Pralaya and End of Creations – Timing as per the Scriptures!

Pralaya and End of Creations – Timing as per the Scriptures!

“A Woman devotee (Name hidden)” asked like this:

“I am reading your posts daily.  Please can you let me know how many more years left for this world as per the calculations? Thank you”


This is an interesting question to know about Pralaya and End of Creations. This had to be replied taking great care:

I have already written here in detail about CREATIONS AND ANNIHILATION.


However, Let me give some brief calculations of Pralaya and End of Creations based on the readings  from Srila prabhupada’s works to make you clear:

(1)  First, we should know the life time of  Brahma. This is calculated based on  Srila prabhupada’s purport in Bhagavad Gita (8-17):

No. of years of 4 yugas:

Satya Yuga =1,728,000;
Treta Yuga=1,296,000;
Dwapara Yuga=8,64,000;
Kali Yuga=4,32,000.

If these 4 yugas rotate 1000 times, it is the ONE DAY of Brahma! Same 1000 times of rotation is his ONE NIGHT!

Brahma lives 100 such “years” & dies! This is equal to 311 trillion & 40 billion “Earth Years”!

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Then New Brahma is appointed by Krishna!

Present Brahma has completed 50 years of age!

(2) Now, you may ask, when Pralaya and Maha Pralaya comes?

Srila Prabhupada says in his lecture in New York, 23rd Dec-1966:

“And during Brahma’s sleeping time  (every night) all these planets will be,  I mean to say, not annihilated, but inundated, you see, devastation with water. So after the finishing of these fourteen Manus here will be evening, night, and there will be devastation, and half of this universe, up to the sun planet, or above that, everything will be covered with water. Instead of air, there will be water. Then again there will be again… This is kanda-pralaya.   And maha-pralaya means, when Brahma dies, then everything is finished.”

This is the process of annihilation and re creation of planets.  This will clear your doubts.

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(3) However,  let us read some interesting discussion with Srila Prabhupada about this:

Poet Allen Ginsberg, quite the New Age follower himself, asked Srila Prabhupada this very question during a conversation in 1969. It’s obvious from Prabhupada’s answer (Ginsberg’s response is humorous – he was obviously disappointed that the apocalypse wasn’t coming soon) that there are more important things in life:

Allen Ginsberg:  So Kalki comes at the end of the Kali-yuga?

Prabhupada:  Yes. Then Satya-yuga will begin.

Allen Ginsberg: Which is?

Prabhupada: Satya-yuga, the pious. Satya-yuga. People will be pious, truthful, long-living.

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Allen Ginsberg:  Are those people that remain or whatever new creation comes out of the destruction?

Prabhupada:   Some of them will remain, some of them. It will not completely extinguish. Some of them will remain, pious. Paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya ca duskrtam [Bhagavad-gita. 4.8]. All miscreants will be killed, and out of them, there must be some pious… They remain.

Allen Ginsberg:   Do you think of this in terms of a historical event that will occur in the lifetime of your disciples?

Prabhupada:  No. This will happen after at least 400,000 years, at least.

Allen Ginsberg: 400,000 years?

Prabhupada: Yes. So at that time my disciples will be with Krishna. (laughter)

Devotees: Haribol!


(4) Now, conclusion in a nutshell:

Sastras have said that these planets will end  after 100 ages of Brahma, ie, 311 trillion & 40 billion “Earth Years”!  But, Brahma has crossed just 50 years.  So, this world will end after another 50 years of Brahma.

What it means?

This world will end totally after (311 trillion & 40 billion “Earth Years” DIVIDED BY  TWO).

That is, this earth will end  APPROXIMATELY after 155 trillion earth years.

After that, Krishna will appoint a new Brahma and new creations will start!

Wow…. Krishna is REALLY GREAT!

Hope these brief descriptions would have cleared your doubt.

It will take lakhs of years for the earth to end.

So, sleep peacefully today.


Author: RAJAN

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