Why should Krishna give us births unnecessarily & watch our sufferings?

Why should Krishna give us births unnecessarily & watch our sufferings?

A male devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Hare Krishna Prabhuji. Thanks for all service and support always…. I have some doubts, Why Krishna has created innumerable jeevas and burdened this earth with so much population (though I agree that its bcz of us).. But i also think that not any Jeeva is just born by man’s wish & without Krishna’s knowledge & will…. Why can’t he create limited creatures on earth as he already has created innumerable planets as well….. why everything is so unlimited….?? May be its his small play but we do suffer somehow or other bcz its big deal for us to survive in this world…. Human traffic..!! another question is, why Krishna wanted to create innumerable Jeevas involve them in some good/bad karma then giving them rebirth and all… why Krishna has started all this play and using us as dolls and he is simply watching this play…?? Why can’t he create only one world (spiritual world) and keep only good souls and vanish out all bad souls (finish their existence permanently)….Why he is enjoying all this?? Otherwise why can’t he live alone peacefully or with just some demigods around him to serve him… why there is need of creating jeevas and create all these material worlds..

Smtms i feel ther shd b no existence of me at all.. I don’t want to go either in Goloka bcz v might cm here if v think of enjoying pride n all again(der is possible chance of coming here bcz v already cm here once)… So dis repetitive cycle vl continue n ther vl b no end for souls.. so permanently losing existence as souls is Best.. Emptiness!! Full-stop for everything.. Hope u help me with these doubts.. Pls hide my name prabhuji… Thanks for patiently reading….. Hare Krishna.”


Krishna’s intention was great. He wanted to have associates in His Goloka. It needs some qualifications. So, He gave births for us here and train us in different ways to make us purified to get eligible to enter into His kingdom. So, He created karma bhoomis everywhere.

These material creations are scrutinizing centers to get appointed in His kingdom.  Simple.  That is why Krishna gives us births.

Without understanding this, we are binding ourselves with these material worlds and continuing to suffer here itself.

In any country, an offender must accept the punishments. This is the common rule throughout this material world.

Even in the justice department of Krishna, we are given punishments and rewards through the karma network.

The point is that we are allowed to act as we wish. Krishna has given that freedom to us. But, the hidden fact is that we should face the rewards or punishments for our actions.

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The tendency of humans is that they consider this world as outstanding and beautiful until they are enjoying the comforts of this material world. They accuse why this world is created when they face serious issues because of their own actions.

In our everyday life, a person seems so sweet until he is helping us. If he refuses to give something on any day, he becomes our enemy.

Similarly, the suffering people feel why Krishna should give births and the enjoying people praise Krishna for everything they have. They forget that they get everything because of their own deeds in their past birth(s).

Krishna had only one intention when He created all the creations. He wanted to make everything available for the living beings to live. Krishna has made the food available for all living beings like worms, insects, animals, man, etc.

Before the creations, Krishna was alone. So, he created the living beings from His body itself and all these living beings except the man are living happily in this material world. Have you seen a dog crying for food and shelter? Have you seen an ant crying for food and a place to live?

Why are they happy in all the four yugas?

Because, they do not accumulate the materials and wealth more than they require. They use their share of food and live wherever possible.

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What about the men who were created with the form similar to Krishna? Krishna created the humans similar to His form. He has abundant love with all of us. He in fact wants us to live happily. His intention is not to punish us or make us suffer. He even gave many of His qualities He has in a limited but sufficient quantity. He has arranged the resources for all of us to live happily.

Then, why do some people enjoy and others suffer?

This earth has everything arranged by Krishna. The problem is, the greedy people accumulate more wealth and hence some other people do not get their share of food.

If these rich people share their excess wealth with the suffering people, there will be no problem. If they fail to do so, Krishna punishes them through His Justice Department, ie, Karma Network, by giving next birth with poverty and makes them realize that they did not help anyone and wasted the excessive wealth in their previous births.

Even now, those devotees who have deserted all their material attachments and live for serving Krishna are living blissfully. Have you seen the devotees jumping on the roads singing the songs on Krishna? Do they have any symptom of worries?

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Why are they so blissful? Because they have entrusted their life to Krishna and live with whatever Krishna offers them. They get satisfied with what they have. This peace makes them involve in the kirtans of Krishna with full interest. Hence they are so blissful.

Why are we suffering?

Because we are oscillating between material success and spiritual success. We are riding on two horses at the same time. Since we involve in devotion in the available time and also involve in all kinds of material enjoyments and success, we are unable to perform well in both the material and spiritual platforms. We appear to hate the material enjoyments, but, in fact, we still like to enjoy them.

Simultaneously, we practice devotion also. This involvement in the devotion gradually reduces our interest in the material affairs. But, we are still in the practicing stage and hence we are not yet fully relieved from our material attachments. This lack of full interest in the material life and incomplete growth in our devotional practices make us oscillate between this worldly pleasures and Krishna.

This intermittent stage causes all these kinds of frustrations. When you become a fully realized devotee, you will have no expectations materially and hence you can be very happy and blissful in life.

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Rich people are buying some temporary happiness; The Poor people too are used to live in poor conditions accepting their poverty. But, only the middle class of people are not satisfied in their standing.

Similarly, the advanced devotees are happy and blissful; The non devotees are also enjoying the material enjoyments with a false perception that they are eternal. But, the middle class devotees who have not yet attained the perfection in devotion are oscillating between the material and spiritual and are thinking that they are suffering.

Krishna created all the living beings and was keeping them with him in the spiritual sky happily. When everything is available there, we did not have any worries and needs. But, using our free will, we wanted to rule others like Krishna. Since the spiritual worlds are under the direct supervision of Krishna, He is the only enjoyer there. If a Jeevan likes to enjoy on its own, he has to go to the material planets and have some false satisfaction that they are ruling others.

All the people living in this material planet were once very happy in Krishna’s kingdom and in the spiritual planets. Because we wanted to rule others, we were sent here and are trying to control others. Since every person is trying to control others in this planet also, we are unable to rule others completely. Those who got opportunities to rule others are happy even now. For example, the country’s Prime minister, President, ministers, etc are happy.

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Every other person is trying to rule others atleast within his family. If he is successful in ruling others and they are hearing what he says, he lives happily satisfying his ego. If others are not under his control/ rule, he becomes frustrated because his ego does not get satisfied.

Thus, the rulers are happy and the ruled persons are unhappy. This is the trend in this material world.

If someone gives you money to start a business, you appreciate and praise him. If the business you start fails, can you accuse the person who helped giving money to you to start that business?

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Similarly, Krishna gave us the existence in His direct control in the spiritual planets to keep us happy and blissful. We misused that mercy and wanted to dominate or rule others. Krishna did not punish us. He just sent us here just to taste some short term success in ruling/ controlling others.

We came here. But, we are not satisfied even here because in the material planets success and failures are coming alternatively and frequently. None of us face only happiness or only miseries. A mixed life based on our karma. We have now realized that this is not the planet for us to live.

So, we have to go back to the kingdom of Krishna where there is no misery at all, but, only bliss. So, we are taking steps by worshiping Krishna in a hope that we will go back to Krishna at the earliest.

In case, as you said, you like NOT TO EXIST AT ALL WITH NO IDENTITIES, Krishna has made arrangements for that also. You can desert everything but without a goal like going back to Krishna and get JUST LIBERATED AND ATTAIN MUKTHI IN THE BRAHMA JOTHI.  There, you will become nothing, ie, non existing. Finished.

But, instead of becoming nothing/ zero, going back to Krishna and remain always blissful serving Krishna will be so nice. So, aim for that and taste the eternal bliss. Never desire to rule others again that ensures your permanent life in Krishna’s kingdom.

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So, in a nutshell, Krishna gave us the existence just to keep us happy. We only ruined our lives. If we again surrender to Krishna, He will give us the blissful state in His kingdom again.

Then, about your question why Krishna created innumerable creations. Why don’t you eat only rotis daily all the three times? Why do you take variety of foods? Krishna’s creations are so attractive, creative and he has applied His creativity in all aspects. Thus, he has given innumerable forms of living beings just as a variety and to make this world beautiful. Krishna’s knowledge, creativity and expertise are superior and absolute that reflects in his every action. Same is shown in His creations. If there are only men everywhere, will you like this world? Krishna knew this. So, He created everything- humans, animals, insects, plants, colourful flowers, etc.

So, Krishna is ready to take you to His kingdom to keep you blissful for ever. If you take steps for that, you need not complain like you have done above.

Hope this helps you.

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Author: RAJAN

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