Is having boy friends or girl friends by a girl or boy devotee allowed?

Is having boy friends or girl friends by a girl or boy devotee allowed?

 Two questions from two devotees:

(1) A male devotee whose name I have hidden asked like this:

“i want to say that i don’t have any friend in females. what should i do .  i need one for my whole life.   having friends gives moral support, reduces anxiety, hopelessness.  Please suggest ways to get one good friend, especially in females. Does having a boyfriend or a girlfriend is a wrong thing as per sastras. Can a boy and a girl be friends, good friends?”

(2) A Girl Devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

Hare krishna prabhu. My question is  Is it okay to have a girlfriend? If one is K.Conscious and he have a spiritual girl friend and everything is okay without anykind of lust between them the what is wrong? I am asking this question for not myself but from whole people.  I am single but one of my K.C FB friend has a gf. Then is it wrong or what should they furthur do?


This seems that you are in a confused and helpless state.

You have said that you do not have friend in females. Why are you very particular about female friends only? Don’t you get any male friends? Is it because many others around you have many girl friends?

Actually, the words like FRIEND, THICK FRIEND, MY LIFE, EVERYTHING FOR ME, MOST LOVEFUL PERSON, etc., are all highly emotional words.  In fact, all the jeevans in this world are the product of Krishna as we are.  So, we have to love all the jeevans, including a dog.

But, LOVING means not wandering everywhere together closely shoulder to shoulder.  Love means, thinking everyone and everything as respectable ones and seeing them with mercy.

For example, if you see a 16 years old girl struggling to get train ticket in queue and you help her by taking ticket, it is normal. But, if you do the same help when an 80 years old lady struggles to get ticket, that means that you are really loving everybody irrespective of gender, age, etc.

Loving only young girls and not caring elderly women is not love. You are satisfying your particular senses by helping that girl, because that girl can stand in queue even for two hours, but the old lady can’t.

Thus, everyone has the tendency to associate with only young persons of opposite gender.  Even some 70 years old guys (!!) like to associate with 16 years old girls.  In India, we can see many old, even 60 years old cinema heroes are acting with 16-18 years old actresses as lover in movies.  The males never get old in cinema whereas girls become useless just after their marriage.

So, this is the human tendency.  That is why, you are seriously thinking of having a girl friend.  You need not evaluate such issues, but, if you remain natural, that itself will be enough.

Scriptures like ‘Chanakya Needhi’ do not prohibit talking to girls, but, they have given some regulations like (1) speak to them only when there are genuine needs   (2)  Just speak the required topic and then go away.  (3) DO NOT DISCUSS ABOUT THEIR OR YOUR PERSONAL LIFE.   (4) Do not speak inducing or double meaning words.   (5) To save the image of that girl, do not speak in public places and go away from her at the earliest.

Why such restrictions?

Because, the attraction between two OPPOSITES is the natural phenomenon.  Senses are that much powerful.  They will always be expecting chances to engage themselves in satisfying acts.  If they find a girl nearby, it will create some boost in the harmone secretions and hence the persons are induced to involve in offenses if chance comes.

Women going closer to men is equal to cotton going closer to fire. Only if the cotton is wet, ie, strong, it can escape from burning.  If the cotton is dry (weak), it will associate with fire closely and burn into ashes, ie, lose its status.

Only because we did not care the advice of the scriptures, now a days, there are many reports of fathers exploiting their daughters, teachers exploiting the students, doctors exploiting the patients, criminals exploiting even visually or mentally challenged girls, etc.  The society have come to the stage that they need flesh to satisfy their senses – whatever flesh it is, whatever relation it may be.  This is a dangerous trend that is increasing in kaliyuga.

Our elders did not want to see any girl or boy affected by such attractions and offenses.  That is why, they advised some restrictions for girls and boys to freely associate.

So, do not develop the desire of having girl friends.  Let them be free with other girls.  Let the girls be friends with girls and boys be with the boys.  If the need arises, let the girls and boys decently discuss and go away.  They need not call themselves as friends or thick friends.

If a girl likes to keep a boy in high esteem, let her call him as the well wisher of her family or brother.  No need to call as friends.

Why don’t the boys like to have only girl friends, not sisters?  Don’t you understand the secret in it?  Because there is no freedom in treating as sister compared with treating as friends.

Now a days, the love between a girl and boy starts as friendship only.  Then, it turns as love.  So, I do not believe such attachments.  This is the nature of HUMAN RELATIONS in this MATERIAL WORLD.  That is why, I am treating all the fans of this page as brothers and sisters, not friends. Because, first, I should be an example to others atleast in some basic things while preaching.


LET YOUR WIFE BE YOUR GIRL FRIEND.  This is harmless and way to a happy family.

But, speak to girls briefly and respectfully whenever need arises.  No need to totally stop.  Be careful in human relations.

Though girls and boys can remain as good friends, it is possible only for mentally strong persons.  But, we need an advice that is applicable for all types of people, even for mentally weak people who are majorities in kaliyuga. That is why, scriptures advice to be controlled in the association with the people of opposite gender.

Until we are in this body and in this material world, we are bound to commit offenses because we are living in a planet maintained by maya who always tries to engage us in materialistic activities that involves offenses.  So, offences or sins may be committed at any time in the process of our life.  So, we need to be very careful in dealing with others and situations.

Except a few, no one commits sins with prior planning. Women exploitation, killing, cheating mostly happen ONLY WHEN they get a suitable atmosphere.

When safe privacy is there, the mind induces us to violate the limits with a girl.

When opportunity comes, the mind induces us to take the things of others.

When a petty vegetable vendor quotes a genuine price, our mind induces us to bargain unethically making loss to that vendor.

Only because of this nature of our mind,  Scriptures advised even the fathers not to touch their daughters unnecessarily after their age of 8.  I know many families in which even the fathers are very decently maintaining a certain distance with the daughters but maintaining fatherly love with them.

So, relations are very sensitive in this material world.  We need to be very careful in mingling with the opposite sex.

The term Girl friend or Boy Friend seems very materialistic. Some times, even lovers introduce their lovers as girl friends.  It need not be used in devotion, I feel.  The best term for male- female devotees in devotion is CO DEVOTEE or FELLOW DEVOTEE or PRABHUS or MATAJIS.  This is decent.

We have to see the girl devotee as another co-devotee.  We should discuss with them as a decent co-devotee.  if you like to hear the term used by Srila Prabhupada, we should consider other women or women devotees as mothers.  That is why, we call them as MATAJIS.   After calling them as Matajis, if we treat them as Girl friends, there will be no meaning in that.  If we consider them as Girl friends, we will start to talk unwanted things with them.  Then, two things may happen:

(1) You may fall in unwanted bondage with her if she does not know how to deal with relations.  It may be wrong bondage some times.  So, fall from regulative principles.

(2) If that woman devotee is very straightforward, she may cut your association totally.

So, do not apply modernity ATLEAST in devotion.  Devotion is related to the ATHMA.  However, we are living in this body that has a mind in it that is like a monkey that tends to make use of all options available.  Until we are living in this body, we have to maintain a smart distance with the persons of opposite gender.

Instead of feeling after the involving in violations, it is better to be careful in advance.

Talk to the persons of opposite gender in a friendly manner. Even we talk to our mother in a friendly manner.  But, treating them like Girl friends seems vulnerable sometimes.

So, as advised by acharyas, treat all other women except your wife as mothers and call even a child as MATAJI.

This is always safe and decent and DEVOTIONALLY PROPER.

Hope you got my points.

Author: RAJAN

RAJAN from Tamil Nadu, India, a Life Patron and an Initiated Devotee being in ISKCON for nearly three decades, serves anonymously to avoid Prominence and crowd as an insignificant, Humble and Neutral Servant for all the devotees of Krishna! He promotes Social media forums and this blog-website as e-satsangha (e-forums) blessed with Lakhs of followers, to give Spiritual Solutions for all the Material Problems of the devotees since 2011! He writes friendly and practical tips to practice devotion (i) without hurting the followers of other paths, (ii) without affecting the personal and career life, and (iii) without the blind, superstitious and ritualistic approach! He dedicates all the glories and credits to his Guru and Krishna.

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