is the difference.

A pure devotee serves the Lord; He does not expect anything in return. He sees every happening including death as the mercy of Lord.

Hope you have understood why Krishna allows His devotees to suffer in Pandemic & Disasters.

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