What sin we acquire if we do not follow 4 regulative principles and Ekadasi fasts?

What sin we acquire if we do not follow 4 regulative principles and Ekadasi fasts?


Hk.. i would like to ask one question behalf of my one of devotee fren…

Wat are the sins if one devotees did not follow 4 prinicipal

1) do nt eating meat  2)  toxin  3) gambling  4) wrong intercoz

And  Wat are the sins if did not follow ekadasì… want to knw the karma and sins that will get krsna devottes.pls reply wen u have time sir. Thank u


All these rules are only for those who like to get the mercy of Krishna and avoid further births and to go back to Godhead.

If you do not follow 4 regulative principles and Ekadasi fasts, then, you will DEFINITELY have rebirths again and again.

When we are assured of rebirths, we are also assured of so much of problems with some small and temporary pleasures in between pains.

Let me explain one by one how it leads to rebirth.

If we do not eat meat, we are following Krishna and His recommendations that we should eat vegetables.  Krishna Himself asked for vegatables only, not meat to be offered to Him.  Since we follow Krishna, we get His mercy.  if we do not follow, and eat meat, we are killing the food meant for wild animals.  Thus, we follow Paradharma of wild animals.  So, we get karma and hence rebirth and pains.

If we do not use intoxicants like cigarettes, liquor, etc, our mind and knowledge will be steady and sharp because of domination of Satva Guna.  So, we will proceed in right direction and our mind will involve in devotional practices.  If we use those intoxicants, we will get addicted to them and hence we can not concentrate in devotional practices and we will also commit many sins after consuming liquor or cigarette.  So, we get severe bad karma in next birth.

If we gamble, we will grab the money invested by thousands of people and hence we will get the painful curse of many investors.  So, we get bad karma and hence pains in next birth in which we will be cheated by many.

If we do not involve in physical and mental illicit relations with the opposite gender, we spoil the body and consciousness of individuals allotted for others.  So, we grab the opportunity of others to marry such girls/ boys.  So, we get severe bad karma and hence we will face the same reactions in next births.  So, illicit relations must be avoided at any cost.  Following devotion along with a single spouse will be the best solution for this that fetches the mercy of Lord.

As far as Ekadasi fasts are concerned, it is purely meant for getting the mercy of Krishna/ Vishnu because fasting means doing penance for Lord.  In other yugas, they performed penances for many years.  In short life oriented kaliyuga, just two days a month are recommended that too is very easy to follow.  The byproduct of ekadasi fast is the we get sense control because our senses are purified during fasts.  So, we will not go towards many sinful acts because of sense inducements.  Even doctors recommend such simple fasts every week or fortnight for the betterment of body.  All religions have different system of fastings.  We know 12 hours full fasting a day for one month by muslims during Ramzan month.

Thus, fasting is good for both soul and body.  If we do not regulate like this, our senses will act as they prefer and hence we will involve in sins.

So, following four regulative principles beautifully recommended by Srila Prabhupada as a simple formula for a devotees, and ekadasi fasts will definitely help us to avoid sinful acts and involve in devotion without much sense disturbances.

If we do not follow them, we will commit new sins.  Thus, more and more sins, ie, negative karma are added in our karma account.

Thats all.  So, follow what Srila Prabhupada advised for us as it is.  He is a genius in simplifying the devotional rules like “devotional formulae” that will elevate all the devotees.

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