If a girl loves Krishna but marries someone else, will she lose purity?

If a girl loves Krishna but marries someone else, will she lose purity?

A Girl devotee asked like this:

“well m really very sorry My question was….. According to u one girl shud marry a boy becz WITH this body she can marry a boy but in the form of her soul she can marry krishna… but AS A GIRL ACC TO MY LIMITED KNOWLEDGE WHEN A GIRL GOT ENGAGED OR GOT MARRIED WITH A BOY BY TAKING OATH FR SERVING HIM BY HER ALL BELONGINGS HER BODY AND HER SOUL* COZ OVER THERE IN THE FRONT OF PURE FIRE (AGNI DEV) V ALL SAYs THAT NOW THEY BOTH ARE ONE BY THERE SOUL OR ARE SOULMATES…. IS’T IT?

STILL IF ITS NT LIKE THIS wen a normal girl things or takes krishna as her husband how can she serve her husband with her pure soul… n thats also a BIG sin…”


Ha Ha…Interesting.

Do you think that she will lose purity if a girl loves Krishna but marries someone else?

Who said so?

Why do you consider Krishna as a human being?

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Krishna is like the sun.  Whichever object associates with the sun becomes pure.  For example, if you bring a litre of drainage water full of impurities near the sun, the heat of sun will evaporate both the water and its impurities.

Why should we go that much?  If the stool is taken near the sun, it is burnt completely and you can not even get its ashes.

So, when any object associates with the sun, it becomes pure and all its impurities go.

Similarly, when a girl associates with Krishna as a lover or wife, she is purified with the power of the purity of Krishna. How will she lose purity if a girl loves Krishna but marries someone else when Krishna is the purest maximum?

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This can be compared with the disciples getting purified by their guru.  The person who becomes a guru would have gained more spiritual power with long practice and through his own guru parampara. The power of purity of a guru purifies his disciples also.  But, the difference is that a disciple can not consider Guru in all other relations except a guru.

We can find the difference in ourselves and in our dedication level before and after accepting a guru. I too am aware that only my guru maharaja is the subtle driving force behind this service.  So, a devotee becomes complete only after getting the added strength/power of his Guru and Krishna.

Many of our devotees have said that they are growing fast after getting associated with this media. Reason? It is run by a person who has about three decades of service in the bonafide Parampara and sampradhaya.

If this is the power of even the human gurus and guides, what to say about Krishna who is the source for everything.

Anyone who associates with Krishna in any bhava – as friend, parent, lover, revered bhava, disciple, etc will get purified from all his contamination.

Krishna can be considered in any relation you want.  So, He can be associated even as a lover or husband.  Even in such cases, that girl is purified.

And, the relation with Krishna is the matter of athma, not body.  But, the relation with human husband is that of body.

Who said that a husband is a soulmate for a wife?  He is just a body-mate for her.  Because, once she leaves her present body, she loses her relations with her husband.

Whereas, Krishna is our soulmate because, He is our relation in all our births.  Even when we (athma) leave our body, we carry Krishna with us and it continues in our next body.

So,  marry a boy as a body-mate.  Love Krishna as a soul-mate.  No impurity.  Never.

And, a husband will object only when we consider another man as husband (Ha Ha).  He will not object a girl who loves Krishna but marries someone else.

You can marry a boy and serve him by helping in his Krishna Conscious services. ie, in his devotional services.  This is your service through soul, ie, Vaishnava seva to your husband.

Remember, vaishnava seva is greater than Krishna Seva. This is true.  Because when His devotees are honoured, Krishna feels happy.  When His devotee is defamed/ blasphemed, Krishna never forgives that person.

So, hereafter do not compare Krishna with humans.  Humans are a tiny part of Krishna, not otherwise.

Serve your Vaishnava husband while loving Krishna. Since he too will love Krishna, he will not object you.

When both the husband and wife have a single target, Krishna, the life will be blissful and meaningful.

Hope you are clear about a girl who loves Krishna but marries someone else.


Author: RAJAN

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