If our spouse is already decided by karma, why should we see horoscopes for marriage?

If our spouse is already decided by karma, why should we see horoscopes for marriage?

A woman devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Hare Krishna Prabhuji!! Please keep me anonymous (hide my name). Thanks so much for your counselling. I read all your posts and every post which I read , has so much detailed information about every topic, so knowledgeable . Thanks from the bottom of my heart on behalf of all the readers. I have some queries… As it is said, Marriages are made in heaven or its already destined who is going to be one’s life partner. So why do we match horoscope as due to past karma, relationships are made? If In previous life, you have troubled some one they will be in your life in your next birth as very close relatives. So it’s decided who is going to be one’s life partner, so why matching horoscope? if in any couple’s horoscope , suppose wife’s horoscope has no issue(any hard grah) regarding marriage but husband’s has like Saturn or Mars in horoscope in second house and first house respectively..so why suffering by wife as in her kundali , regarding marriage there shouldn’t be any issue according to her horoscope. Then why suffering?

And one more query… We get troubles in life due to our past birth karma or in recent life’s karmas… if I did good karma in my past birth so in this birth If I do some wrong unintentionally than karma effects in this birth or in next birth? I am asking this Because may be unintentionally I would have done something wrong… that’s why suffering comes in life.. Please forgive me, I have so much queries as am so much hassled now a days… Kindly don’t publish my name. Hare Krishna!!”


Actually, Krishna has made karma network with merciful purpose.

Though the Karma network gives us punishment or reward for what we did in our past lives, Krishna allows us to make use of FREE WILL to choose a new path and to get some reductions or relief from that karma.

For example, a girl had separated a couple forcefully in her previous birth. So, karma network has written her fate as having no marriage in her present birth. Her horoscope says that there are some serious blocks for marriage.

Her NEW activities in this birth are not fixed by past karma. She decides to do something using the FREE WILL given to her by Krishna.  Krishna always reserves this FREE WILL to us even after we go to Goloka.

He never stops our decisions.  Whatever we decide, he approves though it is wrong.  He allows us to add new karma. Because we are using our FREE WILL.

Now, that girl applies her FREE WILL and involve in some devotional practices or keep praying to Krishna or her favourite god.

If she prays to Krishna to reduce/ remove her problems, Krishna decides to help her to the level of her devotion. If she is very serious in devotion, He forgives her past karma of no marriage. If she is moderate in devotion, He allows her to marry and have some suffering.

How does Krishna facilitates her marriage?

He creates a situation for her to meet a good astrologer to see horoscopes for marriage.  He suggests some remedies for her dosha or some tricks to get married.

For example, I have suggested some persons to go for inter-caste marriage to escape from their dosha. Also I have suggested some others to perform late marriage.  For some others, I have suggested to marry an orphan; For some others, I have suggested to marry a poor person; For some others, I have suggested to marry a person with small disability; For some others, I have suggested to marry within close relatives.

Thus, I too am giving some tricks as the compromise to get married.

Why did they contact me and got such advice for getting married?

Because, they might have involved in some good karma or devotional practices in this birth and have prayed to Krishna or favourite god to help them in getting married.

If they had prayed any other gods, they will get the approval of Krishna to extend the boon of marriage for that person.

So, that person is shown a responsible astrologer who guides him to get married by following some adjustments.

This is how, Krishna moderates the karma of some persons as a reward for their thinking of god for remedies.

This is like getting the mercy of the president of India for the release of death convicted persons, by sending a mercy petition to the president.

If that person feels deeply and is worth to receive relaxation, he shows a right person to guide him for marriage.

Let us now think in reverse.

If that same girl MISUSES HER FREE WILL IN THIS BIRTH ALSO and continues to disturb the married couples even in this birth, Krishna does not extend  mercy to her. He extends His mercy only for deserving cases who atleast realizes his/ her offenses.

Though she cleverly decides to get remedies from an astrologer, Krishna directs her to a bogus or half boiled astrologer and get wrong predictions.

So, she gets married against her karma of no marriage as advised by that bogus astrologer.

The marriage breaks within a few days or months.

This is how, Krishna allows her to face her karma in spite of her getting astro advice, because, she will not be directed to a good person.

Because, karma network will try ALL MEANS and TRICKS to implement the karma of that girl if she does not show any reformation of mind in this birth.

At the same time, the same karma network will allow her to marry by accepting some compromises if she is living a responsible and sinless life in this birth and also prays to her favourite god or Krishna to help her get married, BY SENDING HER TO A GOOD ASTROLOGER WHO SUGGESTS RIGHT COMPROMISES OR A GOOD GUIDE OR DIRECTLY SHOWING A SUITABLE GROOM TO HER.

That is why, I firmly believe that the devotees who contact me for predictions have been directed by Krishna, and I try my best to give them balanced astro advice to get good spouse, good job, good business, good improvement in devotion, etc.

Day by day, I am receiving many appreciations for my horoscope predicting service.  Without the permission and support of Krishna, I believe that I can’t do this service satisfying others.


You have also asked whether our present activities will affect us in this birth itself.  Some small reactions that does not require another birth may be faced in this birth.

For example, if you steal Rs.1000 from others, your Rs.1000 or more will be stolen by someone.  This can be implemented in this birth itself.

If I spoil a girl in this birth, I have to take birth as a girl and be spoiled.  So, I need another birth.

To understand this better, let me give my own experience with a mistake and karma.

Decades back, when I did not come to Krishna’s service, I was one day travelling in a Share auto. When my stage came, all the passengers had unloaded and I was alone.

There was an umbrella near me that had been left by someone.

I asked the driver whether the umbrella was his.  He said no.

I should have handed over that unmbrella to the driver because it was not my property.

But, since the driver said no, I took that umbrella to my home.

The next week itself, I lost my own umbrella in a shop.

How this happened?

Because, I did not follow dharma when I found an umbrella.  Since it was not meant for me, I should have handed over that umbrella to the driver of that vehicle though he said that it was not his property.  Since there were no one to claim, I took that to my home.

This is equal to stealing the property of others. Had I given that umbrella to that driver, the lost person would have contacted him and got his umbrella back.

Since I was too young then, I did not do like that.  So, I got the punishment of losing my own umbrella next week itself.

I simply smiled within me thinking that my karma has been cleared as far as that umbrella was concerned.

So, such small mistakes will be given fast reactions.

From that incident, I started to follow a practice of NOT ACCEPTING ANYTHING FROM OTHERS WITHOUT GIVING ANYTHING BACK.


There is another question pending about this matter that will be replied within a week.

These are the secrets behind why even acharyas like Srila Prabhupada recommended to see horoscope for marriage. So, in my view, if you are destined to get some relief, you will get an inclination to contact a good astrologer to see horoscopes for marriage, construction, career and to know what factors affect your devotional involvement and how to correct them.  It is the opportunity given by Krishna.

You can check your horoscope as said IN THIS PAGE.

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