If people were intelligent even while creations, how history says Aryans brought Vedas to India?

If people were intelligent even while creations, how history says Aryans brought Vedas to India?

“Moli Ghosh Suresh” sked like this:

“Hare Krishna prabhu… Prabhu I have a doubt plz clear it when ever u r free.. In Srimad Bhagavatam it’s told that from d day of creation there was kings, rishs, kingdom, all type of development. But in history we find that early man, development of human race, Aryans brought Vedas to India n then brahminical system started.. I really sometime get confuesd, I fully believe each word from Scripture but not able to link plz tell me how to link… Since when I asked about this I am not able to reply.”


Many details in the history have been given based on the details they found so far.

They find a material with some scripts in it like the year.

They calculate the age of that material and tell the world that such people existed in that area even in the year mentioned in that material.

This is how history was ‘created’ all over the world when there were no modern facilities like printing, protecting the records, etc.


Let me give an example for how the history can give wrong information also:

Our Indian history says that Aryans invaded in India through Kyber, Polan canal during the period 2000-3500B.C., ie, 4000-5500 years ago.

History also says that it was these Aryans who gave Vedas, Puranas, etc to India.

The people are believing this.

There is another scripture in Tamil called THOLKAPPIAM.

This very old Tamil scripture Tholkappiam has been estimated as that belongs to 8000 years ago.

It says in many verses about Vedas, brahmanas, etc.

If the history that says that Vedas were given by Aryans 4000-5500 years ago, how can this Tamil scripture Tholkappiam have many verses about Vedas, brahmanas, etc?

This shows that Vedas were existing even before the Aryans invaded into India and Vedas are not the properties of any single community or race.

That is why I said that history is just some records based on the AVAILABLE MATERIALS.


Yes, history says that Bhagavad Gita was spoken by Krishna to Arjuna during Mahabharatha war that happened about 5000 years ago, ie, during the so called Aryan period.

But, what is the reality?

Krishna himself says in Bhagavad Gita that He spoke this same Bhagavad Gita to the Vivasvan, ie, Surya deva (many yugas ago).

That means lakhs and lakhs of years ago.  We can’t estimate the age of Vivasvan.

Therefore, Bhagavad Gita’s age is not just 5000 years, but, innumerable years, many yugas ago.

Just because Mahabharatha was recorded a few thousands years ago, we can’t say that the scriptures are just a few thousands of years old.

Krishna says that the Vedic scriptures were given even during creations by Krishna to Brahma deva.  That means, Lord created the humans with intelligence even at the time of creations.

Experts in Vedas were created even at the time of creations.

The creations were created with all the animals, birds, insects, human beings, etc that accounts for 84,00,000 types of living beings.

Darwin said something like evolution. It is in the text book of our children.  If he is true, why monkeys and humans exist at the same time? Why all the living beings exist at the same time?

So, history need not be correct.

There are many versions of history also.  Many hidden versions also.  If you take our Indian Independence, there are different versions of details about the same persons.

If this is the case for even the history just 70-80 years back, what about the history of thousands of years ago that had no facilities of printing, digitalizing, etc.

Therefore, let us not confuse with the details of history.

What our scriptures, particularly,  Vedas, Itikas and 18 Puranas say are trustworthy.  There are some later days biased puranas also.  Let us not care them.

Vedas, Itikas and 18 Puranas came from the Lord Himself.

Hope you are clear now.

Author: RAJAN

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