Why Krishna takes back good people early and bad people very late?

Why Krishna takes back good people early and bad people very late?

A devotee who requested anonymity asked like this:

Dear Prabhu ji Radhe Radhe… I am a Krishna devotee from last 8 months… I want to ask one thing, Why Krishna take back good people early and not the bad people?… I lost my mother on 2012.. She was my everything and she was a kind hearted lady and had not done anything wrong with anyone! So why our Krishna take her back early?.. Please hide my identity!


Remember,  all the good people need not have been good people in their past.  A gem charactered boy might have done so many mistakes in his past and would have realized his mistakes during the last period of his previous life.  So, he takes birth as a good person, but, at the same time he will have to face the reactions for all his past life’s mistakes.

Mahathma Gandhi led a simple life with satvik qualities.  Even Srila prabhupada was a serious follower of Mahathma Gandhi during his initial days.  Gandhi was very much attached to Lord Rama and Krishna.  He openly accepted it without shyness.  He also said that only Bhagavad Gita was his guiding light whenever he faces confusions in decision making.  He also stood as a catalyst in liberating India from the hands of British without following violence.

But, such a great soul was killed by an young man.  Why this painful end for Gandhi?  He never killed any person personally in his present life time.  But,  he might have been a very kind hearted person in his past birth , but, at the same time, he would have innocently stood as the cause for the death of any person in his past life.  However, he took birth as a very good citizen now.

So, to clear his karma added in his previous birth, Gandhiji might have been killed.  The killer Gotse has added serious negative karma in his present birth by killing the loveful father of India, why, entire world.  So, Gotse will have to face the same fate in his next birth.

Thus, even mahatmas are killed.  Srimati Indra Gandhi gave a very strict rule for India.  She was also killed.  Good fathers have been killed by sons for getting the properties of fathers.

So, life time of people is not connected with their present character.  Some persons are very sinful persons now. But they live long.  Why?  Because, they did not stand as the cause for the death of any person in their previous births.  If we torture our kiths and kins and therefore reduce their life time, we will be tortured by others and our life time will also be reduced in our next birth.

Those who kill an innocent child through irresponsible rash driving or by any other means, then, he will die in his childhood itself in his next birth.

OUR PRESENT LIFE TIME IS FIXED PURELY BASED ON OUR ACTIVITIES IN OUR PAST BIRTH.  So, though we lead a very pure life in this birth, we can not stop that akaal death or early death.

That is why, even some very humble devotees face death at an early age.  Even a pure devotee Srila Prabhupada who liberated so many souls had to leave this planet in early eighties even before he fully translated Bhagavatham and before fully stabilizing ISKCON and when his disciples were very young to manage the sensitive affairs of a spiritual organisation.  He too beautifully invited and accepted the death.  Devotees never die and they live in their speeches and writings.

Now, the final reply for your question will be:

SOME (not all) Good people die earlier because of their added karma in their previous birth.  Similarly SOME Sinful people live very longer because of their good deeds of past birth.

Death is an UNWANTED incident for us.  But, for athma, it is a relief and re-entering the another body.  So, we should neither lament for death nor blame God for early death.  Death is controlled by our past karma, not by the present activities.

Hare Krishna.

Author: RAJAN

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