How to follow Sanyasa in Grahastha Ashram?

How to follow Sanyasa in Grahastha Ashram?

A male devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Hare Krishna Prabhuji, Prabhuji this morning I got a question from one of my cousin, as he is not on facebook so I cannot directly redirect him to you but I am posting his exact wordings below:

“Can one take Sanyas in Grihasth Ashram? If yes then what about his/her carnal duties towards spouse? If one can, what is the way?”

Prabhuji,  He is married and have 2 daughters. If you can please reply to his question I will share your website link with him.”    Hari Bol.


Actually, the word SANYASA has been given a picture of leaving the family and living alone in the forests developing a long beard.

Remember, Sanyasa in a lonely place is not possible in kaliyuga.

I said in my another recent post quoting the beautiful words of Sri Ramana Maharishi:  “Living in the family thinking of God is better than Living in the forest thinking of the family”

Ramanaji’s advices are always crisp and very meaningful.  His views about the sanyasa in kaliyuga is also like that.

Sanyasa means “deserting the material attachments”.

Nothing else.

It is not deserting the people.

If sanyasa means deserting the people, we can not see even a single sanyasi now a days. Because, even sanyasis are meeting the people and taking part in public functions.

If one deeply involves in the affairs of material world, it is attachment; If he remains just as a spectator, it is detachment;

If one expects that his family and friends will be their permanent companions, it is attachment; If he is prepared to face their loss at any time, it is detachment;

If one is affected by the activities of others, it is attachment;  If he is with a smiling face at all the times, it is detachment;

If one is disturbed with the loss of someone or something, it is attachment;  If he is stable even if someone is lost, it is detachment;

If one feels happy and pride with the success or gain of someone or something, it is attachment; If he considers all the achiements as that of god, it is detachment;

If one likes to satisfy his senses, it is attachment;  If one likes to satisfy the senses of God, it is detachment;

If one has a vacuum or missing feeling if his wife or children is away from home for some time, it is attachment; If he is not affected by the vacuum, it is detachment;

If one expects recognition for his activities, it is attachment; If he is not bothered about the returns or reactions but is doing just his duties, it is detachment;

If one gets angry for any reason except when the God is blamed or defamed, it is attachment; If he is not angry for personal reasons, and take it easy, it is detachment;

If one feels the need for air conditioning, it is attachment;  If he can live and sleep in any place, it is detachment;

If one prefers drinking only the refrigerated water, it is attachment;  If he can consume whichever he gets naturally, it is detachment;

Thus, I can give many examples for the presence of attachments.

Now, you would have understood how to follow sanyasa within the family life.

Marry a girl because he is maintaining the social order since Krishna has produced almost equal number of girls and boys that means a boy can lead his life with a girl.

Follow the recommendations of grahastha ashrama as recommended by the scriptures; Have sexual relation with wife only for getting children;

Resolve to make those children as the devotees of Krishna and work for it.

At the same time, do not consider them as your properties; Krishna has given you the duty of making them devotees. That’s all.

Srila Prabhupada has said that even the grahasthas who follow the grahastha life as per the recommendations of the scriptures is also a brahmachari and he is not contaminated.

Therefore, leading a grahastha life without attachments, expectations, excitements and upsets is also almost a sanyasa life.

Just  perform your duties JUST AS DUTIES.  Not for pride, happiness, appreciation, recognition, etc.

Is it possible?

It is possible in two circumstances:

(1) If you choose a right girl explaining even before marriage, your preferences of leading a attachment-free life (or) if you train your wife in such a life.

(2) If you and your wife start to live for serving Krishna.

The second option will be the better one. Because, instead of leading a dry sanyasa life, leading a life for serving Krishna will be blissful.

A plain sanyasi life may seem to be dry and difficult to follow.

But, a life for Krishna will be blissful and also attachment-free.

Because you are allowed to use all the basic requirements of life since your life is for Krishna, not for you.

You will have sex to get the children to serve the Lord.

Thus, everything is Krishna-centered.

This is the recommended form of sanyasa for this kaliyuga.

Dry Sanyasa is very difficult to follow in kaliyuga. We have to catch Krishna and lead our materially detached life.

This will definitely work out and take you closer to Krishna.

Hope you are clear.

Author: RAJAN

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