Are Demigods subject to attachments and bad times?

Are Demigods subject to attachments and bad times?

“Jai shree Krishna ji.  Gods have family and are they attached to family members? Also I have heard bad time is for all including god. Is this true? Do they have these two matters similar to human beings? Attachment and bad times? Thank you in advance…”


Except Vishnu/ Krishna, all other gods/ demigods are subject to material attachments. Even among Guna avatars of Krishna, such as Vishnu, Brahma and Siva,  Vishnu is not materially affected though He represents satva guna.

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But, Srila prabhupada says that Brahma and Siva are in touch with material affairs as they represent thamo and Rajo gunas.

That is why, Brahma deva and Lord Siva some times give dangerous boons to the demons also when they observe severe penances.  Because they are in touch with material affairs, they do not evaluate whether this demonic person is eligible for this boon and what effects this boon will create.  They get pleased with the penances easily and offer boons that can challenge even Lord Shiva Himself, the celestials including Indra.

Thus, even Lord Siva faces bad times after giving boons to demons.  You would have heard the stories in which some demons get some boons from Brahma deva or Lord Siva and then route the celestials and Indra out of heavens and then those demons take the control of Indra Loka.  So, bad times are there even for heavenly people, ie, celestials.

However, Lord Siva is special in such a way that He is NEARLY EQUAL to Krishna as said by Srimad Bhagavatham.  If Krishna is pure milk, Siva is like fermented milk, ie, curd.

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Those who are living in the material worlds are subject to material attachments. The world till the Brahma Loka is called material sky.  So, the Celestials, Brahma deva and other demigods have attachments.

Celestials or heavenly people are like the men only, but, they have some extra powers because they are in the higher world above earth.  That’s all.  But, they too can not escape from death. They too die. Our one earth  year is their One day.  Thus, they live for 100 years in heavenly planets. After that, they die and come back to the lower planets again.

So, the people who are living till Brahma loka are subject to material attachments.  Lord Siva lives beyond that and beyond the world of Siva,  there are Vaikunta Planets and above all Goloka of Krishna.

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All the demigods and celestials have families and attachments also.  These can be read from respective puranas.  Best example is  Brahma deva and Sarasvati devi;  Story of karthikeya;  Indra’s many offensive violations, etc.

Why is it possible for a man to desert attachments, but, these demigods and celestials are unable to detach?

Because, in the earth we can face both happiness and sorrows because earth is karma bhoomi and hence  we have to face both the good and negative reactions of the actions in our past births.  Whereas, in heavenly planets, there will be pleasures only – no sorrows.  So, the residents of heavens will always be happy.  When the people are always happy, how will they think of detachment, god and going beyond the material sky.

So, we are fortunate to have taken birth in this earth because, we can think of the Lord perfectly ONLY FROM the earth.

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