I like to try Lottery once to help my parents. Is it allowed for genuine reasons?

I like to try Lottery once to help my parents. Is it allowed for genuine reasons?

A  girl devotee who requested anonymity asked like this:

“Hare Krsna Prabhu,   3 years ago, I became vegetarian after getting inspired spiritually through the Bhagavad Gita.  I have been struggling and still is to get 100% into K.C.  But at the same time, I want to advance in my career.  I  know its something materialistic. But I only want to progress in life so that I can be independent and look after my parents. Its my duty to look after them for all they have done for me and still doing. I am happy with what I actually earn koz it helps me to satisfy basic needs, but, I can’t do much for my parents. I want to progress in my career to make my parents proud of me. And I think it is time that they stop working and doing so much for me and little sister (especially my father who is the bread earner in the family).  Lately I have been thinking about going abroad and working there to as to progress and be able to become 100% independent and look after my parents. And for that to be possible, it is important to have money. I know gambling is bad. I have no choice but to think of trying my luck at time by playing a lottery which will help me to advance in my career. But, I have not done so far because I am very confused of what to do and not to do. I know that each time I surrender my problems to Krishna though i feel better even though there is no solution. But I have reached a point where I don’t know what to do next…please advise prabhu..

Hare Krsna.      P.S : I would like this to remain confidential. Thanks prabhu.”


You like to become a high earner ‘at any cost’.  Though it is for a good cause, the ways you have proposed are wrong.  Trying lottery ticket for earning more is an offense, and also waste of the resources given to you by Krishna.

All the money we have at present is not ours, but, that of Krishna, because it is LAKSHMI, who is that of Krishna.

All the things available on earth is that of Krishna, not ours.  We are just using them.  That’s all.

Lottery is a gambling because it collects the wealth of lakhs of people and accumulates the collections to a single person though he has not done any work.  This money is sinful one because, it carries the loss of lakhs of people.   Before you win 10 lakhs from a lottery, you would have spent lakhs of rupees for purchasing tickets.

So, forget about lottery.  You have written that you like to earn more and take care of parents well.   But, Krishna has given some arrangements for your parents even when He gave birth to them.  So, do not dream much and deviate from the regulative principles.

One is allowed to perform a job or business that is naturally chosen by him according to his nature.  So, if you are talented in any skill, start a business related to that skill and earn.  If you do not like to do business, look for a still better job from a good company and earn.  These are all straight earnings.

A person’s financial growth should be gradual, not steep.  Only in gambling, a person can become rich overnight and loss everything the next day itself.  So, you do not need such earnings.

Whatever you earn by your natural job must be accepted as the prasadam from Krishna.  That is why, Krishna told that we must do our assigned duties without having attachments with the results.

Why did He say so?  Because, if we bother about results, we will have to follow even some wrong means to earn more.  So, we should not care about results, ie, earnings while working.  Just do your works as efficiently as possible and accept whatever you earn as the blessings of Krishna.

As you are feeding your parents well, that is enough.  They are not on platforms.  They are leading a dignified life with basic comforts.  That is enough.   You can not satisfy anyone just by giving them comforts.  Such efforts will give only temporary facilities.

If you give them a basic protection, peace of mind and if you remain as a good, disciplined daughter to them, that is enough for them.    Parents do not need anything from us.

So, stop thinking of becoming rich overnight and concentrate in doing your job/ business more effectively.   If you feel your earning is less, go for a still better job.  Or, do some legal business.  That is enough.

All the best.

Author: RAJAN

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