How to become Satva Guna Persons by Identifying & Changing our Guna?

How to become Satva Guna Persons by Identifying & Changing our Guna?  

A male devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“How to know if i am Sattvic, Rajasic or Tamasic? Determining my caste seems important for me to find the right job and for my material well being, also it will help me being a bit spiritual and move closer to Krishna. Often my Sattvic nature dominates, d  rightous living, d  giving nature, d appernt bondage to reletive happines, while sometimes  i am so careless, pityful an depressed about worldly aspects that Tamas begins its dominance.   Rajas, however, is always low. So either i am tamasic (sudra) or Sattvic. My father is a business man and i  know it has nothing to do with my caste. Please help,  i will be ever grateful to you. Thank you for reading.”


First forget about the present caste system.  Real caste system created by the Lord is PURELY BASED ON PROFESSION & Nature.  Not by birth.

Of course, every varna has the domination of a particular guna.  This does not mean that one should not have other gunas.

Bhagavat Gita speaks about how the three characteristic qualities of  tamas, rajas and satva guna affect how we perceive the world around us.

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Srila Prabhupada gave the simple example that a person wearing different colored glasses sees the world in different shades.


In that way, someone in tamas (ignorance) has a narrow vision  preoccupied with his own immediate sense propensities and is addicted to various bad habits, intoxication, madness and irrationality. This causes destruction and decadence.


Srila Prabhupada explained how someone in Rajas guna (mode of passion) sees everything in body and mind centered and considers different bodies as the real  ‘selves’.   Ones own immediate bodily gain over  others compels the person in rajo guna to act  for short range limited profits and goals. The modes of Tamas and rajas are the principle causes of wars and imbalances in the world.


The mode of goodness (satva guna) is a precursor to ‘Suddha-satva (transcendence)’ and is characterized by tolerance, cleanliness, charity, mercy, austerity, knowledge, applied knowledge, and many other good qualities.   It is directed at  serving the greater  interest through one’s personal sacrifice.

By development of satva guna (goodness) the world can have peace and natural ecological balance. One in the mode of goodness sees the varieties of the world as the field of material nature and the underlying spiritual absolute truth as the ultimate unchangeable reality.  So, no aggressiveness that encourages satva guna.

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Srila Prabhupada instructed that how one acts, eats and leads his life , affects his guna (nature) and perceptions.   In this way, Srila Prabhupada encouraged the modern man to rise above the lower modes and strive for inner purity and perfection by practical actions  which can improve the consciousness.


Everyone of us have one dominating guna and other gunas in small percentage.

A brahmana is expected to be  satvic.  He is intelligent.  So, intelligence is associated with satva guna.  Krishna says:  “I am your intelligence”.  So, Krishna is happy with our cultivation of  satva guna.

A kshatriya shows a mix of  Satva and Rajo gunas.   He has to use  rajo guna in the war field, and, satva guna in their personal life.

A person may act with satvic nature in normal situations.  The same person may adopt Rajo Guna when the trend goes against him.   Thus, we have to judge a person’s dominant guna based on his activities in normal as well as abnormal situations.

Why some people act with satva guna in normal situation and with other gunas in abnormal situations?

Yes.  he feels that he needs to be so.  Some times, he has to be a brahmana.  If he faces any disturbances, he deals with that with satva guna for once or twice.  If the disturbances continue, he has  to deal with that aggressively and stop it.  Here, he has to adopt rajo guna like a kshatriya.

However, those who believe in karma & Krishna , will take everything as the natural and unavoidable happening and hence he will not be affected by any happening and hence he will always be situated in Satva guna.

So, you need to review yourself.

In fact, Everyone of us have all the three gunas.  If he has satva guna dominating other gunas, it is good sign to perform devotional service.  If you  like to act with satva guna,  take steps to encourage satva guna.

Satva Guna can be cultivated–



(3) Chanting Hare Krishna  more and more.

(4) Learning to forgive others by trusting the existence of Krishna and believing that everything happens as per the plans of Lord and we are all just instruments in His hands.

(5) Eating only Satva Guna foods like vegetables, grains, nuts, fruits, milk, etc.

(6) Taking food only  as prasadam after offering it to Krishna.  This will remove all the karmic effects of food and develop good consciousness in us.

(7)  Avoiding non vegetarian foods, cigarettes, liquor, other intoxicating agents that encourages thamo and Rajo Guna

(8) Avoiding onion and garlic that enhance rajo and thamo gunas.

(9) Avoiding Coffee and tea that enhance rajo and thamo gunas.

(10) Reading the literatures about Krishna and hearing His kirtans and songs sung by vaishnavas.

If we follow these steps, we can activate more satva guna and become become satva guna persons without the trace of other gunas.

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Author: RAJAN

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