Why Krishna engages us in material trap and expects us to come to Him?

Why Krishna engages us in material trap and expects us to come to Him?

I got three doubts from three devotees that have the same issue.  It is the universal problem for millions.  So, here are their doubts and my reply ( I have hidden all their names):


PAMHO Prabhu… Hari Bol… I have written to you before… again I am writing to you… Hope to get answers…I found Material life is vary much easier than Spiritual life… I work hard to completely follow KC but I was hit by a lot of lot of Obstacle… I follow your site and read every post and try to follow them.. I follow The Four Regulative Principal… sometimes I wanted to give up.. why Krishna put me such a situation where sometimes I wanted to give up on Krishna…


hare krishna prabhuji, I am a devotee of krishna, now a days my mind set is changing towards material desires and lust, how i should change my mind set towards krishna, how to overcome this situation


Haribol Prabhu Ji, I’m stuck with materialistic world and I’m trying to come out but I can’t… I’m strong stuck with that world… How to come out from materialistic world?


It is not true that Krishna engages us in material trap.  Instead, We only are falling into the material trap that is kept everywhere.

Krishna;s material controller maya is very strong in this kaliyuga.  When Krishna Bhakti is weak, the dharma will also be weak and hence maya will become strong.

Maya had difficulty in affecting people in Satya yuga because the dharma devatha stood in all her four legs in Satya yuga.  This means, almost all the people followed a dharmic way of life.


Treta yuga showed 25% of degradations.  Dharma devatha’s one leg was cut.  So, one fourth of the people became materialistic.

Dvapar yuga showed 50% of degradations.  Dharma devatha’s two legs were cut.  So, half of the people became materialistic.

Now, it is kaliyuga.  In this kaliyuga, there will be 75% of degradations.  Dharma devatha’s three legs were cut.  She is standing with just one leg.  So, three fourth of the people became highly materialistic who are not ready to follow dharma in kaliyuga.

Now, maya is very happy.  She is able to pull 75% of the people into her trap.  This is the trend of this kaliyuga.  No escape from this 25% and 75% proportions of good and materialistic people.

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The soothing aspect in this kaliyuga is that still there will be 25% of opportunities to follow dharma.  Even in this kaliyuga, one out of four people will be good.

What we have to do?

To be in 75% of materialistic people or 25% of dharmic people?

This shows that even in this kaliyuga, we can remain in the group of that 25% dharmic people.  That is why, there are thousands of devotees, acharyas, gnanis who are tirelessly spreading dharma even now.  These people account for this 25% of dharmic people.

Rare things are considered precious.  Gold is less in this world.  Hence, it is precious.  Iron is plenty.  Hence it is not precious.

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In this kaliyuga, being a devotee is the most precious one, because, they account for just small portion within 25% of the population.

A wise person will like to be in the group of precious people.  You too should aim for that.

Fighting with the maya is not easy.  Krishna is the ultimate level of strength that can drive maya away from us.  However, maya is also SHOWING as if she is powerful.

Krishna is testing us whether we effectively deal with the tricks of maya and think of Him.  If we succeed in this test, Krishna is ready to happily embrace us.

Even to get a college seat, we have to succeed in entrance exams.  Similarly, to get a seat in Goloka or in the heart of Krishna, we have an entrance exam with maya.

This is the toughest exam.  Krishna is the ultimate text book with which we can pass the tests of maya.

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Unless we master the text book thoroughly, we can not passs the entrance exam.  Similarly, unless we are very strong and faithful in Krishna, we can not pass the tests of maya.

All your problems are due to deficiency of faith that krishna exists and he is silently watching us and is ready to accept us if we pass the tests of maya.

I will again repeat thousand times:   Unless we desert material attachments, we can not get Krishna.  We can not ride on two horses at a time.

If you ride on Krishna strongly, maya can not pull you.


Offer loving worship and prasadam in a faith that Krishna is eating.

Follow regulative principles in a hope that purity is the force for going near to Krishna.

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Do not follow devotion as another duty.  Do it as YOUR WAY OF LIFE.  Do your assigned duties like a machine without any attachments to benefits.  Accept whatever is given by Krishna.

To strengthen your faith, I like to tell you that I am feeling the presence of God in the form of Krishna.  I have full faith in that.  He is showing His presence as subtle indications some times.

If you have that conviction to serve Krishna in any situation, you too can get a mind that never cares the material attractions.  You will love performing a devotional way of life.

Try this.  You will understand that thinking that Krishna engages us in material trap is not correct.

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Author: RAJAN

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