How to develop Love for Krishna Strongly & Permanently?

How to develop Love for Krishna Strongly & Permanently?

A girl devotee (Name hidden on request) asked like this:

Hare krishna sir _/\_ when we love krishna, we experience the bliss of his love and devotion… We try our best to get back to him…. But how to fall in love with him…. I know Love cannot be forced… It happens naturally…. But when someone wants to fall in love with krishna after being attracted to him spiritually and wants to experience the bliss in love for him and pain to meet him…. How does he fall in love with krishna? Because attraction just gives a kind of temporary longing and need of devotion… But it does not remain permanent…. It fades away…and maya catches hold of u….


Love itself comes from Krishna only.  Krishna is love and love is Krishna.  Krishna loves all of us.  That is why He accepts even the most serious sinners if they surrender to Him.

How a girl falls in love with a boy? Let us compare this with the Loving Krishna.

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(1) First she hears about or sees a boy.

(2) She watches his actions and speech for a certain period in a forum or family or group.

(3) She finds something special in him.

(4) She likes to speak to him and is looking for the opportunities.

(5) When an opportunity comes, that boy speaks to her and exposes all his qualities.

(6) She ascertains that he has the things that she prefers.

(7) She discusses with him and then develop a enchanting feeling that it is safe to love him.

(8) Then she starts to love him.

(9) Then she likes to retain him for ever and likes to be with him. So, she takes efforts to achieve that. She talks to her parents and seeks their support to ensure that she marries him at the earliest.

(10) After sincere attempts, she unites with him in marriage and live till she dies with him.

This is what happens in a love between a boy and girl.

Same applies in loving Krishna also.

Match the following ten points with the above ten points:

(1) First we hear and come to know that Krishna is the God and He is the most powerful Supreme Personality.

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(2) Then, we watch videos, books, speeches, etc about Krishna for a certain period in a forum, temple, sathsangha, prayer meet, etc.

(3) After watching all these things, we find Krishna is unique and He is the Supreme authority among all gods.

(4) Then, we like to interact with Him and are seeking the ways and means of how to do it.

(5) Learning about various sadhanas (devotional practices), we start to serve Him and Krishna too notes all our sadhanas.

(6) Because of our sincere sadhanas, Krishna starts to show His mercy and a bond develops between us and Him. This develops a faith in us on Krishna.

(7) Because of the continuous sincere sadhanas and faithful approach, Krishna starts to indicate us that He is noting us and is accepting all our dedicated offerings. He starts to occupy our hearts.  So, we feel a kind of secured and blissful feeling when we consider ourselves as the follower of Krishna.

(8) When we feel such secured and blissful feeling, and when we have developed full faith in Krishna,  love towards Krishna naturally develops.

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(9) Now, we like to always be with Krishna and starts to take steps to achieve Him permanently. We get the support of a bonafide guru and the senior vaishnavas who will help us to achieve Krishna’s love in a relatively short period.

(10) Because of our tireless and sincere efforts with the support of other vaishnavas and spiritual master, we achieve Krishna in this birth itself that we can feel in our hearts and after leaving our body, we actually reach the kingdom of Krishna and stay eternally with Him.

That’s all.  Follow these ten steps.  Anyone can love Krishna if they follow these steps sincerely.

But, this process is not like academic or mechanical process. The above mentioned are the start and growth of the Love for Krishna.  But, this Love for Krishna should be spontaneous and natural without much artificial efforts. Because, we, being athma have the natural affinity for Krishna naturally.  Because of our material attachments, we do not feel them. When we come out of material attachments gradually, the Love for Krishna too comes out naturally and gradually.  When we fully desert  our material attachments, we spontaneously love Krishna.

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This is the stage of Prema. This is what is expected from us.

So, when we realize that Only Krishna is our eternal relation, we go closer to Krishna more and more.

Remember:  Unless we develop a faith in a person, love can not blossom.  Same applies inloving Krishna also. We should have firm conviction and faith in Him.

Also remember, there may be selfish motives in many cases of human love, but, there is no selfishness in the love for Krishna.  Human love and its relations can end in failure. But, loving Krishna never fails and continues for ever even after we go back to His kingdom.

Hope you have understood clearly about how to develop Love for Krishna Strongly & Permanently.

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Author: RAJAN

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