This is the complaint from many devotees of Krishna.

“We are facing increased number and magnitude of problems after starting to follow the devotion to Krishna. We did not have this much of problems earlier.”

I have posted 2-3 posts about this matter in our site and I have given the links in this post itself.

In this post, let me give another reason, that is unique and less discussed in the media.

What is that reason?

Celestials do not like our diverting the devotion to Krishna.

Does this sound unbelievable?

Yes.  This is true.

Before telling why, let me write the system of life of the celestials.

On earth, we cultivate the grains, vegetables, milk, etc and prepare variety of foods and eat them. This is our food culture.

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But, in the worlds of celestials, they don’t do any jobs and earn. They also do not develop any grains, vegetables, etc.  They also do not cook their food.


Is it?

Yes, it is! They never eat.

But, how do they manage their hunger?

It is our responsibility to feed them.

Wow.  How can we feed them from the earth?  I have never given them any food to them.

Not so.  We are regularly supplying them food.

Are you joking? I have never seen anyone supplying any food to heavenly planets from earth!

But, we are supplying. The celestials do not eat. Whenever we perform yagas and yagnas on earth, the things offered in the fire (agni), goes to the celestials.

This is true.  Unless we do perform yagas, yagnas on earth, the celestials will starve.

That is why Vedas recommend so many yagas to help the celestials get their share of food.

Whenever we offer food to agni targeting any demigod/ celestial, the food offered to the agni goes to the particular celestial/ demigod for whom we performed yagas.

They feel satisfied when they have a feel of having taken some food.

When we perform yaga to get good rain, the brahmanas recite manthras for Varuna deva.  The rain god Varuna feels satisfied after getting our food through agni and then helps the planet with rain.

When we perform yaga to get relieved from the Naga dosha, the brahmanas recite manthras for rahu and Ketu planets. After receiving the food offered by us through agni, Rahu and Ketu feel satisfied and then relieve the person from Naga dosha.

When we perform yaga to get relieved from the Sade Sati (71/2 years satturn), the brahmanas recite manthras for Satturn planet. After receiving the food offered by us through agni, Satturn feel satisfied and then relieve the person from Sani (Satturn) dosha.

Thus, the planets give many doshas to the people based on their past karma so that they will perform some parihars through yagas through which they can get their share of food.

Because of these doshas, the people suffer.  When they perform yagas, their pains are reduced to the bearable level.

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This is the reason why the people face problems through many doshas. Though the doshas come based on our karma, the celestials and demigods make use of these doshas and make the people perform parihars (remedies) through yagas. Thus, they get food regularly.

Next, Let us see why the devotees get more problems?

Because, when a person starts to practice devotion to Krishna, he will stop worshiping other gods and also stop performing yagas for demigods and celestials. Therefore, the celestials will not get the share of food through that person.

To pull him back from Krishna, they start to give more problems.

For example, Venus planet gives more opportunities to the devotees of Krishna to involve in love and sex. If the person gets attracted with the girls or boys shown to them, they stop practicing Krishna Consciousness and involve in love and sex.

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Venus will be happy now because this person will have more sex, and face problems in life and then perform some yagas to Venus.

For normal persons, giving even some small problems will be sufficient to make them perform yagas. But, for a Krishna devotee who are under the strong force of Krishna, the demigods / celestials have to give severe problems so that they get success in pulling a devotee who is targeting the strongest force Krishna.

Hence more problems to the devotees of Krishna.

If a devotee knows this secret and remain steady in spite of all these tricks of the demigods and celestials to avoid losing the share of food from him, he will successfully continue to follow his devotion to Krishna.

Krishna too is watching us whether we successfully pooh-pooh the tricks of demigods and celestials and remain strong in His devotion. Once He finds us successful in saying NO to the tricks of demigods/ celestials, he shows His mercy on us and makes the demigods and celestials stop their disturbances.

The demigods/ celestials will disturb us ONLY UNTIL we are following devotion to Krishna with some hesitation/ oscillations. Once they find that we are strong in our devotion to Krishna, the celestials/ demigods stop disturbing us.

Thus, the demigods and celestials will always like us to remain a conditioned soul with material attachments.  They do not like us develop material detachment.

However, a Krishna devotee should be strong in Krishna Consciousness in spite of clever tricks applied by celestials and demigods towards us.

Hope this article has revealed a major secret  that will be helpful to you.


Why Krishna gives more problems to His devotees, but helping many non devotees?

Author: RAJAN

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