The four regulative principles recommended for the devotees of Krishna are:

Please Remember!  The following four regulative Principles are the primary requirement for every devotee and failing to follow them will definitely delay the advancement in devotion:

(1) No meat eating :   You can read the post about this HERE.

(2) No intoxication :  You can read the post about this HERE

(3) No gambling :  You can read the post about this here:  HERE

(4) No illicit Affairs :  You can read the post about this HERE 

Out of them, we are going to read about No Illicit Affairs as a regulative principle:

This is not a bad topic to discuss, as it will help to evaluate ourselves, our children & develop them accordingly!


Illicit relations can be simply defined as “Any physical contact with or just thoughts about the persons other than our husband/ wife and any Relations with the opposite gender before marriage!”

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Our scriptures has given clear green signal to marry a boy/ girl ANY TIME AFTER PUBERTY! No barrier for a marriage AS PER THE SCRIPTURES! Krishna prepares a girl in the age of 13-15 & a boy in about 16-17!

However, as they will not be mentally matured to face marriage relations, and the governments have fixed the minimum age for marriage, we should allow up to the age of atleast 20. A girl or boy can marry at anytime around the age of 20!


The students should SINGLE MINDEDLY concentrate in studies & career till they start earning and marry! The problem is, all the thoughts about the opposite gender come only in these critical teen ages in which the students have to study sincerely!

They develop colourful thoughts about his/ her “would be”! A boy / girl imagine their future husband/ wife like a latest cinema hero/ heroine!

They forget that every man/ woman is just a decorated flesh covered by skin!  If a popular cine actor/ actress does not bath for 2 days, no one can go near him/ her! Thus, they too have fleshy and contaminating bodies only.

They find ALL the girls/ boys going past him/ her as beautiful in that teen age! They like to love everyone of them! But, they find it impossible!

Since there are free mingling of boys and girls now-a-days, such disturbed boy or girl fall into the tricks of maya (illusion) and engage in the relations in case they get a privacy and consent from the partner.

The fact is that the partner agrees for wrong doing only out of immaturity of mind. However, during that immature age group, one should avoid excessive mingling with the opposite gender.  They can’t decide which is right or wrong and what is the adverse  result of such premarital relations.

The parents should closely follow the activities of their children in their age between 10-18.


One day, the students complete their education, start earning and marry either through love or arrangement! Many of them imagine that their husband/ wife will behave like their favorite hero/ heroine! They forget that everyone in this world is different in character! No two persons are alike! They later realize that their imaginations are wrong!

Everything goes well for a few months since they engage most of their time in the pleasures and thoughts of pleasures! After a few months of honeymoon period of marriage, both of them come to the normal life of day to day problems! They involve themselves in the problems of life!

Most of the boys/ girls accept the life that they got as the result of karma and lead a normal life, of course, with small problems! But, in a certain percentage of couples, out of two persons, one needs the company of wife/ husband more than normal!

When the spouse is unable to spare time and connection with him/ her excessively, the agitating person falls into the wrong hands if they get an opportunity.  Though only a small percentage of persons do like this, such reports are increasing with the availability of the facilities to contact each other easily.


Yes.  If a person is destined to be cheated by his/ her spouse based on his/ her cheating of others in the previous births, such incidents happen in his/ her family.

Their previous births’ violations are shown in their present horoscopes.

In Vedic Astrology, the persons are interested more in such activities if they have the star Venus very powerful, or, has Venus & Mars in the 7th house, or, affected 2nd house with some planets like Rahu/ ketu, etc, etc (there are more causes)!

They will be happy if they are always with their wife/ husband! But, because of the pressures of work, development of children, presence of other family members, this becomes impossible! This makes that person disturbing!

These special persons who have extra desires by birth, fall into wrong doings if they get an opportunity either before or after marriage! Now a days, the world has become very liberal to mingle with each other! This uncontrolled freedom for both men and women gives such persons a courage to involve in premarital or extramarital violations!

After coming a round of uncontrolled such a life, they realize later that there is nothing in such a life and they can never get satisfaction in excessive activities till they die!


Why are they not satisfied with a single girl/ boy? Not all girls/ boys are going like that ! But the percentage is increasing because the world has become free cultured and the individual liberty is given much importance!

No secrets in this world about anything! The search engines are both good and bad teachers for the present generation.

Consumer culture with many products induces the people to get addicted to senses! Plenty of media to induce the people!

Only a small number of media educate the people that such relations are not good for life! Many of the wise boys and girls escape from this cultural disaster! But, a portion of them start enjoying the violationsout of easy opportunities and enormous freedom they enjoy!

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Why this much of interest in these violations for them? Nothing except a thrill in violating the social order!

The human tendency is like that ! They have a good T.V in their house, but feels that the neighbour’s T.V is better than that he has! Their wives cook tasty foods, but they say that the food of neighbour’s wife (or) a hotel is better than the food of their wies!

Their son or daughter are gems, but they find the children of their neighbour better!

For some men and women, plucking the flowers from the garden of their neighbour is a thrilling experience, though they have many colourful flowers in their garden!

So, for all these deviations, the reason is: It is a feel of (false) thrill for them to enjoy others’ properties than that of theirs! These people speak attractively and attract those men or women who have excessive desires! Many persons fortunately escape, but some fall prey to their colourful words!

Now a days, in this society they get girls/ boys easily since both of them are coming to far away cities for studies or job and stay far away from the parents! Those who have the feelings induced by the planets use this privacy for having violations.

Some of them falsely feel that there is nothing special in the violations with the spouse as it is legal!

So, these people are thrilled in such actions! They feel it conservative if we follow rules! This is the pathetic situation of this society! This is the growing trend of Kali Yuga!


Later, they lose their own wife or husband because of this character and come to the roadside OR a lonely life!

They start to spoil the common people for want of partners! Later they may get arrested!  They may go to jails! This is the result of most of the Extra Relations!

If they escape from law they may one day definitely lose their image in the society and no good people will come and maintain contacts with him. They are isolated from the society of good people who expect the discipline from others.


Yes.  This is true.  If you observe this life, you can find that most of the things that are BEAUTIFUL OR DELIGHTFUL for our body or mind happen to be DIRTY AND UNCLEAN.

Drinking is delightful after drinking but it tastes very pungent.

The smoke is delightful for a few minutes but it smells very bad.

The physical violations may be delightful for a few minutes but it happens at the nasty/ dirty portions of the body.

Overall the body may seem beautiful, but it is the pack of blood, stool, urine, saliva, worms, flesh, etc.

The game of maya is that the feelings may hide these nasty things before involving in the  relations, but, after committing the offence, most of the persons feel shy for having violated for these nasty and dirty bodies that externally look beautiful because of the presence of a cover of skin.

Wise persons will realize the reality even before involving in such relations and avoid the consequences or atleast the guilt, disease, loss of money and time, etc.


(i) First, we should see Krishna/ god in every living being and love that person because Krishna is in her/ his heart also!

(ii) We should consider that the Athma is the real living being and the bodies are only flesh AND SHORT LIVED!

(iii) They should realize that it is just a five to ten minutes happiness and it leads to bondage with the opposite gender!

(iv) If you touch a girl / boy, you are bound to her/ him and you lose your peace!

(v) All men and women in this world are anatomically the similar & nothing is special to a certain person! None of his/ her organs are gold or platinum made! Everything is made up of flesh that smells bad if you don’t take bath for 2 days!

(vi) The same flesh will be totally contaminated and mixes with the soil once a person leaves his/ her body and the body is buried!  It becomes ashes if burnt. This is the value of the body after death.

After death, that person’s body is called “It”, not “He”, “She” to be eaten by the ants and small species! Even our wife/ husband will tell others to dispose that “body” as soon as possible, as it starts badly smelling! So, why should a person wander for these fleshy bodies? Why can’t they be satisfied with their spouse?

(vii) Why don’t they realize that such desires can never be satisfied till he/ she dies?

(viii) A person should love his family as it is the gift given by Krishna/ god exclusively to him/ her!

(ix) Deviations may be colourful and thrilling, but they will definitely realize one fine day (after losing their fame) that they could have lived a decent and regulated life!

(x) The husband and wife together should lead a devotional/ Krishna Conscious family and they should be an example to the world to follow!

(xi) One should lead a regulated life because only the humans can know about the actions and their reactions.  Humans should live like humans.

(xii) The freedom given to us by the Lord is to learn how to get His mercy, not to lead a life worse than animals, without any regulations.

(xiii) A society will be peaceful only if the people lead a regulated life with the persons and things allotted to them by Lord.

Hope this article can make the persons having the desire of violations to think of avoiding them though they get opportunities!


A devotee of Krishna should be bold by being a disciplined devotee.  Discipline is the prime requirement for a devotee of Krishna.  If you perform all the devotional practices, but are not disciplined, then, everything goes waste.

Therefore, follow all the four regulative principle and go back to Krishna at the earliest.

Author: RAJAN

RAJAN from Tamil Nadu, India, a Life Patron and an Initiated Devotee being in ISKCON for nearly three decades, serves anonymously to avoid Prominence and crowd as an insignificant, Humble and Neutral Servant for all the devotees of Krishna! He promotes Social media forums and this blog-website as e-satsangha (e-forums) blessed with Lakhs of followers, to give Spiritual Solutions for all the Material Problems of the devotees since 2011! He writes friendly and practical tips to practice devotion (i) without hurting the followers of other paths, (ii) without affecting the personal and career life, and (iii) without the blind, superstitious and ritualistic approach! He dedicates all the glories and credits to his Guru and Krishna.


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