If everyone follows detachment, How the Population will grow on earth?

If everyone follows detachment, How the Population will grow on earth?

A devotee asked like this with a request to hide the name:

Sir, I have a question. I am sorry if the question seems offensive. On the one hand you’ve said “The population will come to zero in due course of time if there is no attractions and attachments among people and things. Because, if there is no attractions, there will be no attachments.” and on the other hand we are asked/advised to detach. So won’t the population come to zero with detachment? Is that what is ultimately advised? Kindly do not mention my name in the counselling. Thanks.


Wow…. My Posts are receiving very good feedbacks like this.  But, unfortunately, this has been understood wrongly.

In some counsellings, I have said that this world population is maintaining or growing only because of male female attractions.  This “attraction factor” has been given by Krishna.  Not only that.  When a man involves in physical interactions with a woman, both the man and that woman get a pleasant feeling all over their body. Why? It has been said in the third canto of Srimad Bhagavatham, that even that pleasant feeling is developed through a mechanism that is arranged by Krishna. Why Krishna gave such short term pleasant feeling for  males and females during Physical Interactions?  Had He not given that feeling, no one will involve in Physical relations as there will be no special feeling in that interaction.   So, population can’t grow.

So, Lord has created these worlds. He has entrusted Mayadevi (His external potency) to maintain these material planets.  Mayadevi is in a position to do her assigned duties perfectly.

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What is her duty?

To maintain the affairs of material planets.

When will the affairs happen?

Only if there is population.

How the population can multiply?

Only if the male – female interactions are there.

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Right? So, Krishna helped Mayadevi, by giving such short term pleasures during interactions between man and woman. The people will show more interest to enjoy that short term pleasure So, the population will increase.

During 1920s, the population of India was just 30 crores.  Now?  120 crores.  That means, 90 crores growth in just 90 years.  Wow!  This means, Indians are involving in lusty acts sufficiently.  This is the act of Mayadevi.

So, I said that attractions maintain the population. BUT, DID I SAY THAT SUCH ATTRACTIONS ARE SAFE AND ETERNAL?  NO.  I NEVER SAID SO.  However, I have said that one can not involve in sexual acts without even a trace of attractions.  So, sex can not be pure without contaminations.  Only if a man is attracted with the body and organs of a girl,  his body can get excited and hence he can interact with her.  If there are no no attractions, No excitement and hence no sex.  So, I have said that sex is not possible without attractions.

This was my message.  This does not mean, I am supporting attractions.  I told the reality.  That’s all.

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Ok, Next, you say that one can not involve in population growth if he is detached.  Detachment means, NOT SKIPPING ACTIONS.  But, NOT THINKING THAT IT IS PERMANENT AND EXPOECTING IT AGAIN AND AGAIN.


If you mingle with your wife with the following thought, it is DETACHMENT:

“Krishna has given this birth for me.  I should give good devotee children for Krishna.  So, I have to involve in sex life with my wife/ husband.  I know that sex needs some impurity of mind.  Please Krishna , forgive  such impurities and please accept my Garba dhaan activity as one of my assigned duty as a husband to give children to the family. I will try my best to make my children your devotees. Please offer good children for us who can become your devotees and serve you in future.”

Praying to Krishna like this and chanting a few rounds of Lord’s names, for example, Hare Krishna Maha Manthra, you can involve in physical relations with your wife/ husband.

I have never said that sex does not involve impurities.  I have clearly said, in fact, I ONLY HAVE DARINGLY SAID that sex is impossible WITHOUT IMPURITY OF ATTRACTIONS even among serious devotee families.

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How can a male get excited without seeing the beauty of his wife?  If the body skin of his wife is fully burnt, and her body becomes ugly, WILL THAT MALE GET EXCITED ON SEEING THE BODY OF THAT WIFE?

What this means?

Lusty act is not possible without attractions.  I will say this in any forum without hesitations. Detachment will not make the body agitated. But, such permitted attachment for getting a devotee child is accepted as assigned duty.

So, once you involve in sex, you become a little impure.  However, as we accept that impurity to  do our services to Lord still better without sense disturbances.

That is why, who take sanyasa in the youngest age and follow that strictly are considered as the purest souls.

However, as such sanyasa from childhood is very difficult for all in this cruel kaliyuga, we advise the people to marry and follow Grahastha rules.  That’s all.  Instead of fighting with the agitating senses, it is better to control the senses using the spouse and then involve in Lord’s service with a balanced and un-oscillated mind.

So, I recommend marriage for all except for those who can remain pure even without marriage.  ONLY IF ONE CAN REMAIN PURE WITH MATERIAL DETACHMENT THROUGHOUT LIFE, HE/ SHE SHOULD SKIP MARRIAGE.

At the same time, if one skips the marriage and dedicates his/ her life for Krishna’s service, he is the greatest among all the devotees because he has sacrificed his own pleasures for serving Krishna.

We should not produce animal like children, but the devotees only. This is the purpose of male-female interactions after marriage.

Hope, you are clear about my reply.


Author: RAJAN

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