Were Krishna & Rama greedy to rule entire India by fighting wars?

Were Krishna & Rama greedy to rule entire India by fighting wars?

A devotee (Name Hidden) asked like this:

Hare Krishna Prabhuji. My friend used to believe in God but recently he has become an atheist. The reason he gave was that our Shastra is very casteist. He told about the caste system in Manu smriti which seem to be birth based and not based on occupation.  In Mahabharat, when ghatotkach died, Krishna was very happy and dancing because ghatotkach was a rakshas and Krishna said that if he did not die Krishna would have killed him after the war. This was just because ghatotkach was not within the Vedic society. My friend says that Krishna sided with the Pandavas so that entire India comes under His control. He says that Ramayan also promotes war and Rama conquered the entire southern states and forced them to accept His control. That was the main reason why He made Vibhishan the king of Lanka. Same reason why He killed Bali. He says that these are purely selfish acts and after that Krishna wanted us to surrender to Him. It is like we should all love God otherwise there will be severe circumstances. I have quoted my friend but this has really hurt me. It will be a great help if you can help me. Please hide my name.


This is called pessimistic approach towards the God though they come to save the people mercifully.

First, Lord Rama and Krishna did not care the caste or Varna and they did not take avatars in Brahmana community. Krishna took avatar in Yadhava community. So, the caste consideration is childish in the case of the Lord’s activities.


Krishna and Rama have no need to conquer the countries and add to their wealth.

They are eternally situated in the Vaikunta planets and the entire creations are owned by them.  INDIA IS JUST A DOT IN THE UNLIMITED MAP OF KRISHNA.

Whenever required, they come to earth and help the kings, to abolish the demons, establish the dharma and save the devotees.

During this process, they have to involve in some partnerships with those who seek their support.

Even during the Mahabharatha war, Krishna was ruling just a small land of Dwaraka. Did Krishna desire to rule the Hasthinapura by taking them from Pandavas? He went to speak to Duryodhana to spare the lands meant for the Pandavas, not to Himself (Krishna).

Again, when both Duryodhana and Arjuna came seeking the help of Krishna, Krishna was very balanced in offering the support as chosen by Duryodhana and Arjuna .

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Duryodhana wanted Krishna’s Army. Krishna did not refuse, but, gave.

Arjuna wanted to have Krishna alone on their side even without taking part in the war.

Krishna offered Himself to the Pandavas.

Where comes the greed of Krishna here?

Ok, even after the end of the Mahabharatha war, Krishna let the Pandavas to rule their land and He just LEFT FOR HIS KINGDOM.

Let us take Lord Rama. He ruled only the Ayodhya till He remained in this planet. He did not add Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu, South states in His kingdom. He just helped the respected kings in those south zones on His way to Lanka.

Because, Rama needed the support of many kings on His march towards Lanka to bring back Sita Devi, killing Ravana.

In fact, the Lord did not make any plan to kill Ravana and capture Lanka. Lord Rama was ready to forgive Ravana and give back Lanka to him again if he was ready to release Sita Devi on his own.

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Where comes the greed for Rama here?

Was capturing Lanka His actual plan? Did he add Lanka in His ruled countries list?


He won the war and gifted Lanka to Vibeeshana who stood by the side of dharma by being with Lord Rama during His war with Ravana.

He just handed over Lanka to Vibeeshana and left to Ayodhya back.

At the end of Mahabharatha, Krishna was ruling Dwaraka only and then left for Goloka. In fact, Krishna did not take part in the war itself.

At the end of Ramayana, Rama was ruling Ayodhya only. Then, He also went back to the Vaikunta.

They did not add anything further for their own. Then how can he brand that Krishna & Rama greedy to rule entire India by fighting wars.

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This is the reality.

And, Since Bhagavad Gita was spoken to a kshatriya Arjuna, Krishna advised him to fight the war as it is the assigned duty of any kshatriya like Arjuna.

What will happen if a king is lamenting and crying?

His people will not have safety and may become the slaves of the enemy kings.

So, whenever a need comes, a kshatriya should fight the war.

In March 2022, When Russia doubted that Ukraine may join NATO forces that may become a threat to the security of Russian border, it started war with Ukraine to protect itself.

Kshatriya Dharma says that An enemy should be evacuated or finished even when he is just budding and is very small in strength.  This is to protect everyone’s country from the enemies.

These advices are only for the kshatriyas who are public servants, not for common man.

So, your friend is actually a negative minded person and tell him not to add sins by doubting the activities of the Supreme Lord and His avatars and expansions.

Tell him to read this reply about whether Krishna & Rama greedy to rule entire India by fighting wars.  Let him get clarified.

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