I don’t have the association of devotees. Can’t I chant and love Krishna?

I don’t have the association of devotees. Can’t I chant and love Krishna?

Qn. in detail from a male student:

“hare krishna I m a student and where m living here is no ISKCON temple and no association for me, that’s why i feel so many problems in my spiritual life. From past 1 and half years, i regular did 16 rounds but from this month m unable to complete it. what i do how can i spiritually charge myself. i daily listen RADHANATH SWAMI’s lecture. he motivate me a lot, but i dnt have spiritual association so m not able to manage my spiritual and material life plzz suggest me thank u”


All depends on our dedication only.

Consider a boy marries a girl and then after 6 months,  he goes to a foreign country for earning. The girl will be eagerly expecting that the husband will come to the home town after 3-4 years.  Will she leave her husband within these three years?

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If her love is genuine and strong, she will wait that three years with the un-liquidated love During these three years, she can not see her husband face to face in person.  However, her love will increase in separation also.

If this is the case even for material love, what about the love with Krishna?

None of us have seen Krishna face to face.  He is indicating His presence in us but, He is residing in Goloka.

Just because we are unable to see Krishna in person, do we liquidate our devotional practices?  No.  We believe that our devotion and love is being received by Krishna though He is in Goloka.  That belief alone can motivate us to continue our devotion strongly.

Sudama (Kuchela) was thinking of his childhood friend Krishna and met Him with the same un-liquidated love.  He got everything he lacked.

Radharani loved Krishna in separation;  Gopis loved Him in separation.  Devaki, Vasudeva, etc, loved Krishna though He left them.

This LOVE IN SEPARATION IS VERY SPECIAL AND DEEPTo love a person, he need not be personally present always.  They will be keeping Krishna within their heart and love Him though He is physically away.

Every devotee in this world is loving Krishna in separation only.  They feel as if Krishna is there with them.  This spirit alone gives them sufficient support to always keep Krishna with them.

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Association (Group of devotees), reading, chanting, etc, are sadhanas/ practices that help us to keep in touch with Krishna.  But, these practices alone can not make them closer to Krishna.  The good motive of love behind these practices alone take them closer to Krishna.

For example,  if a husband is always telling to his wife “I love you”, but, is not fulfilling all her needs, that is not a true love.

At the same time, though a real loveful husband does not have the nature of praising his wife, he may be fulfilling all her needs.  How?

Because, he is loving her genuinely and hence he tries to make her happy.  He may be lacking in oral praises.  However, he shows in action.

What this example shows?

Oral practices alone are not sufficient.  Were Gopis chanting Hare Krishna Maha Manthra all the time?

No.  But, they were thinking of Krishna all the time within heart.

Same applies in our devotion also.  We are advised to chant, offer worships, etc, just to bring out the naturally hidden love on Krishna within us.

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When we chant, we should not just utter words like the ‘praising husband’ mentioned above.  We should chant from our heart and mind that will bring our love on Krishna out.

When you chant like that, you won’t care whether anyone is with you or not.  That loveful chanting is not dependant on any persons, associations, situations, factors, etc.

The love will be flourishing all the time.

How?  Love with Krishna is our private affair with Krishna.  Between an Athma and Paramathma.  What is the need for other persons?

Will you take your friend with you when you go to meet your lover?  No.  Why?  Your love with her is your private affair.  No need for any other persons in between.

Similarly, to love Krishna, you alone should take steps.  If only the association of devotees should increase your devotion and chanting, that means, your love with Krishna is conditional.

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Then, why are we advised to get association of other devotees?  Since we again and again fall in the hands of attractive material glairs, to prevent our mind from falling, we are advised to get association of devotees.

But, if you truly love Krishna, it is your private affair with Krishna.  You need no associations.

However, the devotees will be very satisfied if they speak about Krishna to many other devotees.  Like the Gopis did.  They were always discussing about Krishna among themselves.  However,  though Krishna left to perform His tasks included in His avatar, they still loved Him in separation.

If you need any external medium/ association, we people are here updating you every day about Krishna.  There are some other genuine media in net.  You can use all of us to remain in touch with Krishna.

Association is needed, only if you lack in love and consider maya is strong.

Have you ever thought, why self realized yogis and devotees go to forests and live alone?

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Did ancient devotees use Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Websites, etc?

No.  Not even a postal department. Because, they know that they can love Krishna even from the forests as a solitary devotee.  They had no daily associations, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Websites,  blogs, etc.  They had direct association with Krishna heart to heart.  They too attained the kingdom of Krishna.

Therefore, my advice is that develop firm love on Krishna and believe that Krishna exists and hears your voice.  Chant with this mindset.   THIS INTERNAL FAITH WILL KEEP YOUR CHANTING ACTIVE AND ALWAYS KEEP YOU CONNECTED TO KRISHNA.

All the best.

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Author: RAJAN

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3 thoughts on “I don’t have the association of devotees. Can’t I chant and love Krishna?”

  1. Many many thanks prabhuji. I feel that, this counseling is meant for me, as I also fall in the same category as the questioner. Very practical. But, if one has association of pure devotees, it would augment his devotional strength to a great extent. But if one is determined and dedicated to Krishna, he could overcome all these obstacles. Harekrishna !

    1. Love with Krishna is a private affair between Krishna and us. Other devotees may give encouragement and education. But, our performance counts though we are with hundreds of people. Therefore, individual performance counts more. This is the extract of this post.

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