I am losing faith in chanting Hare Krishna since chanting does not clear my problems.  What to do?

I am losing faith in chanting Hare Krishna since chanting does not clear my problems.  What to do?

Two Questions from two devotees:


Please help me. I was chanting earlier but now I stopped i feel it have offended many things during that time. I have done lots of wrong things being a a devotee.now 10 years over i m not a devotee and every time cry to be away from krishna. I have married a non devotee. my life has become full zero…I live in ………………., there is no krishna temple nor association of devotees. I feel like when my death will come… I was chanting earlier every day. But still I did not come up in my life. So I have no faith or less faith in holy name and iskcon. Please help me.


Prabhu I have a question. Pls keep my name hidden. What is the benefit of chanting Hare Krishna Maha Mantra?  M suffering huge problm in my personal life which is related to

financial and relationship prblm. Is there any way  to get rid of it or atleast getting peace in mind?


Hare Krishna Maha Manthra is to take us to back to Krishna.  Not to be used to make more comforts in life or to escape from the problems.

In every yuga, certain sadhanas or penances have been recommended to get Krishna’s mercy.  In kaliyuga, Hare Krishna Maha Manthra has been recommended.


Hare Krishna Maha Manthra is Krishna Himself.  Krishna lives in His Names in kaliyuga.  There is no difference betweeen Krishna and His names.

Therefore, Hare Krishna Maha Manthra is the purest one like Krishna.  Instead of using that manthra to get Krishna, if we use it to get material benefits, that means, we are using a Road Roller machine to make rotis.

Material problems are the outcomes of our past activities. No problem comes from outside. We only are the cause for all our problems. We did something to others in the past;  Now, others are doing the same for us.

However, instead of requesting material peace that is never possible, we can pray to Krishna to give us strength to face the reactions of our past karma.  Thus, we can successfully cross all our problems keeping Krishna with us.


You may have problems in relations and finance.  How do you expect all the other people behave like you. Every person is unique in character and approach.  Therefore, we need to accept others with their unique characters.  If there is any serious issue with anyone, we have to reduce the interactions with him and discuss only when it is required.  In case he behaves negatively, we may follow silence and smile. There is no house in this world that has no isssues in relations.  The relation may be different  – spouse, in laws, parents, brothers, sisters, friends, etc.  But, the problems will be there atleast in one relation in every family. Therefore, if the other side is behaving like fire, you behave like water.  Not like petrol.

Financial issues can be resolved if we analyse ourselves, select a field of action accordingly, plan well to implement the idea in that field and implement with consistent efforts, we can earn well and solve the financial issues.  Instead of doing that, blaming Krishna will not bring any solutions.

Therefore, deal with the material problems by changing your approach and taking sincere efforts and keeping Krishna in mind.

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Just because chanting hare Krishna, and taking no serious efforts, how can Krishna help us to come up in life?

When I was in serious debts long time back, I was continuing my sincere efforts.  That is why, Krishna could make me earn suffficiently to clear the loans.  Had I stopped working, how Krishna could have helped me?  Should we expect Him to throw the bundles of money from the sky?

Therefore, keep Krishna in mind, chant sincerely and also take sincere steps to solve your isssues (or) take care to prevent any further issues.

All the best.

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