Will Krishna end our life if we pray?

Will Krishna end our life if we pray?

Actual Question from a male devotee:

Also isnt there any way as to ask god to kill us (i know you will answer that we are kids/grandkids of our lord) but then i have seen genuine good people been killed/died without any reason and people doing all bad things living a long life…isnt that atleast death should be my personal choice…


Do you expect that good people should live for ever?

It is not possible for anyone.

Everyone faces death in different ways according to their karma.

Some dies in young age, some in the middle age and some others after getting old.

Some die in accidents, some die in suicide and many die naturally.

Thus, the time and mode of our death is determined as per our karma.

Even in the case of mass killings like calamities, the people who have the karma to die in fire or flood are brought to the spot in which the calamity is going to happen in future and thus allowed to die.

A person may be good in this birth.  This does not mean, he should have been a good guy in his previous birth also.  In case he had been the cause for the death of a person of young age, he will also die in young age in this birth though he is a good person.

The age and mode of death does not depend on our activities of the present birth.  It depends on our activities of previous births.

That is why, we have seen many good leaders dieing in their young age itself.

Swami Vivekananda died even before forty.  He has been a spiritually inclined leader.  Why should he die in his young age?

Previous karma.

No one can escape from the death alone.  Krishna can give excuse from any other karma.  But, He will never give immunity to you from death.

Because, Krishna Himself will not interfere in the karma network’s management.

There is a rule among gods that no one should give any boon to anyone the he can never be killed.  They give boons always with some conditions.

Next, you have asked whether we can pray for death to Krishna.

Same karma rules apply here too.

If you have been destined to live till 80, you will never die naturally before that age and moment.

You can not pray to Krishna to kill you.  He will never kill you if you have age to live as per karma.

However, Krishna has given all of us some free will to decide our future course of actions with a condition that we should face the consequences.

By using that free will, one may commit suicide even in 30 and end our life even before our scheduled death date comes in the age of 80.

This means, we end our life 50 years before our scheduled death date.

But, since we have 50 more years to live on this earth, our account will not be closed in the files of Chitragupta, the accountant in the Karma Network in the Yama’s world, just because we have committed suicide.

The doors will not be opened for us (the soul) for 50 years till we attain the date of natural death.

Till that we have to wander as ghosts with hunger, thirst, desires, etc, but, unable to enjoy them.

Therefore, committing suicide is very sinful and painful.

And, Krishna will never violate karma network’s rules and hence He will not kill us just because we cry.

We will die only when we are destined.

Suicide is the only option to die when we want, but, it is the most sinful one that gives hellish life and ghost life.

Therefore, do not think excessively and face the life boldly keeping Krishna in your heart.

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