Why should the devotees and gurus be affected by Pandemic like Covid-19?

Why should the devotees and gurus be affected by Pandemic like Covid-19?

A disciple of a guru asked like this:

“Hare Krishna prabhu..You are an astrologer also. I can not understand why my guru maharaja died in Covid-19? Isn’t there any special care for such exalted devotees from Krishna? Why Krishna took them giving diseases? You are very bold in your views. So, I ask you. Please clarify. Hare Krishna.”


See, I have already said in another post that the Ayush Bhava (Life determining planetary effects) of the horoscopes of the individual persons will be suspended during the Pandemic like Covid-19, flood, earthquake, tsunami, etc.

Pandemics are the testing time for the Planet earth itself. When the living Planet itself is under disturbed position, it loses its capacity to protect its people temporarily. So, the earth allows the Pandemics

to take their toll whoever falls under the pandemic.

For example, in earlier pandemics in the history, lakhs of people have died. During Tsunami, thousands died.

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All the people who died in the pandemics did not have their fixed death time as per karma. For some people, it might have coincided. But majority die thogh they do not have death time yet.

Every human being should leave one day. Swami Vivekananda, Sri Caitanya Maha prabhu, etc left this world in their young age. Many great personalities die in their young age.

Even Lord Krishna whenever he comes to the earth as Krishna or Rama or any other avatar, do not stay her for ever though this Planet is His creation only. Krishna gave the opportunity to a hunter to relieve Him from earth to Vaikunta.

Lord Ramachandra gave that opportunity to the river.

So, even the avatars leave this planet once their mission is over, honouring the system of the planet they visit.

Even some revered acharyas leave this planet after a certain period.

Srila Prabhupada was very ill after a certain age because he had diabetes, three heart attacks history in the past, etc.

No one stays on earth beyond a certain years.

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So, everyone should be shifted to another body or another planet or to Vaikunta itself, once the existing body becomes difficult to live as the body has to be taken on an age as per the karma fixed for every person.

Some souls are taken through accidents if destined so.

Some souls are taken through diseases like Cancer, Heart/ kidney/ lungs ailments, Microbial diseases, etc.

Krishna never interferes in the matter of death unless it is seriously needed.

Srila prabhupada was given more than ten years extension to fulfill his mission. Even when he left, he had many scriptures to translate. However, he had established the strong basement for ISKCON.

In your guru’s case, he has done many achievements in his service to the mission of Srila Prabhupada for many decades.

Krishna decided that he can be used in some other way in His service. Krishna has His own will and no one can understand and question the causeless will of Krishna. Krishna will use the maharaj in some other essential tasks as required by Him.

Your Guru Maharaj is a great Vaishnava/servant/preacher of Krishna who has to mingle with hundreds of people while discharging his service. So, he was always vulnerable to infecetious diseases like any other person.


Covid Virus does not know whether he is a devotee or sinner. Whenever an entry is made possible,the virus enters and grows in numbers. Then the lungs gets affected that later affects kidneys, hearts, etc.

Lungs, heart and kidneys are like a chain. If any one is affected, if not treated in time, other two will be affected.

Last year when I faced Viral fever, I first got fever for nearly 20 days and deficient breathing. Because of the viral attack on lungs, heart pumping and kidney functions were affected. Because of weak pumping of heart, water accumulation in lungs.

These complications were attended in time and I was saved. For the past more than one year I am living under tablets only to keep my heart and kidneys healthy.

All viruses have the same way of affecting the vital organs AS DONE BY Covid-19 virus. I faced the same Covid like situation of getting seriously affected by some other virus that lead to Viral Cardiomyopathy for me last year itself and hence I know how to deal with viral infections.

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In this pandemic time, even when you have some discomforts, you should take blood test. Last year, I was recommended for blood test after 15 days of fever that led to serious complications for me. By that time, my heart and kidneys started to malfunction.

Covid Virus is light weight and spreading thru air and hence we must be very careful in wearing masks properly washing it soaking in the water mixed with Dettol (or similar) every time you go out and come back or every 5-6 hours. Wash hands well using even an ordinary soap every time you go out and come back or get some material from others.

Make essential purchaces from the nearby shops itself in your local areathough the cost is a few rupees more. The shops should be such a way that the customers are outside and the sellers are inside. Better to avoid big malls, A/C supermarkets, etc. Avoid entering in to any such shops and get the commodities getting delivered at your home.

The owner of the building in which I am having my office lives separately. He had many local kirana and sabji shops even next to his house. Avoiding them, he visited a vegetable bazaar to save one or two rupees on vegetables. He got affected by Covid-19 and now he is admitted in a private hospital that has charged more than Rs.5 lakhs so far.

Receive the purchases from outside the home. Then clean the hands using sanitizers or ordinary soap.

Avoid crowded spots at any cost. Avoid Public transports as far as possible. Autorickshaws are better than rental cars and public transports because auto rickshaws are open at all sides and you do not share the space with anyone else.

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Everyone thinks that he will not get affected by viruses. The fact is that no one is safe from the spread of viruses. Unless one is not careful in avoiding the above factors, he is prone to infections. That is why, even the devotees and gurus are affected by Pandemic like Covid-1.

Maharaj served his best till he was in this planet. He is also one of the reason for the growth of ISKCON to this level.

The nature wants a reason to make the body not livable for athma at a certain time. So, during these pandemic period, it allows the body to be made not livable for the soul. So, even the devotees and gurus are affected by Pandemic like Covid-19.

Your Guru Maharaj was healthy. Krishna wanted him for some other cause. So, he allowed covid-19 to free his soul for higher purposes.

Whatever way the natural death happens, no matter. Because of the service of your guru maharaj, his soul should still be serving Krishna somewhere else.

So, do not lament for the death of the body of your Guru maharaj. He is still alive through his speeches and writings. Just follow what he advised and preached you. It is the great service you can do for your Guru Maharaj. Do your bit to expand the services to Krishna.

Hope you are clear about why the devotees and gurus are affected by Pandemic like Covid-19.

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Author: RAJAN

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