Science behind the fact that chanting keeps ghosts away!

Science behind the fact that chanting keeps ghosts away!

Indrajit Dey asked like this:

Hare Krishna prabhu ji. I’ve heard in a lecture that ghost and goblins can’t ever harm a devotee who’s been chanting hare Krishna maha mantra profoundly. Only brahmarakshah may be able to touch a devotee but can’t do any bodily harm. I’m very deeply interested to know why, how and when this kind of chanting can help us to protect against ghosts and brahmarakshah. Please tell in details. And if we go to a place which is haunted, should not we get attacked or possessed if we aren’t a devotee. What happens when someone doesn’t chant, then begins to chant, then chants intermediately, and at last profoundly, with due considerations in these four cases can they be attacked or possessed by ghosts and brahmarakshas? Waiting sincerely for the answer prabhu ji. Hare Krishna.”


This is spirituality mixed with science. Let me explain how.

Ghosts have limited power to make impact on others. They do not have hands to attack anyone. So, it is not a physical attack.

Ghosts are the combination of mind, intelligence and false ego that are together called sukshma body (Subtle body).

The mind will still be active in ghosts. The persons who lived a satvic life will think positively even in ghost body and they will not curse anyone. But, the persons who lived a jealous and cruel life will curse his/ her family members even after they attain the ghost body.

Every thought creates a kind of vibrations. Good thoughts pass positive vibrations and bad thoughts pass negative vibrations. That is why, if anyone is jealous on someone, it affects others when they are attacked by those negative waves.

These negative waves can affect only those who are weak and under the control of senses.

Ghost attack means receiving these negative waves from the thoughts of ghosts. If the ghost is thinking cruelly against a person, that person will start to receive bad thoughts and hence his actions will become negative.

This affects his life and he faces many problems in life.  Some serious ghosts pass serious negative vibrations that may affect the mind of the receiver and hence he behaves like mentally affected person.

All these effects are possible only for those who do not have strong positive and spiritual vibrations with them to fight with the bad vibrations passed by the ghosts.

Here comes chanting.

Chanting Gayathri manthra or Hare Krishna Maha Manthra invites Krishna Himself. When we chant, we utter the names of the most powerful person Krishna. This chanting pass very auspicious vibrations around us and even within our mind.

So, our mind will be filled with the very strong spiritual vibrations when we chant Lord’s names.

Since our mind is filled with the vibrations of Krishna’s names, the bad vibrations released by the ghosts can’t stand in front of the spiritual vibrations of Krishna’s names.  When we chant daily, our body will always have a storage of such spiritual vibrations all the time.

Therefore, though the ghosts pass severe negative vibrations through jealousy, cunning and retaliating thoughts, these negative vibrations can’t enter our mind since our mind will already be filled with the spiritual vibrations of Krishna’s Names.

Thus, we are always protected from the vibrations of ghosts and always remain blissful.

That is why, the devotees who chant Lord’s names regularly are not affected by the ghosts.

This is the science behind the attack of ghosts.

Hope you are clear now.

Author: RAJAN

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