Why the scriptures prohibit preventing or aborting the child?

Why the scriptures prohibit preventing or aborting the child?

Now a days, most of the married couples give birth to only one or two children. A section of wives use contraceptives to stop child formation. Many undergo family planning surgeries to permanently stop the child birth.

As per the Indian scriptures/ rishis, abortion of child and using tablets/ mechanisms to prevent the formation of the child is prohibited.

If they like to stop child birth, it should be stopped only by abandoning the mating.

If the couples involve in mating, they should get how many number of children they are given.

There is a valid reason.

As far as abortion of child within the womb is concerned, it is also considered as equal to the killing of child after birth.

So, those who abort a child will not have a child in their next birth. Or, the born child will die in its childhood itself.

This is the reaction of their karma of aborting their child within the womb.

As far as preventing the child birth using the contraceptives is concerned, they will get no child or delayed child birth in their next birth.

Then, what is the way suggested by the scriptures?

Reduce the mating and reduce the child birth. This is the only way.

The couples were encouraged to give birth to as many children as possible.


Because, More child birth – less karma for the parents.

That means, when a couple give birth to a child, 50% of their karma (1/2) is transferred to the child.  So, the half of the karma of the couple gets reduced.

If they get two children, 33.33% of their karma is transferred to every child. So, two thirds (2/3) of the karma of the couple gets reduced.

If they get three children 25% of their karma is transferred to every child. So, three fourths (3/4) of the karma of the couple gets reduced.

If they get four children 20% of their karma is transferred to every child. So, four fifths (4/5) of the karma of the couple gets reduced.

And so on and if they get 10 children 9% of their karma is transferred to every child. So, ten eleventh (10/11) of the karma of the couple gets reduced.

Thus, getting more children reduces the karma of the parents.

That is why, it is said that the sins of the parents affect the children. When their sins are shared to the children, they too start suffering the heat of the sins of parents transferred to them.

If the parents do good to others, the children too get the share of the good deeds and hence they too get good life.

As per the views of the Indian Rishis, getting more children is one way of reducing our past karma.

In my family too, we were eight children living. I am the last child of my parents.

At the time of my taking birth, ie, just 3-4 decades back, getting ten children is the ordinary thing.

Of course, there were no contraceptives or using contraceptives were considered as sinful by the orthodox people, particularly brahmanas.

And developing the children was not a costly matter those days. The children grew on their own with no much efforts.  Since there were elder brothers and sisters for every child, the burden of the parents came down.

Every family was like a society and beautiful.  No child felt frustration because he/ she was encouraged by 8-10 brothers and sisters.

The life was very enjoyable for me during the growing stage in the big family. We would chat different topics directly while eating, playing, at bed, etc.

Such a beautiful family atmosphere is missing now a days.

Every couple have only one child. So, no chance for the child to play with other children within the family. They spend their time as solo with video games, social media, websites, etc.

So, many children grow with depression. No opportunities for them to relax themselves.

Our ancient rishis did not support stopping the conceiving the child or aborting the child.

The reason is connected with the karma.

Hope this article has cleared the doubt of many on this matter.

Author: RAJAN

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