Is Bhagavad Gita Superior to Vedas? Why? Detailed Explanation!

Is Bhagavad Gita Superior to Vedas? Why? Detailed Explanation!

There are many aspects and Contents of Bhagavad Gita that make it superior to the Vedas. Let us read them here!

In a nutshell,  Bhagavad Gita speaks about FIVE aspects:

(1) Bhagawan
(2) Jeevan
(3) Prakruti
(4) Time and
(5) Karma!


(1) First, It gives complete details about Bhagawan, ie, Paramathma,  His expansions, His management, the difference between Paramathma & Athmas, ie, other living beings, etc.

(2) Bhagavad Gita gives all the details about Jeevan, ie, Athma, ie, Jeevathma and its relations with the Paramathma, difference between the nature of athma and body!

(3) Bhagavad Gita speaks about Prakruti! Prakruti means this material nature! Though Material nature is the form of Krishna, as it is under the control of the external potency of Krishna, maya, it is contaminated to its present form! Gita advises us to go beyond this material nature and enter into His Kingdom! He gives all the practices to achieve that position in the name of YOGAS in Bhagavad Gita! If one follows these YOGAS, he will get Krishna on this earth itself!

(4) Next, Time! Our Prakruthi is controlled by Time! Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita that He is the time that erases everything! We are all under its control! However, in the world of Krishna, there is No time,  No ageing, No birth & No death! All the persons living in Krishna’s Kingdom (Goloka Vrindhavan) will always remain young & involved in the service of Krishna! Bhagavad Gita takes us to this timeless, eternal Kingdom of Krishna!


(5) Finally, Karma! Karma means all our actions & their reactions! If ‘A’ does an action that affects ‘B’, Krishna’s Karma Network gives the same type of action by another person or the same ‘B’ on  ‘A’ either in the same birth or in the next birth, thereby compensating the effects of his action! This is Karma!  Every Karma leads to another birth, if not compensated/ cleared in this birth! Krishna says how to avoid accumulation of Karma, how to get rid of all the sins (karma), another birth and go back to Him!


Bhagavad Gita speaks about four Yogas nicely: 1.Karma Yoga  2. Gnana Yoga  3.Dhyana Yoga  4.Bhakti Yoga!  These are the EXCLUSIVE CONTENTS OF BHAGAVAD GITA MAKING IT SUPERIOR TO VEDAS!

(1) KARMA YOGA:  Some persons may be interested in performing duties all the time.  Krishna perfects his actions in KARMA YOGA to work without attachments to the results.  However, karma yoga can not enhance bhakti bhawa, ie, devotional attitude.

(2) GNANA YOGA:  Some persons may be interested in learning more about Krishna.  For them, Krishna advices them to worship Him through Gnana (Knowledge) in GNANA YOGA.  However, Gnana yoga too can not enhance bhakti bhawa, ie, devotional attitude.  They can get mukthi (Salvation), but, not an entry to Krishna’s world. And, Gnana (yoga) is not a pre-requisite to follow the Bhakti yoga.

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(3) DHYANA YOGA:  Some persons may be interested in performing meditations.  Krishna recommends some meditating processes for such persons under DHYANA YOGA.  However, meditating with the perfect control of mind is very difficult for all.

(4)  BHAKTI YOGA:  But, bypassing all these yogas, becoming a devotee of the Lord is the ultimate stage and there is no qualification to become a devotee of Krishna.  No need for knowledge, no need for wealth, etc, to follow Bhakti Yoga.

Krishna expects us to come to the Ultimate Stage of BHAKTI YOGA, ie, becoming a Perfect Bhaktha (Devotee)!  Just surrender of ourselves to Krishna is required to become a devotee of Krishna.

Following Bhakti Yoga is very easy for all.  However, If anyone feels following Bhakti Yoga difficult at this stage of his life, Krishna advises him atleast to start from Karma Yoga and come to the stage of a Bhakti stage by stage!

Thus, He has mercifully simplified all our practices!


Yoga means “Connecting to God”. We can connect to the God through all these four yogas!  Connecting to God means, not mingling with God equally! We can never become equal to the God!  It is connecting us, ie, creating a link between athma and the Paramathma, because, Paramathma is the natural companion of athma to remain connected! Krishna explains in detail all the yogas one by one and how they elevate one to the next stage!

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Now, let us see the clear distinction in the CONTENTS OF BHAGAVAD GITA MAKING IT SUPERIOR TO VEDAS!

Vedas explain four Purusharthas such as:

(1) Dharma (ethics)
(2) Artha (earning)
(3) Kama (desires)
(4) Moksha (getting liberated)

Whereas, Bhagavad Gita ALONE speaks all the above four and most importantly it speaks about another, ie, FIFTH Purushartha:


This Krishna Prema can not be found in vedas.  To follow this Krishna Prema, one needs no knowledge at all.  He must just desire to love Krishna and Be in Krishna’s service all the time.

One needs good knowledge and tough practice to follow Vedas in life. Whereas, this Krishna Prema is independent to all the other four purusharthas.  Anyone can directly get Krishna Prema just with a desire to have it.

Bhagavad Gita offers all the contents available in all Idhikas, Vedas, Puranas, etc, in just about 700+ slokas and also gives the extra gift of Krishna Prema! This condensation has been done gracefully again at the end of Dvapar yuga by Krishna, because, he knows that the life of people in the forthcoming Kali Yuga is less and they can’t spend much time for learning all the scriptures!

How graceful He is! If you first learn Bhagavad Gita and then read puranas and ithikas, you will find that the extract of all the scriptures are included in Bhagavad Gita!

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Therefore, the Exclusivity/ Uniqueness in Bhagavad Gita is, the CONTENTS OF BHAGAVAD GITA TAKES US TO KRISHNA HIMSELF MAKING IT SUPERIOR TO VEDAS! Bhagavad Gita takes us beyond vedas, Upanishads, puranas, etc, and takes us to the LOVE OF KRISHNA called PREMA!

Vedas & Upanishads describe all the secrets of creations on this earth and material planets! Vedas also explain the rituals to be followed on earth, the fruitive rituals that offer reactions like re-birth! Though vedas are the good sources of knowledge, they do not take us to Krishna, but they (Vedas) give a base for learning more about Him!

We have seen so many people still holding only the rituals of vedas & creating the differences in the society!

Hope, now you are clear about why Bhagavad Gita is Superior to Vedas!


Author: RAJAN

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