Why Krishna delivered Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna, not to Other Pandavas?

Why Krishna delivered Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna, not to Other Pandavas?

Actual Question from a male devotee:    “Hare Krishna  Prabhu ji,  why Shri Krishna gave the gyan of Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna, there are four other Pandavas also? Why He choose Arjuna….  HARE KRISHNA.”


(1) Lord Krishna Himself answers this question in Bhagvad Gita (4-3):

“That very ancient science of the relationship with the Supreme is today told by Me to you because you are My devotee as well as My friend and can therefore understand the transcendental mystery of this science”

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There are 2 things, which I would like to highlight in this verse.

So, there is an eligibility to receive such knowledge: “…..because you are My devotee as well as My friend and can therefore understand….”.

This shows that only the following persons can understand the science of BHAGAVAD GITA:


Only a devotee can understand the science of Bhagavad Gita.  That is why, the Lord says in the last chapter (18-67) that Gita should not be delivered to those who do not have faith in it. Because, this science would remain a mystery for atheists.  When atheists try to understand the subject matter, the transcendental portion of knowledge is interpreted materially that fails to elevate one to transcendental platform.

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The person should  have faith in the message and only a friend of Krishna can have faith in His message.  As Arjuna is Krishna’s friend also, among all Pandavas, Krishna chose Arjuna.

So, being a devotee and friend of Krishna who has firm faith in the message delivered  by the Lord are the two qualifications to receive this knowledge.

Since, Arjuna had these qualifications, Krishna delivered Bhagavad Gita to him.


Among Pandavas, Arjuna was the only person who had no pride in his own talents.  Only others were praising him for his warring skills. But, Arjuna had no such pride in himself.

For example, Bhima always had strong faith in his own capacities and stood first to retaliate others.

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Yudhishtra, though had the knowledge of dharma, did not apply it whenever it is required. When he played dice with Shakuni, he should have avoided such game since he did not have sufficient skills in playing dice. Or, he should have called Krishna to play in favour of him.  He did not have that.

Thus, though Bhima and Yudhishtra were seniors to Arjuna, Arjuna was the humblest among those three who did not develop pride on his own merits.

Though Bhima, Yudhishtra, Nakul and Sahadev are also were associated with Krishna, they had many other preferences also in their life and only Arjuna had established firm faith and devotion to Krishna and he was fully depending on Krishna. So, Krishna chose Arjuna to preach Gita.

(3) Another reason is that Krishna chose to act as a driver for the rath (car) of Arjuna.  So, when Arjuna was caught in confusion on seeing his kith and kins in the battle field, Krishna had to preach Bhagavad Gita to clear the confusions of Arjuna.  Because, throughout the battle, Krishna was with Arjuna.

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(4) Krishna had got other occasions also to speak Bhagavad Gita. Once, Krishna visited the court hall of Duryodhana, when there were several sages also present. He advised Duryodhana to maintain peace in the court. However, Krishna did not speak Bhagavad Gita in that court because, Duryodhana was not qualified to receive that secret knowledge and hence Krishna avoided speaking of Gita there.  Had Krishna chosen to speak of Bhagavad Gita to Duryodhana to avoid war before it starts, Duryodhana would have disrespected that preaching.  So, the receiver must be humble, and must be a devotee and friend of the speaker.

The Bhagavad Gita was revealed to Arjuna because he deserved. Therefore, the deserving nature of the receiver is the most important aspect of preaching. Such deserving people are very less in any society.

(5) Last and foremost reason is:  Any transcendental knowledge must be received from a guru by humbly requesting him. Only Arjuna declared Krishna as his guru and surrendered to Him to enlighten him with the knowledge of which is right or wrong.  Other Pandavas did not accept Krishna as guru and asked him to preach which is right or wrong.

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Arjuna surrendered to Krishna as a disciple in Ch-2, text-7 like this:

“Now I am confused about my duty and have lost all composure because of weakness. In this condition I am asking You to tell me clearly what is best for me. Now I am Your disciple, and a soul surrendered unto You. Please instruct me.”

Now, tell me, to whom Krishna will speak Bhagavad Gita except to His disciple who has surrendered to Him giving up all his ego and pride?

So, Arjuna had all the qualifications to receive Bhagavad Gita among five Pandavas.

Hope all of you would have enjoyed this.

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