How to make us eligible to get Krishna as our friend?

How to make us eligible to get Krishna as our friend?

Actual Question from a woman devotee:

“Radhe radhe…    I read somewhere that krsna is our eternal frnd..    Everyone leaves us but not kaanha. If we become friends with krsna everyone becomes our friend.    Also it was said jisme matlab hota hain use dosti nahi kahaa jaata. Please tell something about His Friendship    Radhe radhe.  please dont let others know my identity.     Am v much thankful on behalf of all.   Thank u and keep going!  Krsna krsna”


Why not?

It is possible.  Krishna is very merciful.  He can be approached with different bhawas (Mindsets).  ‘Friendship Bhawa’ is also one among them.


However, we ourselves should make us qualified to be a friend of Krishna.  We can take Arjuna as the best example.  He was very humble and accepted what was suggested by Krishna.

He had full faith on Krishna that is the first eligibility to be a friend of Krishna.

Friendship means “Giving and Taking the Pure Love”.  Unless you give love, you have no right to claim love from others.

Even among the people,

Can a good person have friendship with a thief?

Can a disciplined person maintain friendship with another who is an indisciplined person?

Why?  Because, there is  no equality.  No equal status. Thus, only those who are in equal mindset can maintain friendship comfortably.

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Similarly, we can’t just easily say that I am a friend of Krishna and go. It is not a casual friendship. Any relation with Krishna is eternal. So, Purity is the first requirement to maintain any relationship with Krishna.  Of course, Krishna accepts us as His friend. No doubt.  However, we should improve our eligibility and become pure or atleast take efforts to become pure.

If a person who has spoiled the lives of 100’s of persons likes to maintain friendship with Krishna, will Krishna come forward?

No. Krishna will not even be visible to him. Because, he has been hidden by maya like the glass plate is hidden by smoke. When the glass plate is blackened with smoke, how can we see the objects through it?

Like that, when our inner vision has been hidden by maya,  we can’t see and maintain rapport with Krishna.

I have read everywhere in the internet many writing as if meeting Krishna and developing friendship is just like approaching our local friend.  It is not that much easy.

If you like to meet Krishna and maintain rapport with Him, first you must atleast try to purify yourself.  You must try to become PURE as much as possible.

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You must become a renounced person like Krishna.  (Krishna is in the highest renounced state when He accepted Gopis!  Because, He did not accept them for His pleasure, but, to fulfill their prayers!)

So, If you like to be a friend of Krishna, you must improve in the qualities of Krishna.

You can’t say: “I love my mom; I love my dad.  I love my brother & sister.  I can’t live without them.  Mean time, I also love Krishna”

This is not possible.  If you are attached with your kith and kins beyond a dutiful mindset, you can’t attach yourself with Krishna.  Only when you skip the attachment with this material world, you will be able to interact with krishna.

Gopis got Krishna as Lover after 100s of births of penance.  They were in the thoughts of Krishna though they were living with their husbands.  That is also  the liberated state.

Arjuna was 100% surrendered to Krishna.  So, he got Krishna as friend.

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Similarly, you too must become as pure as possible pure like gopis and Arjuna.  If you come to that state, Krishna will readily accept you as friend.

Purity comes because of detaching from impurities, ie, material attachments.

For detachment, should you go out of your family?


You be with your family.  But, keep your heart with Krishna.  Don’t develop attachment with family, but, perform your duties without fail.  Remember that all these material relations and material things are bodily and temporary in this world.

Therefore, lead the family life as a duty of maintaining the world order.  Nothing else.  Make your home as temple by following regular pujas, offerings and chanting, Reading Krishna related good books (like Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatham, Nectar of Devotion, etc).  Practice Krishna Bakthi  from your family itself. When your attachment with Krishna increases, your material attachments will automatically come down.

Stage by stage, you will come to the Pure devotion stage called Prema.

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At that stage, Krishna will expose Himself to you automatically since your spiritual status would have been opened because of the absence of the impact of maya (Attachments) on you.

Now,  you can maintain any kind of relation with Krishna as you like, as a friend, father, Guru, child, lover, etc.

The point that I come to insist is:  Though Krishna will be willing to accept us, let us take efforts to purify ourselves to associate with Krishna by following four disciplinary regulative principles such as No meat eating, No intoxication, No gambling and No illicit sex.  In addition to these four impurities, we should also abandon another major impurity that hides Krishna from us – It is our material attachment.

Even if we take some small efforts for the above purification, Krishna will catalyze our efforts to make us successful in our efforts.

This purification is advisable because Krishna is 100% pure.  Therefore, let us too try our best to make ourselves pure as much as possible.  Krishna will take care of the rest of the things.

Hope you are now clear about getting Krishna as our friend.

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Author: RAJAN

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