Will Krishna treat all as wife if every soul treats Krishna as husband?

Will Krishna treat all as wife if every soul treats Krishna as husband?

A devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Hare Krishna Prabhuji.. I have some doubts:

(1) Though all souls may internally want a husband as charming as Krishna – does Krishna really want any one of us as wife? Maybe he is just most joyful with Radhaji. Should we then not try to control our desires and see him as He really is – the Supreme Personality of Godhead – who probably wants his children to enjoy true love as husband / wife pairs and/or enjoy through us?

(2) All souls are a manifestation of Lord Krishna (or perhaps a mix of Radha-Krishna both). So should we not respect and love each and everyone as much as respect Lord Radha-Krishna? After all, are we not trying to take the easy way out by loving Lord Krishna’s personal form and ignoring his Universal form? Like we do with all our worldly relationships – enjoy as long as other person is giving us pleasure – but start being indifferent/hating as soon as we see something in others that we do not like?

Finally – one thought on this question by the devotee – no matter what decision she takes – she should take it with full honesty.   Hare Krishna!”


When Krishna is the source of everything and everyone as Adhi Purusha, we should understand that all the relationships also originate from Him.

Since we are the parts and parcels of Krishna, ie, since we came from Krishna, naturally,  Krishna is our father.

Since the love and bliss is the natural quality of Krishna and our love towards Krishna too comes from Krishna.

Since Krishna has preached Bhagavad Gita to guide us, naturally, He is our Guru.

You say that Krishna will be busy loving Radharani.

Ha Ha…. Krishna loves all the innumerable creations.

Even the animals get their original bliss awakened when they heard the flute of Krishna.

Krishna expanded as 16,108 Krishnas and accepted 16,108 wives when he descended on earth as a small sample. He can accept all the creations as His wife.

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In fact, He has already expanded as Paramathma in all the living beings.

Krishna did not accept those wives and gopis for His enjoyment. Because, He Himself is the reservoir of pleasure.

Krishna has no need for getting pleasure from us.  Though He gives pleasures to all His creations, His pleasure storage will not be emptied.

He just gives the opportunities for those who surrendered to Him to CONSIDER & GET Him in whatever bhava they want according to their bhava.

Since Krishna possesses all the qualities and rasas to the fullest, he can give any kind of pleasure a devotee wants.

Seeking for the pleasure is the natural tendency of every soul because in its original state, the soul is very blissful. After identifying itself with a body, the soul is unable to feel and experience its natural bliss.

When the soul comes in to the contact of its source Krishna, its blissful state in revived.

A devotee who is eligible to go back to Krishna believes that KRISHNA CAN DO ANYTHING EVEN UNBELIEVABLE FOR OUR DEFECTIVE SENSES.

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This is the story in the scriptures as described by Srila Prabhupada in his lecture for Bhagavad Gita (7.9-10) in Bombay on  24.02.1974:

“There is a story, I shall… It is not story. Or take it as story, that sometimes Nārada Muni was passing, and one very learned scholar, brāhmaṇa, he saw Nārada Muni, and he asked Nārada Muni, “Sir, where you are going?” He said, “I am going to Vṛndāvana, yes, Vaikuṇṭha, to see my Lord.” “Oh, you are going there?” Nārada Muni has got free passage to everyone. So, “Will you ask Nārāyaṇa when my liberation will come?” “All right, I shall ask.” Then he met another cobbler. He was sewing shoes. So he also asked, “Sir, where you are going?” “Now I am going to Vaikuṇṭha to see my Lord.” So, “Will you ask when I shall get salvation?” So Nārada Muni noted, “All right, I shall ask.” So when Nārada Muni met Nārāyaṇa, he, after finishing his business, he asked the two men’s question, that “These two men, one very learned scholar, brāhmaṇa, he also asked me this question, and the cobbler also asked me.” So Nārāyaṇa said “This cobbler will get his salvation after finishing this life, and this brāhmaṇa will have to take, wait for many, many births.”

So Nārada Muni became very much inquisitive, “How is that?” So when he came back, first of all he met the brāhmaṇa. He inquired, “Did you inquire, sir, about me?” “Yes, yes. He said that you have to wait many, many births.” No, He did not say many, many births, Kṛṣṇa said, Nārāyaṇa said that “When you meet them again, you say that, if they inquire ‘What my Lord was doing at that time?’ you say that ‘He was pulling one elephant from the hole of a nail,’ ” what is called?

Devotees: Needle.

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Prabhupāda: Needle. So when he met the brāhmaṇa he said… And he inquired, “What Nārāyaṇa was doing when you met Him?” “I saw that He was pulling oneelehant through the hole of the needle.” So he immediately said, “All right, sir, namaskāra. Your, all these big, big stories we cannot believe, that an elephant is being drawn through the hole of a needle.” And the same question was raised by the cobbler, and he, Nārada Muni replied in the same way. And he began to cry, “Oh, my Lord is so powerful. He can do anything.” So Nārada Muni inquired that “How do you believe that the elephant is being drawn through the hole of a needle?” “Now, why not? I am seeing daily. I am sitting under this banyan tree and there is fig, banyan fruit, and there are thousands of seeds, and I know that each seed’s containing a big tree like this.”

Thus, when a big banyan tree can come from a small seed, we should understand that Krishna can do anything beyond our imagination.

You have also said:  “Krishna wants his children to enjoy true love as husband / wife pairs and/or enjoy through us”

It is the wish of Mayadevi who is the external potency of Krishna and the controller of material worlds.

Mayadevi wishes that all the people enjoy and produce more and more population.  She wants us to always remain conditioned souls. Of course, it is her duty.

But, Krishna is waiting for those who think beyond those enjoyments and think of Himself.

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When any devotee wants to associate with Krishna in a bhava naturally preferred by him, Krishna accepts that form of love/ expression that includes considering Krishna as husband

In the second point, you said that we focus only in the personal form of Krishna, not the universal form.  Only in the personal form, we can show our rasas towards Krishna and  there can be loving relationships. This is the topmost form of Prema.  Prema can exist only with the personal form.

And, as said by you, having enjoyments as long as others give, is impossible because every pleasure in the material worlds follows pains.

And, willing to enjoy till we can and then thinking of Krishna when we are unable to enjoy is absolutely a selfish act.

That means, you are not ready to sacrifice the sense gratification.

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Thinking Krishna after you are unable to enjoy means, we are treating Krishna as secondary.

However, Krishna’s kingdom is reserved only for those who consider Krishna as primary and who dedicate themselves to Krishna even when they are young and sacrifice enjoying the material life.

As per the system of the creations, Only Krishna is the PURUSHA because He gives the seed for the entire creations and all the material Prakruti and its components including us are Females.  So, whether we are in the male’s body or Female’s body, it does not matter.  All are females and Only Krishna is the Purusha.

In other words, Only Krishna is the enjoyer.  So, He is capable of giving pleasures to all His creations. That is why, even animals got pleasure when Krishna played His flute. So, He can accept if everyone treats Krishna as husband

So, just simply take this:  KRISHNA CAN DO ANYTHING.

It is the basis of devotion.

Hope you are clear about whether Krishna will treat all as wife if every soul treats Krishna as husband.


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