Is showing anger on Krishna right or offensive?

Is showing anger on Krishna right or offensive?

ACTUAL QUESTION from a male devotee:

Hare krishna prabhu!!!! I want to ask rather silly question or it may be a genuine question too… 15th august was janmashtami and i was not able to attend any temple or even do my usual normal prayers on that day because i was not well and was on bed for entire day… My health deterioarated on 12 th august and i was totally bed ridden till 17th august…. Now my question is…being a devotee of lord…by heart i wanted to organise a small krishna aarti and wanted to bring laddu gopal at my home…it was again by heart i wanted to cherish those sweet moments with him,play with him,pamper him infact on janmashtami day… But as i told u i was genuinely not even in a condition to even my body a bit due to illness… NOW I AM A BIT ANGRY ON LORD KRISHNA as he didnt fulfill my wish of coming to my home and am not even talking to him (reading geeta though)…. Is it fine on my part or any devotees part that he/she show some anger just as parents show anger on their child… Its obvious i will start again talking to him when my anger subsides may be in a week…but as a devotee do we have a right to express our emotions of anger on him….obviously we love him but can we be angry on him for few days… Hare Krishna… !!!!


The anger shown by you is not offensive; It seems to be another form of love.

There are many forms of anger that people show on Krishna:

(1) Even Krishna’s mother showed anger on Krishna and even tied Him with the robe.

But, she did not know that He is the Paramathma Krishna.


She saw Him just as a child, of course, a special, naughty child.

(2) Krishna’s Gopa friends showed anger on Krishna, but, with the right of being close friends.

(3) Radharani showed anger on Krishna when He did not visit her for long and even said not to allow Krishna inside her house if He comes, but, it is with the divine love.

(4) Kamsa and Duryodhana showed anger on Krishna.  But as enemies with envy.

(5) Indra showed anger on Krishna and poured torrential rain, but, with jealousy.

Thus, there are many forms of anger shown on Krishna by others in the scriptures.

(Rasas (or) Bhavas (or) Moods (or) Relations with Krishna & Final Destination! READ HERE!)

Out of them, the first three forms of anger is seen as innocent anger.  It is gentle, harmless and the anger with utmost right to show.

The last two forms, ie, anger with jealousy is not allowed.  Because, it leads to destruction. How that destructive anger makes a person fall has beeen explained by Krishna in Bhagavad Gita Ch-2, Verses 62 & 63.

Even in the families, we have been seeing that children show their anger on mother when she delays cooking.

They show anger on father if he advises them.

(Role of Gopi Bhava, Sakhi Bhava, Manjari Bhava in Radha-Krishna lilas! READ HERE!)

The wife shows anger on husband if he comes late from job any day.

These are all harmless anger.  Because, THE REASON BEHIND SUCH ANGER IS LOVE AND RIGHT TO SHOW.  The persons involved in such anger are not going to part each other.

Same applies to the anger shown by the devotees to Krishna.

Krishna permits and even enjoys innocent anger from His devotees.

It is also a rasa.

It is the private affair between Krishna and His devotees.

Among Navarasas, like Love, even showing harmless anger is a rasa.


Navarasas are showing nine forms of love on someone. They are:

“Love (shringaara),
laughter (haasya),
kind-heartedness or compassion (karuna),
anger (roudra), courage (veera),
fear (bhayaanaka),
disgust (bheebhatsya),
wonder or surprise (adbhutha) and
peace or tranquility (shaantha)”.

However, the devotees who follow Krishna with a revered bhava respectfully will not show anger on Krishna.


Because, they trust Krishna totally and they consider getting angry on Krishna is offensive. But, in other bhavas such as parental, friendly, prema bhavas,  showing harmless and false anger is permitted.  It is also enjoyed by Krishna.

A humble and surrendered devotee never demands something from Krishna.  He accepts the happenings in life as the outcome of past karma


Krishna made you sick to clear your karma and to clean your body.

It happened to be Janmashtami.  That’s all.

Who prevented you to think of Krishna on that day?

Is going to temple alone devotion?

Devotion is related to heart.

You can show your devotion even from being on bed.

Who prevents you?

You can chant from bed.  You can accept prasadam.  You can make simple worships.

No barriers for this.

(I get irritated frequently though I am an initiated girl devotee. What to do? READ HERE!)

Going to temples is to enhance our devotional practices and to protect us from maya through devotee association and services.

Therefore, a learnt and self realized devotee, though he has right to show anger on Krishna, never shows his anger.  Because, he takes every happening as the mercy of Lord.

Though you had shown your anger, it was for your inability to go to temple.

Therefore it is harmless.

However, accept every happening as the will and mercy of Krishna.

You will come out of blind emotions alone and become a matured and humble devotee.

Hope this clears your doubts.


Author: RAJAN

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