Why Krishna did not kill Kamsa immediately like Hiranyakasipu?

Why Krishna did not kill Kamsa immediately like Hiranyakasipu?

“A male devotee” asked like this:

“Hare Krishna, it’s my long time doubt. Lord KRISHNA was born  (made avatar at earth) to kill  his uncle KAMSA. But He killed his uncle at the age of 10 or 11. My doubt is, why lord Krishna took this much of time to kill kamsa? Why Krishna let live him (Kamsa) for long time? Is there any important reasons in it ? As well as in RAMA avatar, lord RAMA took lot of time to kill RAVANA when compared to kill KAMSA? Why this all ? Please briefly explain me.. I am eagerly waiting 4 ur reply.”


Actually, whenever Lord comes to earth,  he honours the rules of the planet though He need not follow them.

Because, He has said in Bhagavad Gita:  “Whatever action a great man performs, common men follow.” and “If I remain idle without working, all the people will also follow me and remain idle.  That is why, I am working.”


For this reason, Krishna follows all the rules of earth  when He comes to the earth.  If He does not follow the rules of earth, all the people will also violate them.  So, the Lord comes through the womb of a mother.

The Lord had many reasons for incarnating on earth in the previous yuga.

(1) As the Bhagavad Gita spoken by Him to Surya Deva had to be re-established.

(2) In general, the Lord takes avatars on the request from the demigods and celestials.  Whenever the asuras start to disturb the celestials beyond a limit, the celestials go to the Lord Vishnu to protect them from such demons.

The Lord also gives some assurances to many devotees in various yugas that He will come to earth in a particular period and He will involve them in His lilas.

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For example, Gopis were rishis in their previous births.  During Rama Avatar, they prayed to Lord Rama to allow them to stay always with Him as they were attracted by His beauty.   Lord Rama assured all the rishis that He will come as Krishna in Dvapar Yuga and will involve all those rishis in His lilas.  So, the Lord gave them birth as Gopi girls and gave them opportunity to get Himself.  So, He has to do many things within His lila period of a few years. If hiss purpose is only to kill demons, He can kill even in His childhood. Even in Krishna avatar, He killed demons like Bhutana even as a new born baby.

(3) Almost all the demons like Kamsa, Duryodhana etc, get the boons mostly from Brahma and Siva that they should not be killed like this or that and they should be killed only by this type of persons.  They get clever boons that needs some special plans to kill them.

So, the Lord has to come like a human and prepare RIGHT situations to kill the demons.   The time of killing the demon depends on the preparations that need to be done, according to the boons received by the demon concerned.

(4) As Krishna came as Krishna Himself, he wanted to perform all the lilas that He is performing in Goloka. So, he performed lilas during childhood and then killed Kamsa when he neared youthhood.

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(5) However, when the need arises, lord come and kill the demons immediately. For example, when His dear devotee Prahalad called Him, the Lord came INSTANTLY as NaraHari, Narsimmha Dev and killed Hiranya Kasipu. In this case, the Lord did not take birth as a child, did not perform lilas and then kill.  He came instantly as Narsimmha dev Himself and killed the demon.

(6) Why, the Lord came instantly in the case of Prahalad alone? Not in the case of kamsa?

Because, in the case of Prahalad, Lord had to save the words of His dear devotee Prahalad.  When Hiranya kasipu asked Prahalad whether his Lord is inside the pillar too, Prahalad had assured him that Lord is there also.  So, he was in a position to prove that.  So, the Lord came to save the words of Prahalad.

In the case of Kamsa & Duryodhana, there were mis managements and arrogance.  So, Lord had no need to come instantly like Narsimmha Dev.  So, He came as child, performed so many lilas and killed Kamsa also.  At the end, He killed Duryodhana through Pandavas.  Krishna could have killed even Duryodhana instantly and there  would have been no need for war.  However, Lord wanted to give the credit to Pandavas who are His devotees and friends.

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Thus, there are many reasons for Krishna to decide whether to kill the demons immediately or to kill as per the customized procedures according to the boons that were protecting those demons.

This is done as per the sole discretion and mercy of the Lord Krishna.

Hope you are clear about .

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