Why Krishna is attracted by Pure Devotional service only?

Why Krishna is attracted by Pure Devotional service only?

Out of the six characteristics of Pure Devotional service, the sixth one says that Krishna is attracted by Pure Devotional service only.

Srila Rupa Gosvami has stated that devotional service attracts even Krsna.

Krsna attracts everyone, but devotional service attracts Krsna. The symbol of devotional service in the highest degree is Radharani.

Krsna is called Madanamohana, which means that He is so attractive that He can defeat the attraction of thousands of Cupids. But Radharani is still more attractive, for She can even attract Krsna. Therefore devotees call Her Madana-mohana-mohini–the attractor of the attractor of Cupid.

To perform devotional service means to follow in the footsteps of Radharani, and devotees in Vrndavana put themselves under the care of Radharani in order to chieve perfection in their devotional service. In other words, devotional service is not an activity of the material world; it is directly under the control of Radharani. In Bhagavad-gita it is confirmed that the mahatmas, or great souls, are under the protection of daivi prakrti, the internal energy–Radharani. So, being directly under the control of the internal potency of Krsna, devotional service attracts even Krsna Himself.

This fact is corroborated by Krsna in the Eleventh Canto of Srimad-Bhagavatam, Fourteenth Chapter, verse 20, where He says, “My dear Uddhava, you may know it from Me that the attraction I feel for devotional service rendered by My devotees is not to be attained even by the performance of mystic yoga, philosophical speculation, ritualistic sacrifices, the study of Vedanta, the practice of severe austerities or the giving of everything in charity. These are, of course, very nice activities, but they are not as attractive to Me as the transcendental loving service rendered by My devotees.”

How Krsna becomes attracted by the devotional service of His devotees is described by Narada in Srimad-Bhagavatam, Seventh Canto, Tenth Chapter, verses 48 and 49. There Narada addresses King Yudhisthira while the King is appreciating the glories of the character of Prahlada Maharaja. A devotee always appreciates the activities of other devotees. Yudhisthira Maharaja was appreciating the qualities of Prahlada, and that is one symptom of a pure devotee.

A pure devotee never thinks himself great; he always thinks that other devotees are greater than himself. The King was thinking, “Prahlada Maharaja is actually a devotee of the Lord, while I am nothing,” and while thinking this he was addressed by Narada as follows: “My dear King Yudhisthira, you [the Pandava brothers] are the only fortunate people in this world. The Supreme Personality of Godhead has appeared on this planet and is presenting Himself to you as an ordinary human being. He is always with you in all circumstances. He is living with you and covering Himself from the eyes of others. Others cannot Understand that He is the Supreme Lord, but He is still living with you as your cousin, as your friend and even as your messenger. Therefore you must know that nobody in this world is more fortunate than you.”

In Bhagavad-gita when Krsna appeared in His universal form Arjuna prayed, “My dear Krsna, I thought of You as my cousin-brother, and so I have shown Disrespect to You in so many ways, calling You ‘Krsna’ or ‘friend.’ But You are So great that I could not understand.” So that was the position of the Pandavas; although Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the greatest among all greats, He remained with those royal brothers, being attracted by their devotion, by their friendship and by their love. That is the proof of how great this process of devotional service is. It can attract even the Supreme Personality of Godhead. God is great, but devotional service is greater than God because it attracts Him. People who are not in devotional service can never understand what great value there is in rendering service to the Lord.

This is the greatness of Pure Devotional service only.



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