Will the horoscope work even if the child is taken out in surgery? 

Will the horoscope work even if the child is taken out in surgery? 

 A devotee (Name hidden) asked this question:

 “hare krishna prabhu ji!!i have 1 question:  What if a child is taken out by surgery? i am in great hope from u dear prabhu ji!! thank you,hare Krishna”


Many people have this doubt.  The destiny for every child is written when its head is coming out of the birth canal of its mother.

For more clarity, I will write a few lines:

Destiny writing is not a text in any language.  The nine planets are always spreading their rays towards the earth.  Every planet emits rays with some special qualities.

Mars spreads negative rays that affects our consciousness in decision making and makes us very aggressive.

Saturn also spreads negative rays that affects our consciousness in decision making and makes us slow acting.

Sun spreads rays that enhances or affects our relations with our father.

Moon spreads rays that enhances or affects our relations with the mother.

Venus spreads rays that makes us emotional towards opposite sex and hence we tend to have relations with the opposite sex.

Mercury spreads rays that makes us brilliant in studies.

Rahu and Ketu, being shadows (not planets), hides the good fortunes coming to us.

Jupiter’s rays are able to make the ill effects of the rays of all the above planets.  That is why, it is said the sight of Jupiter will clear all doshas.

Based on their position in the degrees of the solar system, these rays get deposited on our head when our head comes out of the vagina.

This effect will be permanent till the end of the child’s life.

This is called destiny or recording of karma.  Based on these recordings, the person acts in his life and invites both god and bad fortunes.

Thus, based on his karma of the past life, he is allowed to come out of the mother’s body at a particular time.

In case, we take the child out of mother through surgery, this too is the karma of that child that it is destined to take birth using forces.  In older days, the dhadhis press the belly of mother suitably to fasten the delivery.  Now, knife is used.  That’s all.

Whatever the case may be, if that child has good karma in its past life, it may be allowed to take birth through surgery in a good time.  However, good times will not be available for surgery at all times for a mother.  In most of the cases, if the surgery is delayed, either mother or child or both will have to die.  Therefore, the surgery may have to be done immediately.

Thus, if the child is taken by surgery when there is no availability of any other options, that delivery will also be considered as natural birth.

However, if the parents decide a good time and ask the doctors to take the child through the surgery , it is unnatural and selfish and clever.  In such cases, it is not the actual birth time and hence his horoscope will not be perfect.

If the surgery is done unavoidably so as to save the mother or the child or the both, that is natural and that child’s horoscope will work.

Hope you are clear.


Being a frank guy, I like to record one thing here.  One of my friendly doctor told about a person who is very addicted to pleasures and tortures his wife daily for pleasures.  His wife was to deliver a child.  He feared that he can’t get complete satisfaction with the wife after delivery if the child comes out of canal.  Therefore, he requested the doctors to perform surgery and take that child.  The doctor declined to perform surgery since his wife is fit for natural delivery itself.  Then, that man took his wife to another doctor for surgery.  She too refused to operate.

If the child is taken out of surgery for such selfish reasons, its horoscope will not work.  Karma is more intelligent than our intelligence.

Only the surgical deliveries for genuine reasons will give a child with a working horoscope.  This is the point.

Author: RAJAN

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  1. What karmas play if a child is born through assisted reproductive techniques like sperm donation egg donation and surrogacy ? is it correct for childless couples to opt for them

  2. Hare Krishna
    Dandavat Pranaams

    A couple of questions:
    1. What if birth time is not known for a person, how can astrology help the person?
    2. As you said that surgery happens due to the karma of the child, so if the parents try to bring out the child earlier on an auspicious occasion due to selfish reasons, why would his horoscope not work? Since it is his karma that surgery was performed early for him.
    3. If possible, can you please provide the shastric reference for the theory you mentioned about rays of planet touching the head of the child and karma being deposited? It would help in my studies.

    Thank you for the wonderful articles. Hare Krishna!

    1. Hare Krishna Prabhuji

      Prabhuji, I would like to avail the horoscope facilities, but I am not able to find how to make payment for same. I would like to use NetBanking for transactions, as I do not have Google pay or similar other e wallets.

      Prabhuji may you pls provide me the nessasary details for transactions..
      Hare Krishna Prabhuji

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